Nurses Gone Wild

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I was visiting a friend of mine at the hospital, in a city I’ve never been to before. It seems they have a pool of hotties that work here. I was surrounded by so many beautiful girls that I couldn’t even walk straight. I swear, if I turned my head around any more to watch another tight ass in scrubs walk by, I was going to wind up in a neck brace. Needless to say, I’ve never seen my buddy more happy to be a patient.

Ben is my son’s living donor. They have given him a series of tests and countless blood draws for days to make sure he is healthy enough to donate. He usually hates hospitals, but he is tickled pink to be here. And I absolutely see why.

This knockout brunette with a delicious scent and flawless skin comes in and introduces herself. She is so kind and polite to Ben, who is literally drooling on his hospital gown as she bends over to check his heart with a stethoscope. I press my lips together to keep from laughing. He has no idea that his massive boner is pitching a tent right through the blanket.

The nurse sees it and giggles. I happen to notice also that she stares at Ben’s erection with a grin. She blushes hard and excuses herself. Ben tries to push it down and tuck it away, but it’s not subsiding. I laugh hysterically, making matters worse, knowing Ben is painfully shy.

I go to the bathroom beside his bed and get more giggles out while I use the facility. Moments later, the nurse comes back to the room. She is whispering something to Ben that I can’t quite make out. I peek through the crack in the hinges and gasp at what I am witnessing.

The hot nurse is on her knees, sucking Ben’s cock! I try not to make any noise and continue spying. She is a pro. I see her tongue whirling around his engorged head, then sucking slowly up and down his shaft. Sexy moans and slurping sounds invade the quiet corridor.

She is sucking him off so deeply that Ben’s legs are shaking. She covers his mouth to make sure he doesn’t moan too loudly. I can see his skin flush in heat as he thrusts his cock deeper. Although Ben and I are strictly platonic, I can’t help but get a little wet from this sexy show.

I press my face close to the door and ease my hand down my pants. I circle my clit slowly while clenching my stomach in to reach my peak faster. Being quiet is elevating my arousal and, from the looks of it, theirs too.

She sucks Ben off to the point where he is very close to cumming, then she takes off her scrubs completely to straddle his cock on the hospital bed. She still has Ben’s mouth covered as she rides him. First, she gives him slow deep thrusts up and down, probably listening for anyone who may walk in. Then, when she feels that the coast is clear, she fucks him faster.

Ben is about to blow! He holds her tight and fucks up into her hard and fast, until he cums inside her. The nurse gets off carefully and wipes down Ben’s cock, along with herself. Then she walks towards the bathroom where I am halfmasted in the dark, spying on them.

I panic as she opens the door and turns on the lights. I had no time to fix myself. I apologize to her and try to leave but she stops me. She puts the cum-smeared washcloth in the sink and presses me up against the wall. She rubs my pussy fiercely as I thrust up and down on her hand. I grip her breasts through her uniform and she leans in to slip her fingers inside me. I am lost in the moment, cumming hard on her fingers, dizzy from my orgasm.

She smiles and is about to walk out. I take her hand and shake my head with a smile. I hope she doesn’t think she will just come in and get us off without her cumming, too. I know nurses are usually caterers to the needs of others, but that’s not my style.

I let her step out of her pants, sit her down on the commode, and spread her legs. I run my fingers gently down her soaking wet lips and hook them inside her. I lean in and swivel my tongue around her clit, then suck it firmly. The instant my lips touch her, she gasps deeply and covers her mouth to keep from moaning. I press my face closer and flick her little bean relentlessly. No pause, no mercy. I finger her hard and fast while sucking her clit until her cute little pussy bursts and throbs on my lips. She grinds her hips up and down, getting every little thump out, and then collapses back.

We get ourselves together and walk out of the bathroom. I see Ben, hard again, jerking his cock on the hospital bed. The nurse giggles and smiles seductively at him. I keep watch at the little window while she takes care of his cock again.

I look around and the hall is full of people. So, I tape some paper over the window and keep my body pressed against the door. Ben has the nurse bent over the bed, fucking her as quietly as he can. She thrusts back onto him to make a loud smacking sound with her ass, and Ben holds her tight. He cums soon, his body shaking over her back.

The nurse quickly goes back into the bathroom, and I help Ben fix the bed again. It absolutely reeks of sex in the little room at this point, so I take out some of my body spray and spurt generously in the air. Although, now it just smells like sex and Amber Romance.

The cute nurse slips us both her number with a wink. I take down the paper off the window and throw it away. Then, I walk swiftly towards the elevator door, pressing the little button hurriedly, exiting as quickly as humanly possible.

I will check on Ben a little later on. As of right now, I was never here.

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