The Devil’s Triangle With Two Angels

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We three enjoy a win-win-win relationship

I recently spent a stellar and sexy afternoon with two sweet and delicious men. MFM can and should be three people having a mutually enjoyable experience, with the woman as the axis of the action and the center of the pleasure. My husband James likes to refer to MFM as goddess worship, but you don’t even need to go that far. Mutual attraction plus mutual enjoyment is a plenty good way to kick off an interlude hot enough for the devil himself. And fortunately for me, I had two big, handsome, sexy angels to help me do just that!

James, our new friend Lane, and I stood for quite a while in the bedroom with me pressed between the two of them — talking, kissing, touching and being in close together. James would cup my breasts from behind before leaning in to kiss my neck and then run his hands from hips to ass and back again. I had one hand on James’ thigh and my other hand on Lane’s tattooed chest as we kissed, nuzzled, and flirted.

I adore being the meat in a man sandwich like that — just feeling enveloped in their masculine attentions, although it was also really hot that they would periodically lean over me and kiss each other. I’m tall, and the fact that both of them were significantly taller than I am gave me a feeling of being towered over that I rarely get to experience. Plus, I’ve never been in an MFM before with guys who were into each other too. As I reached one hand back and one hand in front of me to fondle their cocks, I knew that this afternoon was going to be very special — and it absolutely was.

After a bit we moved to the bed and Lane got between my legs, teasing my vulva and clit with his talented tongue while James held my arms to the bed and kissed me. The combination of being firmly yet lovingly restrained and being teasingly stimulated like that made me feel like I might just spontaneously combust. There’s also something to be said for all zones being covered at once. My pussy was abuzz with delicious sensations. At the same time my breasts were being fondled and my lips were being kissed. This is why MFM is one of my favorite things in the whole world! And I’m really lucky that James finds it very hot as well, and did even before he was ever intimate with the other man. He likes seeing me owning a situation that most people would be inclined to view as one where the woman is being taken advantage of — but instead she’s completely in control of things and of her sexuality. It’s compersion on steroids!

DP (double penetration) is something I’ve always fantasized about but have never quite gotten to work. But that day with my two sexy angels was the winning combination. I straddled Lane as he lay on his back near the edge of the bed and put my torso down as flat as I could on his chest. James also entered my pussy from behind. At first it felt like too much to have them both inside me at once, and then it felt simply amazing. It was a sensation of fullness that I’ve never quite experienced before although I’m sure some of the pleasure was in my head, thinking about how unbelievably hot it was to have two thick cocks in my pussy at once. It was definitely a fantasy fulfilled!

What an intense afternoon with passion and athleticism running high, but also many moments of sweetness and pure human connection. The irony is, that while doing so many things that are considered out-there or taboo, we really just felt comfortable, natural, and right together. We very much like each other as people and not just as bodies doing feel-good tricks to each other, so when James and Lane were rolling in each other’s arms, I was both excited by it, but also aware of the sweetness of what is essentially fundamental human connection. Lane was incredibly turned on by watching James and I together, and it never took long before he found a way to get in on the action as well. I also liked that as much as they enjoyed each other, that at least for that day, most of their attention was focused on me. That’s not a selfish thing to say, because I was also keeping both of them happy too.

One of my favorite moments was lying perpendicular to Lane, while resting my head on his hip. My left hand played with his cock while he fondled my tits and periodically kissed my head and lips. Meanwhile James was fucking me, kissing me, and sometimes leaning over to kiss Lane. We were all pleasurably entwined, all enjoyably connected. It was both spicy and sweet at the same time. Once again, all my zones were being taken care of — the lazy movements of Lane’s fingers on my breasts were echoed by my own slow fingering of his cock. James was fucking me steadily, but we were really all just in a languid loop of pleasure.

My other favorite thing was our second round of DP. This time James was underneath me and Lane put his cock in my ass and fucked me until he couldn’t help but cum. I’m going to venture that my elevated levels of moaning, writhing and “Oh fuck yeahs” had something to do with that as well. Once again, the sensation of being deeply filled was combined with the sheer sexiness of having my fantasy fulfilled.

We were together for many hours, and that was by design. Plenty of time to roll in the hay; plenty of time to rest in between and just lie in each other’s arms and talk — and then on to the next round. We all three have a high sex drive. We all three want to get the most out of our time together — both erotically, and in the pure human connection sense. We like sex, and also just being together. We value and respect each other and we also are totally turned on by each other and the time together. Win-win-win!

I like seeing big, strong men kissing and fondling each other and I love having those handsome angels turn their attentions to me. We have so much fun and joy together. It just affirms life in all of the best ways! My Devil’s Triangle is full of pleasure and affection. The guys care about me and honor me with their desire. In return, I make sure that they are happy, satisfied, and having a hell of a lot of fun because I care about them too. I can’t imagine wanting anything less.

Forever and Ever

E. L. Mcauley
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