Watching Her Pleasure

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photo: MetArt

Her tits go up and down with each ragged breath. Her wet pussy is spread and hungry. She wants it so bad. My wife is begging for cock, begging to be fucked, ready to be used, willing to do anything: suck dick, dip balls, get her ass stretched. But it won’t be me. I do not get to fuck her until later tonight.

Our Masters, Sir and Dom, will be the ones who get the privilege to start. She will let them touch, slap, finger, fuck. I’ll keep my mouth shut. They will call us names, and we will love them for it. Tonight I’m just the cuckold that gets to watch his wife get used for a cum dumpster. It makes me mad, and I fucking love it. It gets me so hard it hurts, and I would do anything to feel like this.

I’m sitting on a chair, arms tied behind my back. She’s lying on the edge of the bed with her legs thrown up in the air. From here, I can see a man’s rock hard cock sliding in and out of my wife, soaked in her juices, balls slapping between her spread asscheeks. She makes choking sounds as the Dom kneeling above her head feeds her his dick, dipping it whole and pulling out just long enough to let her catch her breath before going balls deep again. Fuck, they make me so jealous and so fucking horny. My cock is a steel rod, copious precum spilling out, covering head and shaft. I want to jerk it off, I want it sucked, I want it sliding inside the warm cunt that will soon be pooled with another man’s cum.

I instinctively fight the restraints, and it hurts. I remind myself that the longer the denial, the better the reward. It is so hard, though, once I’m in the middle of it. I scramble in my seat, heart racing wildly. Against my better judgment, I yell for them to get off her, even though I know they will retort with teasing remarks. I feel powerless. And my dick likes it.

“Oh, the husband wants some of this. What’s the matter, cuckold? Aren’t you enjoying the view? Because your wife certainly enjoys our cocks. Right slut? Tell him.”

Dom pulls his dick out of her mouth just long enough for her to speak.

“Yes, I want more cock; I want their cum,” she pants, looking at me, drool spilling over her face and neck.

Dom holds her head back down again to sink the thick hard meat all the way to her throat. She makes delectable guttural noises, and I want to feel that throat squeezing my cock. I try to hold back, but more desperate sounds come out of my mouth.

“You are a whiny little bitch, cuckold. You know you like it. You want to fuck holes filled with cum, don’t you?”

A mix of anger and desire runs down my body making my cock twitch. I do want to fuck holes that are already slippery, full of cum. It feels delicious. Fuck. My senses are in overdrive, and all I want is more of everything. More teasing, more humiliation, more pain, it all morphs into more pleasure. I want relief and will do anything for it.

“Please, Sir. Let me have some, please. She’s my wife. I want her. Please, Sir.”

“Oh, look at the little cuckold husband. He’s gonna cry. Do you want her? Do you want some pussy? It’s warm and soft after the way I pound it.”

I feel tears prickle my eyes and try to hold them back. I give my answer in a breath:


“Let the cuckold have just a little bit, Dom. Let’s seat the slut on his lap.”

They carry my wife off the bed. She is in an animal state, kissing them, licking, reaching for one cock or the other.

They sit her on my knees; I can feel that her pussy is iron hot and dripping. She tries to sit on my dick, but Sir restrains her.

“Not yet, slut. Your husband needs some more teasing. Lean forward. Suck my cock while your cuckold watches.”

My wife obeys, leaning forward and grabbing his hip bones. The position gives me a tantalizing view of her asshole as she balances on my knees while deepthroating Sir. My cock can almost touch her. I can feel the heat on it. I wiggle, trying to get just a half-inch closer to the dripping slit that would give me relief. I manage to get the tip to touch when her ass moves back on each bobbing of her head. My arms hurt as I try in vain to stretch closer.

Dom sees my efforts. He walks around to my side, spreads the asscheeks, and spits on the pursing hole.

“You want this asshole, cuckold? Is this what you want?” He teases the tight hole with a finger. My wife wiggles in pleasure; the movement is spreading her libations all over my thighs.

“Fuck yeah, keep going,” says the other man. “She sucks harder when you finger her ass. Yeah, like that, slut. Hey, cuckold, do you want to hear how your wife chokes on my cock?”

I try to withhold my response, but it escapes my lips:


“Are you ready, slut?” he asks my wife, and she nods eagerly and opens her mouth wide. The man pushes himself until her nose touches his belly and holds her for a few seconds. She makes the enticing gagging sound.

“Fuck yeah, like that, slut, make my cock vibrate with that velvet throat. Just a couple more times, slut, I’m close.”

I wiggle desperately, trying to get my dick to make contact with her. My hips move up and down as I watch Dom’s face twist with pleasure while he pumps my wife’s throat filling it with cum. He finally pulls back, giving her a soft slap on the cheek.

“Sit on the cuckold’s dick, slut. You get to give him three pumps. No more.”

For a few seconds, it feels like heaven, her wet hot pussy riding me once, twice, three times. Then it’s cold and bleak as Dom pulls her off me.

“That’s enough,” he says. I cry in anger and desire. He makes her get on all fours, face down ass up on the floor.

“Look, cuckold. I’m gonna use this thick cock to stretch your wife’s ass. I come, then you can come.”

Fuck, what a view. She must be feeling so stretched out by that thick cock. She beats her clit furiously until cries of ecstasy tell me that she’s cumming.

“Yes, like that, squeeze me, slut, take my cum.”

He spills inside her for a while. When he pulls back, I see the hole drip white slug, and I want it desperately. Sir is already releasing my restraints, and I jump to dip my cock all the way in. Fuck. The channel is hot and wet. It pulses and squeezes, and I do not last. My balls tighten and I cum; I can feel big hot loads spilling off my cock, filling my wife’s ass until I feel faint. I collapse on top of her. In a haze, I hear Sir’s voice.

“Good job, cuckold. You are not as useless as I thought.”

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