Watching his Wife Dance with Another Man

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There in the shadows, a husband’s throat is throbbing

Hal can’t dance since the motorcycle injury. He’s got pins in his legs and he can barely walk, let alone trip the light fantastic.

Kyra loves to dance.

So it was agreed that she could go out to a club and dance with whoever she wanted. She could do whatever she wanted. It was a complete free pass.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Like a hundred percent sure?”

The reason she wanted to be sure was, well, Hal was a biker and had a temper and he had hit people and he had been in jail and so on.

She didn’t want any trouble.

But Hal wanted his wife to dance.

See, there’s this stereotype about cucks that they are all a bunch of wimpy losers with micropenises.

Hal could bench three hundred pounds. He worked as a welder. He was about as manly a man as I ever met.

But he told me about it.

Watching her dance that first night. I could see his throat as he remembered — he visibly gulped.

“I never felt anything like it before, right here,” he said, pointing at his Adam’s apple. “When I saw her dancing that first night. I couldn’t believe how strong the feeling was. It was jealousy, sure. But it was something else, too. Like the only thing I can compare it to is crack. It was like that first hit of crack. A burst of euphoria in the brain. And yeah, it becomes addictive real fast — just like crack.”

Kyra was a hottie. About twenty years younger than her old man, she liked to wear a little black dress out dancing, one that had a big O cut in the back so you could see some of the ink on her lower back — she had a dragon breathing there. She had ink on her arms and on her ankle. She wore really dark red lipstick and had black, black eyelashes, and long hair that came down almost to her waist, but when she did it up, you wouldn’t know it was so long. She liked to let her hair down about halfway through the night — just to drive the guy crazy.

When her husband, watching there in the shadows of the club, saw her letting her hair down, he knew it was going to progress to more than just dancing. It meant that she was loosening up, and she was going to give him a show.

She did it all for Hal. That’s what Hal told me. She didn’t want to fool around with the guys, necessarily, but Hal kind of pushed her into it, at first anyhow.

“Why don’t you make out with a guy tonight,” he would say. “And maybe a little more.”

The first time he saw her kiss a guy he came in his pants, there by the pillar in the club, watching them on the floor. After the song was over, the guy looked at Kyra there with her long hair let down, took her by the hands, and planted a big kiss on her, and she kissed back.

Boom! Hal came in his pants, from the pressure of pressing up against that pillar, I guess, as he watched. I mean a man can’t cum from just watching, can he? I don’t know, I figure he must have applied some kind of pressure. Next time I see him I will ask him. Sorry I don’t have that detail for you.

Details are what make a story good. I know that.

And Hal knew that. He would press her for details on the bike on the way home. They had these mics in their helmets and could communicate on the motorbike.

“Did you like kissing that guy?” he asked on the way back one night, after she had been dancing with this big tough guy out on the floor. The guy was as big as Hal, but maybe ten years younger, and probably more handsome. Hal had to admit it, the guy was hot.

“Sure,” she said.

“Did you like when he put his hand on your ass?”

“Oh yeah.”

“And then when you turned around and he kind of pushed into you on the dance floor from behind, with his arms around you, his hands feeling all over your body, up your sides and then on your breasts…”

“You saw that?”

“Yeah I saw that. How was it?”

“How do you think it was?” she said. “It was fuckin’ hot. His dick was hard. I could feel it pressing against my butt. It was hard and big.”


“He told me he wanted to fuck me.”


“Yeah, that’s what he said. ‘I want to fuck you right here right now’.”

“Right there on the dance floor?” Hal laughed. “That’s not possible.”

“Yeah, he knew that,” she said. “He was just tryin’ to make a point I guess.”

“Well, he made his point pretty clear later, didn’t he,” Hal said. “When he put his hand between your legs when you were sitting there drinking over at the table.”

“You could see that, too?”

“Oh I watched you like a hawk, little lady,” said Hal. “I watched you kind of bend down, pull your panties off and put them in your purse. And then, boom, you grabbed his hand and you put it right up there between your legs.”

“Yeah, I did do that,” she said.

“Seemed like he was working up in there for about half an hour,” said Hal. “What did he make you cum, about three times?”

“About that, yeah,” she admitted.

“And then I saw your naughty little hand unbuckle his belt. I saw that.”

“Well, I figured I should reciprocate.”

“I was hoping you would,” said Hal.

“I didn’t go too far, did I, Hal?” she asked.

“Hell no,” said Hal. “There is no too far. If he had fucked you in the ass right on that table it wouldn’ta been far enough for me. I want to see you get fucked so bad. One day you gotta let me see that, Kyra. You will, won’t you?”

“But…I gave you plenty tonight,” said Kyra. “Didn’t I?”

“Oh yeah,” said Hal. “You had your hand on his dick and you were working it away under the table, and then I saw him make this face — I knew he was cumming. Then you were so nice — you handed him that napkin so he could clean up.”

“It was the polite thing to do,” she said.

“Yeah, you’re very polite,” he said. “Too polite. I want you to go crazy, Kyra! I want you to really let out the crazy animal in you and really fuck a guy! Don’t you want to do that?”

“Sure, if you want me to,” she said.

So the next weekend they went out to a new club. Hal found himself a spot by a pillar, just like in the other club.

“OK honey,” she said, giving him a little kiss on the cheek. “I’ll fuck a guy tonight, if that’s what you want.”

“You’re the goddamned best wife in the world, you know that,” said Hal. He was visibly moved. His eyes were wet. He knew she didn’t really want to go fuck some guy, but she was going to do it for him, because she knew — he had to have this. He couldn’t live without it. He needed it. He needed it so bad.

Cut to, about two hours later, Kyra came over to the pillar where Hal had been watching. And she was with this guy, another hot guy.

