Orgasm Showdown

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I was only 19 years old when we met, a fast ass teenager in a big city full of fun and adventure. I partied with some mutual friends of his and we knew of each other but were not friends. In fact, I couldn’t stand him and he couldn’t stand me. He hated that I slept with every other girl that came to those parties and I hated that he did too. We were basically eskimo twins by association.

Every time I saw him, I would roll my eyes and just ignore his goofy smirks and rancid comments. He was so annoyingly cocky. I thought maybe if I didn’t pay him any mind, he would just shut up. But he never did. Strangely, between all this ignoring, I couldn’t help but be curious about his bedroom tactics. Every girl he slept with would tell me how great he was in bed, that he was the best lay ever. Sometimes, I had sex with them and they would switch back and forth between us. I’d have to hear his mouth every time it happened.

After weeks of this, I had enough. I took a pussy hiatus for a day and just went out by myself to dance. Coincidently, I spotted him at the same club I attended that night, alone. That was strange enough.

It was a foam party by the beach. Everyone, including me, was dressed in next to nothing. My tiny white tank top was soaked from the foam, along with my even tinier shorts. He had no shirt on, just cargo pants that dragged way down his waist. His gorgeous lean body really shimmered in the laser light. I rolled my eyes at him as always when I saw him weaving through the crowd to get to me.

He didn’t ask me to dance, or speak one word. No permission, but high expectation. He just pulled me close and started grinding slowly on me, knowing I wouldn’t turn away. I was surprised I didn’t. I usually enjoyed crushing his ego. But something in his eyes told me to stay. I was impressed by his impeccable rhythm, and I could feel that he was hung like a horse. We may have been chest-high in foam, but my lower eyes saw every inch of him.

I gave in and held him close. He pulled one of my legs over his arm and pressed his groin right on my pussy. I held his neck tight, grinding right back. Our lips inched closer until they softly brushed. I closed my eyes and kissed him. He kissed me right back with even more fire. This was the first time our tongues lashed at each other pleasurably, and it felt amazing! His kisses felt like my lips were melting into his.

When the song ended, he let go and looked into my eyes in a way that had me spellbound. I felt possessed. Like suddenly, I would do anything he asked. He didn’t speak though. He just took me by the hand and led me outside. Next thing I knew, I was in his car on the way to his house.

We got through the door and there was another woman in his room, waiting for him. I laughed because it was a girl I’d slept with about a week prior. He calmly led her out, while sitting me down on the bed. I had a good look around his room while he was gone.

I noticed a huge fish tank in the corner with a beautiful exotic collection of rare breeds. I had a quick analogy that maybe he was a pussy collector as well.

He returned with beer. He offered me one, but I decline. He took one sip of his and set it down. For the first time, I actually saw something in him I never saw before… humility.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said, “I didn’t know she was here.”

“It’s alright. We could invite her back in if you want,” I smiled.

He leaned closer, then caressed my face. “No,” he replied, “I’m good with just you.”

He touched my lips gently with his fingers, and I melted inside.

“You have the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen,” he whispered, “I just know these lips here are beautiful, too.”

He touched my pussy softly through my shorts and held his face extremely close to mine. I teased him a bit, just lightly brushing my lips to his. Then we kissed. His lips were so unbelievably soft, like a woman’s. The scent of the foam on our bodies heightened my senses. It was a sexy mix of coconut rum and pheromones.

He reached for my shirt and peeled it off slowly. He kissed me again, just as gentle as before. Then, he reached behind me to unclasp my bra. It came off smoothly. He was definitely an expert in taking them off. I was impressed.

His muscles jumped as I trailed my nails slowly down his chest. I reached for his cock and pulled it out. It was harder than a diamond in an ice storm. I stroked it gently and circled my thumb around the tip. I leaned down, wanting to taste it, but he stopped me.

He lay me back instead, kissing my knees as he rolled down my booty shorts. While my legs were in the air, he kissed and licked my calves, gently pressing his teeth at the back of my thigh.

Then, he spread my legs and kissed my pussy. He kissed it over and over again until I was soaking wet. I started cursing while I moaned, my back arching madly. He pressed his soft lips to my pussy and sucked my clit so intricately, it’s hard to explain. It’s like he was using his teeth to keep the hood back, leaving my sensitive little nub exposed. Then his tongue and lips worked together to suckle it. I could hear a faint clicking noise coming from his mouth. I’ve never had my pussy eaten like this before.

I wanted to cum so badly, but he was controlling my pussy completely. Every time my hips started shaking, the clicking rhythm would slow down. I wound my hips around his face, hoping for more stimulation, but he held me down firmly. He made it clear he was in control. He made my pussy edge to the point of tears.

My eyes were watering, teeth clamped to my forearm, moaning like crazy. I felt my toes go numb as he sucked and licked me in this achingly pleasurable pattern. Maybe if I asked him nicely, he’d let me cum?

“I can’t take this anymore,” I cried out, “please?”

As soon as I said those magic words, he sucked my pussy just a little harder. His talented tongue whirled and flicked at that spot on my pussy that turns me into mush. His seductive rhythm had my pussy bursting insanely on his lips. Then, he pressed the back of his tongue on my clit, swerving his head back and forth as my pussy throbbed. He kissed it sensually, until every beat of my little drum faded. I was prepared to take over, but then, the sexy clicking started again. He didn’t let me up until my pussy swelled in desire, begging for more. Then, he stopped right when I was about to cum the second time.

