The Flight

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A Lockwood Story, exclusive to MyErotica

Rurik had thought he could sneak out in the wee hours of the morning with his fancy, first-class plane ticket and beat me to London.

He should have known better.

Known better than to leave his ticket in his wallet for anybody to find… mainly me. Whether it was a rookie mistake or the fumble of an overconfident man, I was the one boarding the flight with a first class seat and he was the one still passed out at the hotel with his phone turned off and the clock turned back five hours, as an extra precaution.

Outside the windows the moonlight illuminated the tarmac. The sun was nowhere to be seen, but if I managed to stay awake during the flight I could catch a sunrise over London. As wantonly desirable as it was, Rurik and I had been going non-stop for nearly three days, so my luxurious first class seat was about to become my luxurious first class nap.

Other sleepy eyes and haggard people filled the terminal and I let my gaze drift across the room over the many different faces. My weekend wasn’t the only insane one, by the looks of it, but playtime was over. It was time for everyone to go back to work. I probably wasn’t the only one who was going to land and have to hit the morning commute.

The thought of it was dreadful and made time tick by that much slower. It felt like an eternity of loud yawns and bawling children before the attendants came over the intercom and made the call for first boarding. As I queued up I couldn’t help the small swell of excitement over getting to board first for once.

When I got up to the counter, however, I realized I must have looked far worse than I thought, because the little blonde woman looked me up and down with a snarky glare and triple checked my ticket before finally allowing me into the sky bridge. Normally I might have made a big deal over it, or at least a medium deal, because a ticket was a ticket no matter how haggard I looked, but I wanted to board that flight without issue, so blondie got a pass and I made a bee-line to my seat.

Luck was on my side, again. It was a window seat towards the back of first class, and as the other passengers boarded very few of them took up the seats around me. One beady little woman with a gray pixie cut took a seat directly across the aisle from me, but that was it.


I settled under my blanket and must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the engines were kicking into gear and the plane was sliding up into the air with a rumble.

The seatbelt lights clicked off and the attendants started making their rounds up and down the aisle. Despite being a light flight and being mostly quiet, the chatter and the noise was starting to rise as everyone settled in. Fussy children, grumpy adults, snoring adults, overworked flight attendants, music players and keyboards tapping. It was the downside to unnaturally superior senses. I could hear them all the way to the back of the plane.

I pulled my bag out from under the seat and dug through for my own music player. It was the only way I could drown them all out. A gift from Rurik.

As I dug through the contents of my bag, however, what I couldn’t find was the player, what I did find was an envelope embossed with the hotel logo where we’d stayed at all weekend.

That little shit.

I ripped it open to find a handwritten note, from Rurik, tucked neatly inside.

My cheeks burned with frustration. He’d gotten me. He’d tricked me, and I fell for it, hook, line and sinker.


Every time I thought I had one over on him, he came out of left field with a Hail Mary and creamed me.


It was well played on his part, but I was too miffed to focus on it as I read the note again.

“It will be considered a rule break resulting in a penalty of my choosing.”

You dickhead, I thought. There were no rules in the game, that was the point of the game. That and the ending.

I dug down into the bottom of my bag and found a black silk pouch. With my luck, it was as likely to be one of those pop-out snakes as it was to be a very gawdy dildo that he most likely expected me to pull out in front of everybody. I carefully opened it up still inside my bag and took out the black box that was inside with a note stuck to the front of it.

I thought about just stuffing it back where it came from and ignoring it until I got home.

“My spies are everywhere.”

I peered around the darkened cabin, eyeballing the passengers and the staff. He could have paid any one of them off. He’d done it before. Not this exactly… but something similar. The little lady across the aisle peered at me from under her reading light and it was more than a little suspicious. I was suddenly all too aware of everyone. It felt like everyone was watching me, covertly. So what could one do?

One could give in to the god-awful curiosity of what was in the box and play along because curiosity killed the cat, and I was the cat, so I did just that.

