The Punishment

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photo: The Life Erotic

“Stand still.” Mistress’s voice was gentle, but firm.

I fidgeted. Mistress was helping me with my outfit, but I couldn’t be calm. It had been a long, stressful day at work and I had a hard time unwinding. Usually as soon as I set foot in Mistress’s place, all stress falls off me. The worries of the day — of my regular life — fall away and I become a willing slave, completely under Mistress’s command. Not so that night. I was close to finishing a case and I really should’ve stayed at work. I needed my head in the game, but I craved some relief. Well, to be honest, I craved more than some relief. I wanted to be used in a way only Mistress could arrange for me.

Mistress dropped the corset she was trying to fit me into. “Fine then,” she said.

I turned to face her. “Fine what?”

Mistress raised her eyebrows and I knew I was in trouble. My tone had lacked the deference required when I spoke to Mistress and her eyes held the promise of punishment if I didn’t back down. But I didn’t want to back down. Tonight I wanted the punishment. It had been a long time since Mistress had made good use of my talents and I didn’t want her to have any excuse not to give me what I craved.

I straightened up and lifted my chin in defiance. “Why don’t you lace me up?” I asked.

For a moment I wondered if I had gone too far, but then a smile of satisfaction played on Mistress’s face. She reached out and pinched my nipples hard. I yelped in surprise and pain. Mistress leaned over, her face close to mine.

“Do you want to adjust that attitude?”

I knew this was my cue to back out if I didn’t really want my punishment, but I stood my ground. I shook my head.

“Your actions have consequences, you do know that, right?”

I bit my lip and nodded.

She stepped back, her smile wide now. “Very well. It’s about time I took you out. I’m sure my guests will be thrilled with what I’m about to do.” She tilted her head to one side and regarded me. “And I have a feeling so will you.”

I expected her to pick up the corset again, but to my surprise she turned and left the room, leaving me standing in nothing but a flimsy pair of lace panties.

A few minutes later she returned. “Take off your underwear,” she commanded.

I didn’t question her, but slid the delicate fabric down my hips and thighs. I kicked them to the side.

Mistress held up a leather collar. It had a ring on one side and a buckle on the other. “You will wear this tonight,” she said. “You will do exactly as I say. Now come here so I can fit this on you.”

I shivered, but not from cold or fear. I had worn the collar only once and the freedom it gave me was almost overwhelming. When I wore the collar I felt different. I felt like a true slave with no mind of my own, existing only to do the will of my Mistress.

As Mistress buckled the leather around my neck, a calm descended on me. This was what I craved tonight. Whatever happened next I wouldn’t have to worry, or stress, or even think. Mistress would make all the decisions for me. She knew my limits and although she regularly tried to push me further, she never pushed me too far.

Mistress attached a leash to the collar and gave it a sharp tug. I took a step forward, teetering on my high heels.

“Let’s go,” she said.

I took a deep breath. I wanted this, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. My legs shook as I walked behind Mistress. She kept the leash short so I had to walk close to her. We entered the room and immediately all eyes were on us. Mistress pulled me until I stood next to her.

“We’re going to have some fun tonight,” she said. “This slut” — she gave the leash a little tug — “needs to be taught a lesson. So tonight she will service as many of you as she can. Please form an orderly queue. She will be able to take two at a time.”

A buzz ran through the room. I had never serviced more than one man at a time, and even then it was always in a separate room. To be used by all the men in the room — considering the party size I had no doubt Mistress would allow all the men a turn — was not something Mistress had ever allowed for me.

My sex was soaked by the time Mistress had led me to the bed in the middle of the room. It was a special bed with leather cuffs on all four posts. I didn’t need to be told what to do. Under the hungry gaze of the men in the room I crawled onto the bed and lay down. Mistress cuffed my wrists and ankles, ensuring I was comfortable before stepping back.

I was completely exposed. My ankles were drawn back to provide easier access. My cunt ached with need, my juices dripping down onto the sheets below. Everyone would be able to see my desire, which aroused me even more.

Mistress kissed me, her tongue caressing the inside of my mouth. I knew she would be my final reward if I performed according to her standards. I craved her more than I craved the cocks in the room.

“I don’t want to hear a sound,” she whispered in my ear. “Not even a whimper. Do you understand?”

My body flushed with this new challenge. I was always very vocal during sex. Having to remain completely quiet would require my full concentration, making it harder for me to orgasm.

I nodded mutely. I would be quiet at all cost. My reward would be worth it.

Mistress straightened up. She had connected the leash to the bed as well, ensuring I couldn’t lift my head, so I didn’t see the men until they approached the bed. The man at my head pushed his cock roughly into my mouth, making me gag and blocking my vision. Between my legs, another man rubbed his fingers through my slit, coating my sex in my own juices. He positioned his cock at my entrance and paused. I ached to take him deep inside me, but I remained still. Mistress wouldn’t take it well if she saw me take initiative.

The man grabbed my hips and slammed his cock inside me. He was bigger than I expected and I nearly gasped. Remembering Mistress’s warning, I stifled the sound by taking the other man’s cock deeper down my throat.

Unable to use my hands, I wasn’t much of a participant in the ensuing sexual encounters. Men fucked my throat and my cunt, depositing their cum all over my face and my body. Pleasure filled every fibre of my being. The harder the men fucked me, the higher the waves of pleasure bore me. But they never pushed me over the crest, my climax always just out of reach. Mistress must have given them strict instruction not to touch any other part of me, because they avoided my clit and nipples, the very parts which would be sure to make me come. I would have groaned with frustration had it not been for Mistress’s warning.

The ache in my cunt intensified. Cock after cock plunged into me, filling me, stretching me, but despite the ecstasy these men filled me with, my orgasm remained elusive.

And then it was over. The last men sprayed me with their spunk, leaving me sticky with sperm and taut with the need for release. I was near to tears, but I trusted Mistress wasn’t so cruel as to leave me unsatisfied.

My trust was not misplaced. Mistress’s voice rang out: “Ladies, it’s your turn.”

I couldn’t help myself. I gasped. I had never been taken care of by the women in the party. I always assumed it was because Mistress wanted to be the only women who satisfied me, but now she had invited all the women to have their way with me.

There was no orderly queue this time. As soon as Mistress stepped away from the bed the women approached. My vision was limited, but that didn’t matter. I didn’t need to see when I could feel. Hands touched my body; soft, gentle hands. I shivered with need, but I didn’t have to wait long. Someone grabbed my thighs and pushed them further apart. Before I could process what was happening a tongue lapped over my swollen sex. I bit back my moan, but it took all my concentration not to cry out with pleasure as the tongue connected with my clit. Electricity radiated out from my cunt throughout my whole body. I was weightless, as every fibre of my being was filled with unspeakable ecstasy. The relief was overwhelming, but I managed not to cry out. The effort of staying silent forced tears from my eyes, but this did not deter the women. Hands caressed my skin, lips fastened over nipples, fingers spread my cunt so tongues could lap between my pussy lips. Orgasm followed upon orgasm until I was weightless, radiating light from every pore.

Hands unshackled me and Mistress helped me up. I could barely stand, but she supported me. She said something to the crowd and they parted to let us through. I didn’t register any faces. I was floating on a cloud of satisfaction.

Back in her chambers she lay me down in her bed. She stroked my head, telling me how well I had done, how amazing I had looked.

“You rest now, my pet. You will receive your reward in the morning.”

Relaxed and thoroughly sated I closed my eyes. The morning would bring new pleasures, but now I needed to sleep.

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