Bound And Fucked Like A Good Girl

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photo: The Life Erotic

Do what you please while I’m bound for your needs

The bed underneath me creaks as I shift my weight. Metal handcuffs dig into the delicate flesh of my tiny wrists. The blindfold on my face obstructs my view in an unending darkness. There’s a small peek of light where the bridge of my nose is. I can see him coming in close to kiss me, thanks to that small opening. He won’t be kissing me this time with the ball gag fastened around my lips.

My jaw aches around the ball in my mouth. The muscles strain and stretch over black plastic. My tongue flicks against it absentmindedly. The smooth surface greets my tongue. He runs his lubed finger over my asshole. My back arches into his body. I’m like a cat looking to be stroked again.

I did this to myself. We had a wager where the loser would be restrained and played with. I wanted him willingly in handcuffs for the first time. He wanted me to put on a ball gag and wait for him to get to my apartment. I sat earlier in perpetual apprehension until he walked through the open door.

My ass stings from him paddling it earlier. I feel him lubing my asshole liberally. The scent of pomegranate assaults my senses. I tilt my head to the side and take a deep breath through my nose. There’s a part of me which tells me to relax into everything he’s doing to me. And another part of me that wants to fight back just because I can.

He shoves the cold metal of my fox anal plug inside my ass. I squirm at its slow trek inside me. The fullness turns me on and leaves me squeezing my thighs together. Wetness threatens to drip down my inner thighs.

He’s a maestro orchestrating a sexual symphony. I’m flipped onto my back. The metal plug forces deeper within me. My weight presses it further inside and I grunt. He pries my legs fully splayed out. My hips open as he slides me so that I’m completely spread wide. His tongue laps at my clit. I groan and desperately want to grab his hair. I want to force his face as deep against my clit as possible.

His finger enters me as he keeps licking at my clit. It moves at that steady, building pace. I moan into the ball gag. Every noise I make is muffled by the plastic in my mouth. I try to writhe against him. The handcuffs restraining me behind my back make it impossible to do anything.

My orgasm builds up like white heat deep within my abdomen. I try to pump my lower half into his face. My thighs start twitching around his head. I always make a little jump as my body preps to squirt. Like a woman looking for resurrection through my own orgasm.

Cum for me, give me all of it. Don’t stop until I’m drenched,” he growls.

The liquid spurts from my body. He makes little noises of appreciation. I can feel him lapping up every bit of my juices. I squirm underneath him and he keeps finger-fucking me. Another orgasm builds upon the first. I’m begging for him to stop. There’s always a part of me that wants him to relent after that first orgasm. My words are swallowed up by the gag.

He slows to a stop. I whimper into the object in my mouth. His lips dance against my sweaty skin. I wish I could see his face right now. His kisses play against my sensitive rib cage. I try to twist away from him, knowing what he’s got planned for me.

His body weight pins me down. His mouth sucks the sensitive skin. The feel of him grazing me with his teeth gets me to yelp. I writhe and twist like a woman possessed. A part of me tells myself to give into it and him. I still underneath him as he tattoos my skin with his teeth and tongue. I part my legs as a silent plea for him to take me.

“What is this? Spreading your legs for me? Do you want me to fill you?”

I moan into the ball gag. He chuckles and dips a finger into my pussy. It is still wet from my gushing orgasm. I nod my head sideways against the mattress. He pushes me further back. My arms are useless behind my back. His weight hovers above my body.

I wonder how I look in this moment. Wanton, wet, sweaty and wild with desire for him to just have me. How my breasts are pushed up with my arms handcuffed behind my back. The way my mouth hugs the ball gag and the blindfold covers my eyes. He kisses my collarbone. I can smell him all around me. He’s changed his cologne and it’s something with a sharper scent to it.

“You want to fuck me with your mouth gagged?” he asks me in my ear.

I moan in response. I try to lean into his unending heat. His lips plant light kisses on my neck. The feel of his dick at the entrance of my pussy feels like a sort of home. I expect him to plunge it into me with ferocity.

Instead he slowly pushes inside me. I’m even tighter than usual with the anal plug still planted within my ass. He groans as I hug and devour every inch of his length.

“You’re always so tight. Such a perfect fit for me. Such a willing, wet pussy,” he whispers in my ear.

I moan in response. I try to grind myself deeper onto his dick. He holds me down and keeps pumping into me. The sounds I keep making are muffled by the ball gag. He grabs a hold of my hair and pulls it slightly. His tongue flicks inside my ear as his thrusting increases.

I feel his hand pop open the strap for the gag. I take a gulp of air as it comes out of my mouth. My jaw muscles ache from having my mouth pried open around the ball. His lips possess mine in an all-consuming kiss. Like he can own every inch of my mouth and tongue. I willingly give it to him. He pulls my face closer by my hair to crush my lips.

“Fuck me, fuck me like you want to and need to,” I gasp out the words.

He pummels into me with a mission. My orgasm builds within my lower abdomen. That intense pressure looking to be released again. My fingers lose feeling and my shoulders ache with being restrained. I keep kissing him like we can find the meaning of life in each other’s mouth.

The force of my orgasm threatens to push him inside me. I spurt around the edges of his dick and he growls with the feel of it. His pushing inside me becomes an animalistic fucking. I hear his voice raise and groan. That beautiful, quintessential sound of him giving in. He pumps his white hot cum deeper and deeper within me. Like he plans for me to leak out his juices for days afterwards.

He keeps thrusting even after his dick starts to soften. My pussy keeps it trapped inside and milks it for everything he has. The blindfold barely staying on my face is ripped off. I see his brown eyes admiring the view underneath him. He’s a sweaty, gorgeous mess of a man in this moment.

“We should make wagers more often,” he says.

I wiggle myself deeper against him. He pulls me in closer. His breath tickles the sweaty skin of my neck. I rub my cheek against him. My breath comes out in tiny pants. I’m never quite sure what my grin looks like after sex. Only that I must look like a conspiring minx barely satiated.

“Mmm, I do agree. To the victor goes the spoils, right?”

“I would have your spoils each and every time. Always.”

I can’t help but smile at his words. Our lips kiss again with a tenderness I crave. He brushes away the stray strands of hair matting on my cheeks. His cum fills me until I’m overflowing with it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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