This Is Your Lucky Day

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What she really likes, these days, is to fuck herself in the ass with a dildo as she rubs her clit, while I film her and broadcast it on Chat Roulette.

That’s right, you might be clicking from shirtless teenage male to weird looking shirtless Swedish guy on Chat Roulette some night, and boom. You’ll hit us.

“Hi,” I type. “This is Christina. This is your lucky day.”

This is what will happen.

“Tell her how hot she is,” I text you.

Christina will be sitting on the bed in a negligee, looking beautiful. I am filming her with my ipad. We have the sound off because we don’t want to hear your disgusting grunting noises. But we have the mic on so you will be able to hear her moans.

After you tell her how hot she is, she is all yours. You can tell her what you want her to do.

“He says you have nice tits,” I tell Christina. “He wants to see them.”

So Christina slides the negligee down and reveals her erect nipples.

You text me something.

“He says he wants you to touch them,” I tell her.

You text me something else.

“He says he wants you to take off the negligee.”

She does so, now she’s there in some purple panties.

“He says he wants you to lie back and slowly slide off the panties.”

She does so. She stops a little bit of the way down, showing you a glimpse of her pussy. Then she takes the panties all the way down to her ankles. She’s wearing black stiletto heels.

“He says he wants you to leave them there on your ankles, and leave the heels on.”

So she does so. Then she shows the dildo to the camera.

“He says, nice, fuck yourself with that dildo.”

So she begins fucking herself. And then she shows a little jar of Vaseline to the camera.

“Oh yeah,” he texts, getting her drift. “Tell her to put some of that on her ass and fuck herself in the ass with that dildo.”

So she does. She puts some Vaseline on her ass. Then she puts some on the end of the dildo. It’s black. It’s sleek. It’s a sexy dildo. It’s not a realistic dildo. It’s shaped more like a vibrator. Oh, what am I saying, it is a vibrator. Listen, I’m not going to go up to the top of this story and change it. But my apologies, it is a vibrator that she uses. But she doesn’t turn it on. She just pokes its head into her asshole, a little at a time. And before too long it’s going all the way in and pulling all the way out, and she’s fucking her ass silly, as she masturbates. And do you know something, Mr. Chat Roulette, she is coming and coming. I don’t know if you can hear that. But she is saying her little saying, oh yeah, hit it, hit it, hit it. Yeah. When she says hit it three times followed by yeah, that’s when she comes.

I type that to you, so now you know.

“Why don’t you fuck her in the ass?” you text.

“Because. I am not allowed to touch her, ever. I am just her camera man. She pays me 100 dollars to come and do this,” I lie.

“Wow. I wish I had that job.”

“Yeah, it’s a great job,” I text.

“Hey,” she snaps at me, because she is waiting for you to text her some more sexy stuff, but instead we are having this little private aside. She is mad.

“Sorry,” I say.

Then I go on to her:

“He is texting that you are the sexiest woman he’s ever met on Chat Roulette. That you have sexy legs. That your tits are sexy. And your face seems pretty.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, she wears a little black mask over her eyes. She has to. She is the public face of Christina Consulting LLC (not its real name). And Christina is not her real name. Her real name is… oh shit, it does occur to me that you could possibly find out her real name. I mean you know my last name is Stevens. You could search for people who are involved in the dance consulting business and their last name is Stevens. No, never mind, that won’t work, tricked you. She goes by her maiden name. (I’m a cuck, remember, why on earth would she take my last name?). You’ll just have to imagine how she looks. Trust me, she’s as hot as you can imagine. But she is the public face of a company and can’t have her image splattered around the internet fucking herself in the ass with a black dildo. Oh, she knows, you easily could be recording this. In fact, she would like you to record it. Just download Camtasia or one of those programs. Then she would like you to masturbate to this image until your cock becomes raw. That’s what she is doing. She is masturbating until her clit is raw. I know, because after we’re done I’m going to eat her, and it’s almost like tasting blood, she has ripped her skin a bit I guess, rubbing so furiously. And inside, as I put my finger in her, I will feel her swollen up like some kind of horny animal in heat, her glans is all swollen on the inside. She really likes fucking herself in the ass as you watch.

“Can she turn over and fuck herself from behind so I can see the ass better?”

“Well,” I say, “that’s not convenient, but she will allow me to hold the vibrator and do that for you. I’m just not allowed to touch her.”

“Awesome,” you will text.

She gets on all fours and I move the ipad camera closer and she hands me the vibrator, and she continues rubbing her clit as I put the vibrator in her ass.

“Oh that’s good,” you will say. “Can you move in close up on the ass?”

So I give you a close up of the vibrator going in. I guess that’s all that’s filling the frame, now, the silky black vibrator and the ass. I push it all the way in. My wife is screaming now. She likes the close up? I don’t know.

“She has the best ass I’ve ever seen,” you text.

“He says it’s the best ass he’s ever seen.”

That makes her come again. “Hit it hit it hit it yeah,” she says.

“What’s so great about that ass?” I text.

“It’s perfect.”

“He says it’s perfect,” I tell her.

“Hit it hit hit hit yeah,” she says.

“He says you have the perfect bubble ass,” I say. I’m just making it up now, you don’t type that fast. But she likes that too.

“Hit it again, yeah!”

“He says he wishes he could be right here, fucking that ass with that vibrator, and that he would gladly kill himself afterwards because then he will have lived a full life.”

“Alright, now you lost me,” my wife says.

She recognized my vernacular. That was not something a kid on Chat Roulette would say.

“I told you not to make shit up, Phil,” she scolds me. “Shit. Now we’ve got to start all over.”

What a happy problem.

“Bye,” I say to you. And your screen goes blank. Your fun is over. Now for you it’s back to weird fat teenagers from Albania.

My wife gets back in her negligee. I click through a bunch of guys. It doesn’t matter to Christina, she just likes to be watched and told how hot she is. I arrive at a guy from Georgia. I wonder if that’s the state or the country?

“Hi,” I text. “This is Christina. This is your lucky day…”

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