The Step Ladder

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photo: The Life Erotic

She has her arms wrapped tightly around my hips. I’m on tiptoes, balanced precariously on the top rung of the rickety step ladder, the fingertips of one hand trying to gain purchase on the ceiling while my other hand is reaching for the burnt out lightbulb.

“Don’t let go of me,” I tell her.

I pause when I feel the heat of her breath pass across my groin and permeate the thin fabric of my boxers.

“Oh… ” I say.

As her lips lightly graze the flaccid lump nestled inside my shorts, blood rushes through my outstretched body and floods into my core. She presses her soft mouth to me and my cock begins to stir. When she grabs the elastic band with her teeth and tugs down, I place the fingertips of my other hand on the ceiling trying to hold myself steady. My cock, now fully hard and spring-loaded, jumps out and slaps her gently on the side of her head.

She giggles.

“Oh my…” I groan. My boxers drop and pool around my ankles.

I feel the tip of her wet tongue touch me at the point where my cock slopes into my balls. With one smooth motion, she licks all the way up the bottom of my shaft until the head of it rests on her lower lip. A small drop of precum drips into her mouth, slides down her tongue, and slips over the abyss into her throat. I look into her wide hazel eyes just in time to see them sparkling with mirth as she wraps her lips around my cock and engulfs it deep into her warm mouth.

“Oh my god…” I feel the need to exclaim.

Half preoccupied with the effort of keeping my tiring arms up to the ceiling so I don’t fall, I can hardly move as she sucks my cock with loud, wet slurps.

Then she lets go of me entirely and interlaces her fingers behind her back. I’m completely helpless. The only things keeping me from a tumble at this point are my fingertips, just barely maintaining contact with the ceiling, and the powerful suction of her mouth as it slides up and down my shaft.

Eventually she stops with me fully inside her, the head of my cock resting against the back of her throat, her upper lip pressing against my pelvis. She gags for a moment and then relaxes. I try to be as still as possible, as I feel the pent-up tide welling inside me.

“Fuck…” I moan.

When the tip of her tongue smoothly slips out of her mouth and gently strokes the underside of my balls, it’s more than I can handle. She keeps her lips sealed around my pulsing cock as I come in endless spurts down her throat.

After a while, she lets my now softened cock pop out of her mouth. She lifts my boxers back up, wraps her arms back around my hips, and holds me tight once more. Gratefully, I relax my aching arms.

“You should finish changing that lightbulb,” she reminds me, licking a drop of my cum from her lips.

My legs shaking from exertion, I weakly reach for the offending bulb and as my hand brushes it, a flash of light appears momentarily before all goes dark again. Suspiciously, I grasp it with a firm hand and screw it all the way in. I’m rewarded with a bright, steady light that floods the room.

“Hmmm…” she says, batting her eyelashes up at me. “I wonder how that might have happened?”

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