Valentines With Dark Hair

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photo by: Razi Aslam

Part two: Bound

Ideas began to form in my mind about what I wanted to do to him. I wanted him bound, so that he was my prisoner. I walked over to the nightstand and disconnected the telephone cable coming from the wall. Luckily it was of good length, plenty to tie his hands behind his back. The room was furnished with a small table and two chairs. I ordered him to sit down in one of the chairs and I tied his hands tightly. I knelt before him and started to kiss his cock all over, getting it hard once again.

I decided, quite whimsically, that he was not nearly bound enough for my liking, so I concluded that I would need to go out and get more telephone cable. I began to dress and he looked at me like a sad dog, wondering what I was planning.

“I have to run out, but I’ll be back soon,” I said.

He said nothing. He knew that words would not help his situation.

I bent down and gave him a long wet kiss.

“Hang on,” I said. “I’ll be right back.” I ran my fingers through his dark hair and gave it a bit of a yank. I can only imagine how fast his heart must’ve been beating! I know mine was. I thought it wise to gag him just in case he decided to call out. So I found his bikini briefs and stuck them in his mouth.

On the drive to a local electronics store, I grinned about leaving him there, wondering when I would return — if I would return! I believed he trusted me but there was always that element of doubt. I know I had it, about most things, where I really couldn’t ever be completely comfortable in any situation. Being of service to Mrs. Bladedigger helped, but here I was alone with a man for the first time and I hoped I wasn’t wrong doing what I was doing.

Although he was appropriately silent, due perhaps to the sheer awe of our encounter thus far and possible recollections of our past history, I wanted his words. I wanted to lie next to him and have him tell me I had done well and that he…loved me. Yes, I wanted to hear him say the words. I began to feel tears coming on, but I quickly regained my composure, focusing on the task at hand.

I selected a Monster Cable, 100 foot long 24 gauge 4 conductor wire, which came out to $27.16, and would do nicely for my purposes. I made the purchase with a smile on my face. If the checkout girl only knew what I was going to use it for!

Arriving back at the hotel, I was anxious to get back to our previous activities. Up until now, I was so busy working my schemes that I hadn’t even thought of having an orgasm. I was focused on pleasuring him. But I would have to come, and soon. I decided that he needed to make me come in his beautiful mouth.

Walking through the door, I found him in the same position I’d left him in. His big eyes greeted me. He didn’t even grunt. I wondered if he had ever been treated this way before, being so obedient. I removed the gag and he let out a noisy exhale.

“That’s right, I’m home,” I said.

Removing the telephone cable from the bag, I saw his eyes grow even larger. I untied him from the chair and had him stand up straight. Then I began to wrap him from his neck all the way down to his feet with the wire. I tied him tightly so he could barely flex any of his joints. The cable was strong enough to do the job. His muscles bulged under the pressure of the wire. I pushed him down on the bed and he fell like a wooden plank. The wire held.

I was careful to tie the wire around his package so the balls and cock were free. I dropped my pants and removed my shirt and lay down next to him. I kissed him again, long and wet. I grabbed his stiffening cock with my right hand and stroked it. He moaned and sighed as I brought him so close to orgasm he started to drip heavily, but I stopped just before he went over the edge.

Then I knelt at the side of his head and dangled my hard cock in front of his face. He kissed the head before he started to lick it with circular tongue motions. I don’t cuss often, but I let out a slow fuuuuck as he teased me. Teased me, even though he was completely bound!

“Let me have your whole mouth,” I said and began gently thrusting my hips so that he could take me all the way. I was careful not to hit his gag reflex if he had one, so I only went down about three-quarters of the way on my shaft. His tongue worked miracles and I finally came in his mouth, dripping everywhere as I pulled my cock out for the last time.

He was stiff and crazed by this point, so I decided to finish him off in my mouth. He tasted so good! He let out a tremendous grunt before he filled my mouth with his come.

I was thrilled beyond recollection. When had I ever felt so close to another person? I couldn’t recall. I felt the heartache I had felt before because I was so worried that it wasn’t real and wouldn’t last. Where would we go? Where could we go from here?

“I want to be your man,” I said, quite astonished that I had found any words at all at that moment.

“You are,” he said, “now untie me please and let me hold you.”

I quickly undid the wire and his body was scarred from his neck to his ankles with cable marks. I wondered what I was thinking, torturing him like that. But he didn’t complain, although he was in obvious discomfort.

We embraced and started kissing, kissing madly.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too!” I beamed. To hear those words, to finally hear them coming from someone I deeply admired, I felt like it had cured my sick soul. At that moment I felt safe, safe in the arms of a man. He’d undoubtedly write beautiful songs about me.

Then, my heart again filled with dread. Would he always love me? Would I always love him? What would Mrs. Bladedigger say when she found out?

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