In the Shower

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She was so full of life, so introspective that you could feel the depth of her thoughts. She was also way more beautiful live than in all the photos that she had sent him. Right now being next to her in bed while talking about music felt as if he were talking to a friend whom he had not seen in years. So familiar.

She was looking at him while humming some of her favorite songs so that he would guess the name of the singer. He reached up to her and started caressing her hair that had come down around her face. He put it behind her ear, and started caressing her face with his fingers. His touch made her stop talking; it was like she had been put under a spell. All she could do now was to focus on his brown eyes and big smile. She reached back to him. His hand moved down to her neck.

She got on top of him, her hair falling playfully in his face, her eyes fixated on his. She could feel his breathing. He pulled her close, in an embrace, a bear hug, like the ones he had promised he would give her. Her mouth found her way to his, and they started kissing. It was a sweet, tender kiss.

She was playful, kissing him and then moving back, so that he would reach out for her mouth and kiss her again.

She could feel his hands caressing her back, going between a deep embrace and a soft caress. He started pulling the zipper of her dress down. He wanted to feel her skin. He caressed her shoulders while she moved up so that he could pull the straps of her dress down. She was feeling the warmth of his hands on her, and it felt very nice. She stopped the kissing to let the straps of her dress slide down, exposing the sexy bra that she had selected for the occasion.

He started kissing her neck, while moving the straps of the bra down over her shoulders. He did that very slowly, with his fingers feeling the full length of her shoulders and her upper arms. First the right strap, then the left strap. Her heart started pumping hard. Her body started filling with desire, and this slow dance was turning her on. She started kissing him again, as he was caressing her back. Suddenly with a magic stroke her bra became undone. She moved up again and her bra fell off, exposing her beautiful breasts.

The tips of her breasts were standing like vigilant soldiers.

And slowly magic happened. He reached out with his hands for her breasts and held them in his hands. First the right one, then the left one. He just held them still so that she could feel the warmth of his hands on them. Time slowed down almost to a stop as her eyes looked at his. Feeling their skin on each other felt very relaxing, but at the same time it made her hungry for more. She stood up and quickly removed the rest of her clothes, and saw him doing the same. She lay on the bed and waited expectantly for his next move.

He lay next to her and started caressing her beautiful body. But this time he was caressing her with the tips of his fingers. The gentle touch made her shake with emotion. She felt his fingers on her shoulders, on her arms, and then on her breasts, slowly discovering them.

She felt an overwhelming warmth coming over her. For a moment she could hear her heart pounding, and when she moved her legs she noticed that she was already wet down there. He started kissing her neck, and slowly gliding his tongue down her body. His left hand kept caressing her. She felt parts of her body as if they were completely new: her ribs, her ribcage, her shoulder. His fingers were going everywhere. Suddenly his palm held her breast fully, while his mouth concentrated on the tip of the other breast. Her back arched, as if her body wanted to be completely held in the arms of this man.

He continued with small kisses down her ribcage; she moved up and got comfortable on the pillows. His hands were still holding her breasts, and she had forgotten when had been the last time that she felt so desired. He started kissing her belly button and then moved to her inner thighs. He was getting to know her inch by inch, wanted to discover all her hidden spots. He slid his hands down and removed her underwear.

Her nice black underwear was the last layer of wrapping before opening the present…

She had been waiting for this moment and as he started removing her panties her body arched and helped him. She held one hand on his head while the other was holding her breasts. His hands had moved down to her buttocks, and she opened herself fully to his exploration.

As he reached her lower abdomen with his kisses she was filled with emotion. She moved her legs wider to let him reach his destination. He was kissing her skin softly and moved down to kiss the inside of her right thigh. She felt how his tongue started licking on the outside of her outer lips. She was feeling the slow strokes as he moved to the other side of her lips. She felt inside of her an intense expectation, and how he was teasing her. After a few up and down licks he moved his tongue into her vulva and tasted her salty and wet desire. She felt her wetness, and as he touched the opening of her vagina with his mouth, she felt how the well of her desire had opened.