Everything was dark. Nobody seemingly noticed me slip into the lavatory right behind my seat. I suddenly wondered if that was intentional as well. How long had he been plotting this one? I’d force it out of him once I got my hands on him again. That was a promise to myself, and I had to make sure I didn’t break it because he had a way of making me forget things like that.

I locked the door, ripped open the box and out fell a bundle of lace and strings.


I held them up so I could get a better look at them. They felt heavy for a scrap of fabric. Black lace, strong elastic and seams, a splash of red ribbon twisted in a bow on the back, and no crotch.

Something like this just screamed Rurik, which meant they were most likely custom made.

It would be nice and spiteful to stuff them back from whence they came… but I wanted to wear them. Coupled with the long black skirt I was wearing, it would make for the best easy access once I got my hands on him, and they were custom made. I wouldn’t be surprised if he met me at the London airport. We’d already joined the Mile-High Club, but I don’t think we’d managed to actually do it in the airport, which was a shame because those places were full of all kinds of nooks and crannies to get busy in.


I tucked my own boy short undies into the box and pulled on the new ones. They were definitely custom made because they slid into place like a glove. The open crotch left me feeling exposed and open, but my skirt was long and it wasn’t going anywhere. The drafty feeling was actually quite nice.

Now that that was done, and whoever was spying on me was satisfied, I went back to my seat and got back under the blankets to sleep. There was still over two hours of flight time left. I needed to be alert when we landed. The lady across the aisle was still watching me too…

A shiver ran down my legs, pulling me out of the depths of a deep sleep and what must have been a very steamy dream because my body was clenched tight and heavy and wet. The sensation between my legs had felt so real I nearly orgasmed in my sleep. It wouldn’t be the first time… I peeked out from under the blanket but all was still quiet, it was still dark outside, the weirdo across the aisle was asleep and I suddenly remembered I was wearing crotchless underwear. I moved my leg a fraction of an inch and realized I was in trouble. It felt like a waterfall was about to erupt down there, and I had no memory of what the hell I’d been dreaming of… I wish I did.

I started to pull the blanket off so I could weasel my way out of my seat but the sensation between my legs suddenly exploded. I flinched and had to bite my tongue to stop from yelping out loud, and hold onto the armrests as the vibration hit me hard and fast. I stuck my hand down under the blankets and felt it. Sewn into the panties, right over the sweet spot was a vibrator and it was going full force. The sound of it blended in with the roll of the engines, but it wasn’t turning off. The tension started to build again and I tried to pull it off, but they were too snugly in place, and I couldn’t very well rip off my underwear in the middle of the cabin.

I ripped open my bag and dug down into the bottom, searching for a remote. It couldn’t just turn on by itself, something must have hit a button, but I couldn’t find anything that even looked like it might be a remote. The vibration kicked up a notch and I felt like I was about to scream right then and there. My legs trembled and a tingling sensation shivered its way across my entire body, and it suddenly jolted down to a less intense vibration.

Someone was fucking with me.

I peeked over the seats, all around the cabin. Nothing. Everyone was asleep. The attendants were complaining about somebody from the back of the plane.

I pulled myself out of my seat and had to hold onto anything I could to stay standing up straight long enough to get to the lavatory and lock myself in. As soon as I did the vibration stopped, and I was left gripping the sink, relieved it had stopped even while my body screamed for more. Much more. But I couldn’t very well sit there being teased by somebody I didn’t even know. I pulled them off and stuffed them in my pocket and tried to clean up as best I could.

The man was a menace.

As soon as I unlocked the door it was pushed open from the outside and a man shoved his way inside and closed it. It was so sudden and so cramped, it took me a moment to realize that it was Rurik, with a massive shit-eating grin on his face.

He pushed me back up against the sink and clamped a hand over my mouth, because I was about to scream at him, and he knew it. Stuck in the tiny space I could only smack him on the chest again and again in frustration until he replaced his hand with his mouth and lifted me up, hooking his arms under my legs and perching me on the edge of the tiny sink and pushing himself against me.