He got up to undress and let me see what I was about to get into, or rather what was about to get into me. His cock was long and thick, slightly curved up like an Italian sausage. He held it proudly in my face, making me anticipate it inside me.

He positioned himself on top of me and looked into my eyes again. Then, he leaned down to kiss me. I held his face close and sneaked my tongue in his mouth. I was so wet, he didn’t even have to use his hand to guide his cock inside me. The instant it went in, I gasped. I felt like my whole body just got shot up with a high dose of serotonin. I felt high as a kite.

I thrust my hips to meet his rhythm. He pressed close, stirring his cock inside me while his lower abs massaged my clit. God, it felt good! I gripped his ass tightly, biting his chest, then kissing his collarbone. He was as quiet as can be, concentrating hard on hitting my sweet spot. My body shuddered beneath him while he fucked me deeper.

Then, he did this thing that absolutely drove me wild. He pulled out and let just the head of his cock slide inside me, grazing his tip on my G-spot with soft slow strokes. I felt like I was about to cum just from this move. When he felt my pussy tighten, he pumped just a little deeper. Then, he suddenly slid balls deep inside me. It felt like my insides were melting from this cock massage. But he withdrew again, as soon as I was close.

My patience grew thin. I gripped his ass hard, lifting my body off the bed to fuck his cock from underneath. He smiled as he pressed his weight on me to bring me down on the bed again. Then, he stayed deep. He wrapped his arms under my back and thrust hard, making the intense friction between us magnify tenfold. I was screaming and shaking under him as my pussy exploded in deep throbs all around his cock. I came so hard, I burst into tears. My heart was pounding on his wet chest, legs shaking over his thighs.

He lifted me up and my tears rolled down my cheeks. He saw them and licked them up while his hard cock was still stirring inside me. We were face to face, eye to eye. We stared at each other while our bodies clashed, making loud wet pounding noises. It’s like we were in an orgasm showdown. Whoever cums next loses ground first.

I’d already cum twice, and he had yet to blow. So, I took it as a personal challenge. I lay him back and slid off him. He looked nervous, suddenly, as I leaned down. His cock was wet with my juices, that vein on his shaft bulging through his skin. I knew his cock was on the verge of explosion. I licked my lips, eager to tease the fuck out of it.

I licked from base to tip, sucking up my own sweet cream and letting it drip slowly out of my mouth. Then, I kissed his cock slowly… torturously slow. Letting my tongue press and swipe over his sensitive head. I looked him in the eyes while I circled my lips gently around his fat head, letting my mouth water over it like a spit fountain.

Then, I found his spot. His legs tensed when I French kissed right under the head of his cock. So, I stayed right there. I kissed this sensitive spot on him in the sexiest porn-like way possible while I massaged his balls. Then, I let my fingers grip around the base and milked him hard. I kept kissing that same spot until I saw pre-cum leak down his shaft. That clear liquid of joy told me he was close. That, and the fact that his eyes were rolling up under his lids while he blasphemously prayed to Jesus.

My relentless lips slid up and down his shaft, softly grazing his sweet spot again. His head was purple and swollen, jumping for painful joy. Once I felt that he was at the ultimate point of explosion, I quickly took his cock deep down my throat, letting his hot thick head erupt white lava through my tonsils. He screamed loudly, trying to lift me off, but I had my arms wrapped under his thighs, holding my breath as I inhaled and swallowed his entire load. I slowly slid off his cock and licked the remaining drops off the tip, and let him see his thick white cum on my tongue.

He was as red as a cherry. His heart thumped erratically as his cock throbbed in my hand. I licked his cock again and again until it was just as hard as it was before. Only, this time, I didn’t tease him. I was done playing games. I wanted to fuck his brains out.

I straddled his cock with my legs wrapped around his waist, keeping it buried deep inside me. Then, I squeezed my pussy muscles around his girth while I whirled my hips up and down. He looked helpless and out of control, absolutely trapped by my pussy. I gripped his shoulders and danced on his cock slowly and sensually, picking up speed with every passing moment.

Suddenly, he pushed up and pressed my back, trying to regain control. I spread my pussy with my fingers, inviting his cock back in me to finish the job. He aimed his cock at my pussy, and thrust hard and fast, keeping my legs spread over his arms. I grabbed his face, kissing him passionately, sucking his tongue while he pounded my pussy. He fucked me faster, harder, and deeper than ever. He moaned my name over and over again. It was such a turn on to see him finally lose control. I squeezed my pussy as hard as I could, and with a scream, he burst inside me like a broken fire hydrant on a hot summer day. His soaked body shivered on mine, dripping with satisfaction.

He kissed my lips softly, adoringly caressing my hair. “Damn, you’re amazing,” he whispered.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself,” I whispered back.

We kissed for a good long while with our fingers entwined, my leg resting on his body. I caressed his sticky cock with the side of my knee while I licked his lips. It was hardening again, and it made me nervous. I was even more nervous when he kissed down my body again, leading between my legs.

I knew right then what all those girls we slept with were talking about. He was a sex God! And for that evening, I was his Goddess.

Heaven help me for admitting this, but he is the originator of all my sexual moves. I always think of him when I go down on a girl. That night, some of his magic rubbed off on me and taught me how to pay close attention to my sexual partners. In truth, I think we could have made a wonderful couple, but we were too busy with sex and stupidity back then to fall in love. Regardless, he will always have a special place in my heart, and still holds the title of the best sex I’ve ever had with a man.

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