“This is my husband Hal,” she introduced him. “Hal, this is Gerard. He’s from France.”

Gerard was about mid twenties, very well dressed in some expensive Italian pants and a fancy looking shirt. His shoes must have cost a bunch, thought Hal.

“Pleased to meet you,” said Gerard, and the two men shook hands.

“He says we can go back to his place,” said Kyra.

“Sounds good,” said Hal. “I’ll follow on the bike if you want to ride with him.”

“Great,” she said. And they all went out to the parking lot.

Hal was pretty excited, watching his wife get into another man’s car. That was something new. And it was a nice car — a cherry red Corvette. This guy had money.

The ‘vette headed out on a mountain road that Hal wasn’t too familiar with. It started really burning rubber around the mountain turns. Hal was able to keep up pretty good, but since he didn’t know the road he had to keep it slow during some of the turns, and therefore pretty soon fell behind.

“Shit,” he thought. “Where is this guy taking my wife? What if this is all a terrible mistake. He’s racing away with her up this mountain road — what if he’s some sort of nutcase and he’s going to harm her. Shit!”

Hal pulled on the throttle and took a few turns without braking and soon he could see the red tail lights of the Corvette pulling off onto another smaller road. He took the same road, and went up a canyon for about a mile, and came to a very nice little ranch house perched on the edge of the canyon and looking down over the whole valley.

“What a place!” he said, getting off his bike.

“Thought I lost you back there, sorry,” said Gerard. “Your wife was…distracting me…”

“Yeah, she can be pretty distracting,” agreed Hal.

He felt better now, over his misgivings. This guy was cool. And Hal’s greatest wish was about to come true. It was there in the very near future, like the gigantic crack pipe of the cosmos that was going to explode his brain into fireworks of pleasure that he had never even thought possible before. Oh yeah, thought Hal. This was going to be fucking awesome.

Now we’re in the bedroom.

I skipped over the preliminaries, there in the living room, where Gerard served drinks, they made chit chat, and Gerard started kissing on Hal’s wife, and undressing her right there in front of Hal, and Hal gave him the nod.

“You go ahead, Gerard,” he said. “I like what I’m seeing. You go right ahead.”

In the bedroom Hal was experiencing such powerful emotions that he was beginning to sigh and mumble to himself, sitting on a chair across from the bed.

There on the bed, Gerard was pulling his wife’s panties off. And she was there naked on the bed, so beautiful, with her ink, and her great tits, and her ass, and her beautiful face. He was seeing it all like he had never seen her before, so hot he felt like he was inside a volcano. And he mumbled to himself words that weren’t words. It was like he was speaking in tongues.

“You OK over there, honey?” called the naked wife, as Gerard buried his mouth in her breasts and started kissing her belly. She knew where he was going. In a minute he was going to be eating her pussy, and she was kind of worried about whether Hal could handle it. He sounded like he was speaking Polynesian or something over on that chair. “Ha ha mo mo pa na na na!”

She could see he had his pants down and his big dick was in the air as he was hammering at it with his hand.

See, that’s a mistake people make about cucks. Some of them have dicks that are quite adequate, and the desire to see their woman with another man has nothing to do with dick size.

Anyhow, that French man went ahead and went down on that pussy and Kyra had a nice big orgasm.

Now it was time for the moment of truth.

Everything went into a kind of slow motion for Hal. He saw his naked wife, and the butt that he knew and loved so well, as she got onto all fours on the bed.

“Fuck me baby while my husband watches,” he heard her say, as she looked back at the naked Frenchman. He had a nice big cock, about the same size as Hal’s, and uncut, which is something Hal hadn’t seen a lot of in real life. Sure, he’d seen it in Euro pornos, but in the locker rooms of his youth, the American boys were all circumsized. This cock was different.

Then Gerard was putting it up to Kyra from behind, and she reached down to help him in.

From his seat, Hal saw the white ass of the Frenchman fucking away and he could see his wife’s arms flailing, and he heard her screaming in a very high pitch about how good it was.

Time was going real, real, real slow now.

“I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she was screaming, and looking back at Hal. “I”m goonnnnnaaaaa cummmmmm honnnney, he’s making me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

It seemed to take forever, that sentence, as Hal brought himself to climax too, and shot all over the Frenchman’s carpet and then…he fell back.


They went over and looked at him. He had fallen back off the chair and was just kind of staring at the ceiling.

“Are you alright, Hal! Hal!” she screamed, but he didn’t hear her.

He had an aneurysm in his brain. They called 911 and they got him into the hospital in time to save his life.

It’s one of those deals where half his face is a little paralyzed now and he talks funny. But he can walk fine and all.

With a walker. That’s mostly due to the previous injuries on the motorcycle. Mostly.

Now in the club you’ll see a man pushing himself over to a pillar with a walker, two tennis balls on the end, you know. And he’ll stand there and watch her dance.

It’s just dancing now. She won’t go any further until his rehab is complete, and he loses twenty more pounds.

Hal is actually doing great. He’s got this great motivation to drop weight. He’s eating a vegan diet and has lost forty already. The cardiologist said he’s recovering well and won’t need the walker much longer.

“And soon he’ll be pretty much back to normal.”

That’s what Hal wants more than anything. To go back to normal, and get another hit of that super extreme crack that he got that night when the Frenchman pounded his wife from behind until she came like she’d never come before.

“When I lose those twenty pounds, you’ll do it again? Promise me you will,” he says to her.

She squeezes his hand and says, “Sure, honey, if that’s what you want.”

That’s exactly what he wants. And this time, he promises, he won’t have a fucking stroke at the climax.

This time, he swears, he’s gonna hold it together!

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