He stuck his tongue briefly in her pussy, and she started breathing rhythmically, and moaning a little. His mouth moved to her pearl and started stroking it very lightly with his tongue.

When water boils in a kettle it goes through three stages. The first one is the loud fizzing noise of water being heated up, until it warms up to about 80 degrees. Then there is a quiet period where it goes up to 98 degrees and the last step is when bubbles start popping up.

When he started licking her pearl, her moaning became louder, just as in the first stage of boiling water. As he kept licking her, the breathing changed to being rhythmic and quieter. Now that he was giving her the final strokes she felt her body change state. Tremors started going down her spine and her body started arching getting ready for the avalanche of feelings that would come.

She started shaking as she reached orgasm, and then he just placed his tongue on top of her vagina, covering her pearl.

She shook multiple times, releasing a huge amount of energy that had been accumulating since they had started this dance. He had felt the moment and had stopped stimulating her clitoris. She held his head with her hands as he lay his tongue on top of her pearl, making the sensation last longer. The long foreplay had helped her build the energy to reach this moment.

A mischievous idea came to her. She asked him if he was up for taking a shower together to refresh themselves. He liked the idea and she took his hand and led her into the bathroom. The place had a large walk in shower, a long sink with a wall to wall mirror, and a heater on the wall where towels were arranged. He went into the shower and started running water so that it would be warm when they got under it.

As he turned around to look at her, he could see that Mona Lisa smile of hers looking back at him. He walked up to her and embraced her while looking deep in her eyes. Despite all that had been going on, at that moment she felt wanted as badly as if they had not seen each other in days. She placed a soft kiss on his lips.

There is something about the sound of running water, something primal that take us back to our roots.

They walked to the long granite table holding the sink, and he put a towel on it where she could sit. He lifted her right leg and placed it on his back, and then proceeded to do the same with her left leg. She felt like she was enveloping him. A monkey hug. As his manhood found its way into her sex she was positively surprised about the sensations she felt.

The water was running in the background, and she was sitting in this fetal position, cocooning him, and his penis felt so hard and deep inside of her. Her weight somehow made her tighter and the in and out felt special. He was holding her back as if she was this special treasure that he wanted only for himself, and their lips met again in a complicit kiss, a primal feeling of wetness, sharing and trust.

He took the fingers of her right hand and placed them into his mouth, to make them wet, and then directed them to her pearl. She felt so close to him, and every stroke went really deep into her sex. She was surprised by his understanding of her needs and his will for her to use her fingers on herself as they were together. There was this space where she could touch herself, and she started doing it with gusto.

The sound of water in the background, the steam that formed around them, her feelings of control over his body, his rhythmic thrusting in and out of her, and her soft caresses around her pearl started building a momentum.

But before she could come she pushed him out, grabbed his hand and led him into the shower.

It was nice and warm, and it felt like being in paradise, under a waterfall. Their bodies tanned and wet. The caresses under the water, slippery, warm, sweet. They kissed as the water was pouring down on them. He turned her around and as she was holding the wall with her hands she felt his manhood slip inside of her.

The stroking was passionate, his hands were all over the place, caressing her back, holding her breasts, on her neck, on her buttocks. She had this feeling of being wanted. It only took a few master strokes of her right hand and she could feel the roaring of her passions coming down on her.

Her muscles starting shaking around his manhood, and this took him by surprise. Out of nowhere the orgasmic waves got a hold of him, and he started moaning as his fluids joined hers in this torrent of passion.

She felt how he was filling her up with all his loving. It was this gentle and warm ejaculation of fluids inside of her. She felt it really deep and held his back with her hands as he screamed a guttural sound, putting all he had into her. The feeling of the water surrounding them brought her peace, and they remained holding each other like this for what felt like an eternity…

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