Pineapple Support Props Up Adult Industry Performers

Organization marks one year of mental health support for adult industry with non-profit status Mental health care network Pineapple Support is marking their one-year...
Allison Leigh
57 sec read


 She’s the most spectacular woman I’ve ever seen “You’ve volunteered me?” I say. “On my day off?” “I have,” Kirsty replies. She’s grinning...
C. J. Labrousse
10 min read

La Sagrada Familia

He unlocked the door to his place and laced his fingers in mine as he drew me inside and I suddenly found...
4 min read

I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

Christina Stevens takes charge in the bedroom We are having a very nice evening, and it seems that it is going to end...
Colt Stevens
2 min read

Your Hand, My Ass

I love a good spanking. Does that make me a bad feminist? Just imagine the slap of skin on skin, your firm...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read

Morning Glory

Quickie sex to jump-start the day. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne I’m pinning up my hair, about...
Rose MyErotica
1 min read

Top Ten Sex Tips

A conversation between Elle Beau and James Neil Clarke about some of their hottest moves. You’ve seen lists like Cosmo’s top sex tips,...
Elle Beau
8 min read

Rather Than You

photo:MetArt At first when you left I spent my days and nightswondering what I was going to doBut since then I’ve met so many...
Anthony Cloe Huie
42 sec read


photo: AJ Garcia on Unsplash Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Pride and Joy with a beer in my hand, dancing in my living room on...
1 min read

Candy Girl

 A sweet, succulent treat. Podcast written by Jaiden MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne I have a sweet tooth and a dirty...
Jaiden MyErotica
2 min read