Thanks for the Memories

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I’m standing in front of apartment 4F; my heart pounds loudly. My cock stands at attention. When she opens the door, I have to cover my junk with my backpack to hide a massive erection. Karen. More beautiful than I remember and hotter than ever.

“Tommy! My little helper is here!” she says, throwing her arms around me. Gosh, I hate that she just called me that. I’m not a dorky freshman anymore. Not by a long shot.

Ten years ago, I was a clueless freshman at the University of Miami, attending his very first college party. It took place at a rowdy frat house, and I was entirely out of my element, desperate to go back to my dorm so I could get online and play videogames.

That was until I saw Karen come through the door. She was perfection. It was as if one of the Elvish warrior women of my games walked out of the screen and into my life — tight ass, huge tits, hard nipples that could be made out through her flowy top. I gawked at her for a long time. Then a miracle happened: a girl from my Dungeons and Dragons club sat next to me, pointed to Karen, and told me that she was a grad student looking for undergrads to assist in her research project. The next Monday morning, I signed up to serve the Elvish Goddess.

I was obsessed. My desire to please Karen was so intense that I excelled in my duties. As a reward, I got to spend many nights in the library, sitting in front of her, fighting to stay focused on the work as her delicious breasts threatened to spill out of her tight tank top. Every night I would go back to my dorm and jerk off, imagining that I got to cover those plump tits with my cum. That semester was the best and worst time of my life. Then Karen graduated and moved away.

And now, in the most fantastic twist of fate, she has an apartment in New York City and rents a room to business travelers to help with her expenses. That is where I will be staying for a week.

“Look at you, Mister I’m a grown-up now, you are looking damn fine, you filled out nicely,” she says, running her hands from my shoulders to my arms and her eyes from my face to my groin. Did she bite her lip? Girl’s checking me out. Fuck, yeah. This may actually happen. “Come in; you must be tired.”

It’s midnight, and I’m sure she agreed to receive a guest so late because she knew me. She’s wearing a tight little dress and barefoot, probably came home not long ago. My cock is going to explode inside my jeans. When I put down my bag and backpack, I try to turn to the side, but Karen is not fooled. She walks to stand next to me and looks down at the pulsing tent in my pants.

“Do you need help with that?” she whispers in my ear, her hand in mine. I pull it to rest over the hardness. To my delight, she gives a soft squeeze. “Show me how much things have changed,” Karen says suggestively.

“Why don’t you find out on your own?” I ask, undoing the button of my fly.

Fuck, what a marvelous view: Karen, the Elvish Goddess, on her knees, my cock in her mouth, plump tits trying to escape the tight dress, hair moving as her head bobs back and forth. In, out, in, out.

“Should I stop so you can fuck me?”

“I have more than one load for you babe, I’ve been waiting years for this,” I say, guiding her by the hair back to the excellent job she’s doing with that warm slurpy mouth. Her face is so smug I give her a little push. She takes it as a challenge and holy shit she takes the whole cock down that velvet throat. I offer a litany of curses and spill a thick stream of hot seed. When she swallows it, I get one last squeeze. Fuck. So good.

Karen stands up and gives me a challenging eyebrow.

“No worries, sweetie, I’m going to get you all warmed up while the gun recharges,” I assure her.

She smiles. Her hands reach behind her back, fiddling with her zipper.

‘Allow me,” I offer, taking a seat on the bed.

She obliges, turning around and looking at me over her shoulder, smirking. Temptress. I sit up and slowly pull the zipper down, all the way to the place where her lower back turns into the delicious curve of her arse. I reach for the straps of the dress and lower them down her shoulders until they slip down her arms. I kiss my way down from her shoulder blades to her lower back, pull the dress down her hips, and it falls to the floor.

In front of me is the most enticing thing I’ve seen in my life: she is wearing a thong, only a string of pearls framing her bare cheeks. I turn her around and follow the pearl strings to the front, where they hold a small triangle of white lace that is so wet it looks like it may dissolve. I run my thumb over it, and she takes a sharp breath. I trace slow circles until my finger is soaked, and I reach to put it to her lips. She sucks it greedily, and I pull it off her mouth to rub it over the hardening nipples that stand in front of me. She laces her fingers in my hair and guides my face to them. I suck hard. She likes it. In a heartbeat, I’m ready to go again. Karen takes notice. We switch places. She lies on the bed and spreads her legs.

“Pull the thong aside, but leave it on so I can feel it in my ass when you fuck me.”

Holy fucking shit, she is perfection. I ram my cock inside her and pound hard, loving how loud and dirty her mouth gets. I tug at the thong, so the pearls give her ass a hard massage.

“I’m coming! Fuck, I’m coming, harder, harder,” my beautiful warrior princess screams, and I give her what she wants until her wet hot walls clench around my dick and carry me to nirvana with her. I pull out to shoot my load on those magnificent tits, just like I have done in my jerk-off dreams.

“I take you have thought about this?” Karen teases me when I flop next to her.

“Yes. A lot. And we are not even close to being done.”

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