Forever and Ever

She remembered her wedding night, for all the wrong reasons. Although, perhaps, they were the right reasons. She had changed that night...
E. L. Mcauley
12 min read

The Devil’s Triangle With Two Angels

We three enjoy a win-win-win relationship I recently spent a stellar and sexy afternoon with two sweet and delicious men. MFM can...
Elle Beau
4 min read

Never Too Busy To Fuck

My pussy respects no deadlines… His cock flexes inside me and I miss the key I’m aiming for and type an unintelligible...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read

My Addiction Called Saul

I have tried to get over the addiction to my former lover but for some reason I just can’t. Always he’s at...
Damien Dsoul
5 min read

She’s Waiting Upstairs

The front door will be left open. I am going to go in, climb the stairs, and enter her bedroom. She will...
Colt Stevens
3 min read

I Loved It

I loved it. You really got yourself worked up and wet with that vibrator on your pussy, pushing inside, rubbing your swollen clit, me...
Jaiden MyErotica
1 min read

Tease me, please

Lying beside youlazy daysummer warmclose but not touchingbreeze stirs the net curtainsvoices as people pass, muted and far away lying still to feel...
Bernadette Joy
35 sec read

Freedom To Choose

Her arse perched on the console table and her feet balanced on the window sill. The seconds stretched out ahead of her. Her...
E. L. Mcauley
3 min read

Grande Pike with a Side of Orgasm

Will that complete your Starbucks order? “Grande Pike with a half pump of caramel and room for half and half?” Damn, he remembered....
5 min read

You Make Me Wet~!

At times when your tongue touches mine, Instantly, I’m WETAt times when your hand touches mineInstantly,I SWEAT At times you need only...
Anthony Cloe Huie
21 sec read