Touch & Kiss Me

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Inspired by Enigma’s “Touchness”

Was I dreaming or was I drowning? I did not know, nor did I care to be honest. The feelings were so sensual, so sublime, so unreal yet so very, very wet. I watched and I was part of, I was them and they were me and we switched places between the voyeur and the taken. The giver and the receiver. They were me, I was them. And where one began and the others started I do not know, for it was a dream sequence and I was alive and I died many times in that dream. It was just that: a dream; or was it? For I was somewhere else.

Falling into or out of the stars, it was impossible to say for sure, just that bright little points of light were all around me; then I saw her. She looked deeply into me, all the while taking a deep breath, as if to catch it from having been lost. Her hair was pulled back, parted in the middle, with a tie holding it back from her eyes. A bright flash. Her eyes were closed, head tilted down, lips closed as if in a silent prayer. My focus shifted in and out like a camera lens trying to focus on the scene before me. She blinked, her lips wet with gloss that made me want to kiss her. She was dressed in a long white cloak with a yellow light permeating off it. Light and shadow danced before my eyes. The scene changed and she had her eyes closed. The scene changed yet again and she looked at me as if pained, in some struggle; I wanted to save her. She seemed so lost, so sad, so longing. She looked up at me again as if to feel my presence and her eyes implored me to come closer.

Another scene change and all I could see was a woman beckoning me to come closer. She was waving her hands for me to come. I could not see her face clearly but her eyes were painted deeply with mascara and she was wearing black gloves.

My angel in the long cloak was before my eyes again and this time her head was tilted back and her eyes rolled back with it, obviously feeling something intense, erotic. And they were there in front of her, two blonde angels looking so similar, so alike they could almost be twins. One gently touched her through the cloak on her belly while the other was touching her companion.

The scene changed again and this time a woman with deep dark piercing eyes and rich red lipstick had her hands on a glossy surface and was gazing at me gazing at her. She had deep lust in her eyes. With palms flat on the surface before her she moved her body sensually. I wanted her badly.

A maiden with head bowed in reverence before a voluptuous woman. Feathers falling as rain, soft on the erotic scenes in my mind’s eye, my fantasy, my dream.

Almost as if twins those two blondes knelt before her, one touching the other’s face, staring into her deeply, and my cloaked angel looked as if helpless in her feelings of desire.

Masked was she who I saw next. Fingers delicate, feminine, gentle, caressing skin.

“Touch & Kiss Me.”

She tilted her angelic head down from grace and stared into my eyes, beckoning me.

The lens pulled back and I could see all three there again. My cloaked and covered sweet thing with lingerie clad vixens at her feet caressing and touching.

Again the scene changed and the camera of my vision panned out. The woman who was just a short time before the glass was in the company of two others like her, clad in negligees. One near a curtain with a cute ass, the other with hand on hip looking in the opposite direction from that of my stare.

A masked woman turned to me, face impartial to my gaze.

Our “twins” touched again and our helpless angel now was obviously lost in the intensity of the feeling of the two connecting before her. Her breath looked staggered, she was rocking herself as if uncontrollably.

“Up and Down.”

Now again the scene changed, this time a DOM with riding crop in hand, and her partner in crime next to her, were watching something alluring cross their path. What that was could not be seen, just the looks of lust in their eyes watching the object of their desire pass before them.

Oh my, I was becoming breathless myself as the scene changed again. A masked man in black slacks, white shirt, and black vest casually watched another masked vixen disrobe a curvaceous woman, removing her purple blouse. Two other women stood in front of each other both in white negligees. Beautiful contrast.

“Up & Down”

Scene change.

Stockings stretched over legs fine, raising up and down as if with the beat of the music in my head. And I was walking between them as their toes reached out to touch me.

“Touch & Kiss Me.”

Oh my, before my eyes now was an orgy of six lingerie clad women on a big bed.

Then the scene went back to my angel in the white cloak and the “twins” were becoming more aroused and more pronounced in their passions.

“Touch & Feel Me.”

Looking heaven bound it was as if all too much and our cloaked angel’s eyes were blinking erratically and utterly out of control. Spellbound.

“Up & Down”

The scene returned to the bedroom orgy scene and I so wanted more of it but it changed back to the three from the beginning.

“Touch & Kiss Me.”

Exhalation, a religious experience, a divine moment.

The pace was quickening now, as was my breath. Cycling between the scenes of the “twins,” the orgy scene and the negligee clad three.

Fingers in mouths, caresses deep and penetrating, kisses soft and moving, angels singing from on high through it all. My heart pounded, my skin flushed, my body ached.

“I will always Love You.”

And the twins touched, one kissing her Lover’s neck while the other caressed hers oh so beautifully. Ah, phew!

“Touch & Kiss Me.”

Another was kissing her reflection.

And the scenes cycled more rapidly from all ones previous, giving me more glimpses of the passion unfolding. The orgy scene was getting hotter. One delicious woman, ass bent over her Lover and her curves were stunning. The effect of the lighting and the lingerie was highly arousing. The scene set in a mansion, adding to the effect of mysterious sensuality.

“Touch & Feel Me.”

And Oh thank heaven the pace slowed and I could catch my quickly vanishing breath.

She who was beckoning me earlier now appeared, I could make more of her out now. She too was masked, her hands covered in black lace gloves waving me on, “cum closer.”

And I was lost and that which was me drifted away.

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