“Surprise,” he said. “I win, thief.”

I dug my fingers into his hair and forced his head back down to mine. I could be mad at him later. He pulled my skirt out of the way and slammed himself into me, deep and hard in one solid stroke.

I hadn’t even heard him undo his pants.

He ground himself against me and slid his fingers beneath my skirt, across my bare skin, breathing hard. I could feel him trembling with the effort to hold back and not start pounding away like I wanted. Like he wanted.

“What’s this,” he panted. “You’re not wearing my present. Didn’t you read my note?”

“Oh fuck your note,” I said. I grasped his shoulders because that was all I had to hold onto. He was holding all of my weight, perched on the tiny ledge. He gripped my hips tighter in his hands and leaned forward, forcing my legs further up his arms.

“This means a penalty,” he said.

I dug my fingers into his skin. “Does that mean you’re going to leave us both unfinished?” I asked. “That’s not like you.”

The plane hit a shudder of turbulence and small movements of being rubbed against his body nearly put me over the edge, and when it didn’t it just made it all worse.

He kissed me again, his tongue swirling as deep as his cock until he started to slide out of me, slow and agonizing until he slipped out entirely. I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck and tried to pull him back, but he wasn’t having it. He just rubbed himself against me, sliding up, and then down, slow and wet.

“We don’t have much time before someone finds us in here,” I said.

“We have plenty of time,” he said. “And you didn’t follow the rules.”

I took a fist full of hair and pulled his hair back. “And what are you going to do about it? We’re confined to this two-by-two box thirty thousand feet in the air.”

I leaned up as far as I could and rubbed my cheeks along his until I could nip his ear, his neck, his jaw. I left little marks on his skin and he kept sliding himself against me without actually entering again. It was cruel. Criminal, even.

“I think it’s time to join The Club,” he said.

“We already joined the club,” I said.

“The other club,” he drawled out, and this time he slid himself down until he was pressed hard against my ass. Oh, that club. He met resistance, I could feel it, but as soon as he pushed through it I felt my body open up and he slid all the way home and that painful lust that had been building finally burst over me. I was pulsing hard against him, my body tightening, gripping and shuddering with pleasure mixed with the tiniest tremor of pain, but that somehow only made it better.

I pounded his shoulder with my fist because it was either that or start screaming, because it may have been the shortest ride we’d had in a while, but it was the best, because my body wouldn’t stop. He plunged himself deep and would draw himself out, slowly, almost to the end before slamming home again, and again. My vision felt blurry and spotty, and all I could do was feel. I wasn’t even aware of him holding me up completely until he slid deep one last time and I felt him explode. I clamped my hand down over his mouth to muffle his groans as he jerked against me and his body slowly relaxed.

I didn’t want to stop.

Penalties were great.

“Well,” he said. “I guess we get to go to London together.” He slowly let me down until I was almost standing by myself and he dug his fingers into my bum even while he tried to fix himself up in the tiny space. “Good thing I have two first-class tickets,” he finished, zipping his pants. “Economy is the absolute worst. There’s a kid that keeps picking his nose and staring at me.”

I snorted. I couldn’t help it. To go from mind-blowing sex over the sink to that bullshit. I would never understand his mind. Ever.

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and sort of pushed my clothes back into place.

“Wait two minutes then come out,” he said and was out of the door faster than I could register it.

I was supposed to be the young spritely one, and he the older haggard one.

I twisted the lock back into place and tried to get myself cleaned up properly and get my breath back.

Nothing had gone to plan.

Everything had gone right, though.

I finally opened up the door to find the little weird lady standing there with angry, judgmental little eyes shining out from under her badly cut bangs.

Maybe not everything had gone well today…

JLRose is an American fantasy writer, 3D artist and game designer living in Melbourne, Australia. She’s spent the past three years working on the first full-length book of The Galean Universe and has released the first short story of The Lockwood Series.

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