Here Comes Trouble…

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She has one hand over my mouth to stifle my moans, the other shoved in my panties. I watch our reflection in the mirror, fascinated by the change that comes over her face, the playful sparkle in her eyes turning to pure devilment as she churns her fingers around in my creamed-up pussy. The feel of her soft breasts pressing against my back is so arousing, the exotic scent of her perfume making me dizzy with pleasure as she adds another finger, grinding the ridge of her thumb against my clit until I cum so hard my legs threaten to give way. I bite down on her hand, making her squeal.

Trust Jodie to turn a civilized mid-week double dinner date into an excuse for sticky Sapphic sex in the ladies’ room.

Trust me not to be able to resist…

Last time Jodie and I played together, she had a steady boyfriend, not that it seemed to moderate her bad behavior much. Now she’s playing the field again; and her mild-mannered date for the night looks shell-shocked, not sure if he’s hit the jackpot or found himself trapped in a reality TV show. He keeps glancing around the restaurant nervously, as if checking for hidden cameras.

I’ve brought my best friend and favorite fuckbuddy Tony, who can be trusted to behave impeccably in any situation.

“Here comes trouble,” he whispers to me as Jodie sashays into the restaurant on her date’s arm, dressed utterly inappropriately in a skintight glittery dress that barely covers her crotch — no panties, of course — and threatens to let her big boobs spill out at any moment.

She’s in a party mood, flirting with the spellbound maître d’, the waiters, Tony, her date… but mostly with me. Her blatant eye-fucking and saucy comments must leave her poor date in no doubt that she and I know each other very well indeed.

I should be mad at her, but she’s so much fun… and damn, she looks gorgeous, with her beautiful dark eyes, and luscious lips. I drift off for a moment, remembering how those lips felt wrapped around my nipple… stop it, Rose! I warn myself.

And then she’s dragging me off to the ladies’ room, pulling me in front of the mirror with her.

“Look how hot we are together,” she says, pouting sexily at her reflection. It’s true — blonde and dark, sunny and sultry, we make an alluring picture.

Her lips find mine for a sweet, juicy kiss; she tastes of champagne and strawberries and mischief. They wander down to my neck, sucking a bruise on the spot that makes me shudder with pleasure as she moves behind me, arm around my waist to pull me tight against her voluptuous body. She’s near enough naked in that dress, and as she grinds on me, her hand sliding between my thighs like a heat-seeking missile, her breasts break free from the top of it, nipples hard as diamonds against my bare skin.

I’d turn to kiss her again but she has me held tight, so I just surrender and let her do what she wants to me, leaning back against her as she rubs me through my panties until they’re wet with my excitement. She thrusts her hand inside them and finds my creamy groove with her fingertips. Her other hand has been squeezing my tits, flicking at my nipples, but now she clamps it over my mouth. I can’t help moaning into it as she teases me, stroking her finger over my clit delicately, making me rock against it to chase the sensation.

I’m too turned on to stop now, even though we could get caught at any moment, even though our dates are sitting patiently at the table, wondering what’s taking us so long (or in Tony’s case, speculating wildly as to what we’re doing). All I can think about is the insistent throb at my G-spot, begging to be satisfied. I rub myself harder against Jodie’s fingertip, urging her to fuck me with it.

“Slut!” she hisses in my ear as she plunges two fingers right inside me, the sudden penetration giving me a spike of pleasure that makes me buck against her hand.

It’s followed by another, and then another, as she finger-bangs me steadily, massaging my sweet spot with each stroke, building the heat and pressure to a crescendo. When her fingers are so slick with my goo that they make an obscene sucking noise each time she shoves them into me, she crams in a third, stretching and filling me, knuckles rubbing my sensitized flesh. She twists them around, hammering my G-spot like a trigger, and then I’m cumming, shaking apart, teeth sunk into her hand.

She laughs at my cum-drunk expression, easing her fingers out of me and licking them clean. My eyes are fixed on her little pink tongue as it laps my cream from her hand, and I vividly recall how it feels to have that tongue swiping over my pussy…

But there’s no time for that now.

“Our dates will be waiting,” I say, checking my reflection in the mirror, noting the high flush in my cheeks that gives the game away.

“Let ’em wait,” Jodie says, hitching her dress the rest of the way up so I can see her pussy glistening with wetness. I don’t bother to protest, rightly judging that it will be quicker to get her off than to have a conversation about it. Bending her over the vanity with a slap that makes her ass jiggle, I crouch behind her and stick my tongue in her creamy cunt, no foreplay required. I reach around to pinch and rub her clit as I eat her ferociously, not letting her surf the waves of sensation but submerging her in them until she cums with a rising chorus of shrieks.

“Better get out of here before they send for security,” I say, gratified to see she looks as flustered as I do now.

We attract some curious looks as we return to our table to find Jodie’s date wittering on about cricket and Tony looking bored shitless. He studies me appraisingly.

“I can smell her perfume on you,” he murmurs, as he leans in to refill my glass. “I can smell her pussy on you,” he adds, nuzzling my cheek, swiping his tongue over my lips to taste.

He takes my hand and guides it under the table to his crotch, so I can feel his erection. A stab of lust skewers me. I push my plate away untouched.

“That’s not helping, Tony…” I sigh.

“What would help?” he muses. “Oh, I know…” With a wink, he rises from his seat and heads toward the restrooms. I wait for like, five seconds before following him. He’s waiting for me in the small foyer; without a moment’s hesitation he hustles me into the ladies’ room — thankfully still empty — and pushes me against the door.

“Has that crazy girl got you all warmed up for me?” he growls in my ear as he presses against me. He already knows the answer is yes as he unzips his pants, tugs my damp panties aside, lifts one of my legs up around his hip and thrusts his rigid cock into me, all in one smooth movement. The hardness of it against my tender, orgasm-sensitized flesh makes me gasp. It’s everything I need in this moment, my pussy hugging it like velvet as it cleaves me, stoking a fire that had barely begun to die down.

He slams into me vigorously, the door rattling in its frame as our bodies thud against it; and for the second time in the past half hour I have a hand pressed over my mouth as an orgasm flares at my core and radiates through my limbs, making me shudder and convulse, my hot cunt clutching spasmodically at his driving dick.

He slows his pace as my shaking gradually subsides, although I can see it costs him an effort to do so. Ever the gentleman, he’s not going to fill my pussy with his cum in a public restroom. I crouch to lick his juice-slick shaft, and then take it in my mouth, sucking and jerking it firmly. I’d love to draw it out and lose myself in my favorite pastime, but I also don’t want to get caught, so I concentrate on getting him to blow his load quickly. I take his cock all the way to the root and swallow around it, the hard suction pushing him over the edge. With a strangled groan, he pulls out a little way so as not to choke me as his jizz spurts into my mouth. I gulp down every drop, his delicious flavor reviving my appetite.

When we get back to our table, Jodie and her date are gone.

“I guess she’s taken him home to fuck him,” I say.

“Poor guy won’t know what’s hit him now you’ve got her all revved up,” Tony grins. “And she’s not the only one. How about a nightcap at my place? The night is still young…”

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