Fifteen Years Faithful

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Why did she cheat on him now?

Darius was devastated when he discovered the affair. It came out the usual way — a text message, which led him to look on her laptop, and there he discovered emails that had been exchanged. Thanks a lot, digital world. You have now made it impossible for cheaters to get away with it.

But why, Darius wondered, did Lorena cheat on him now, after all this time?And now they had two kids together. And now they had become so close in this project of building a life together. He thought she was the very twin of his soul, but she turned out to be a cheat.

The first week was the worst. He confronted her, didn’t give her a chance to explain, and told her to get out of his house. The kids started screaming. But Lorena could see from the look in Darius’s eye that he wasn’t kidding around. If she didn’t get out of there fast, something bad was going to happen.

The kids were desperate for that week. “When’s Mommy coming back?”

Darius didn’t know. He had blocked her so there was no way for her to communicate with him. He had no idea where she had gone. He didn’t care if he ever saw her again. She was dead to him.

Then after the first week, the strangest thing happened. He finally began piecing together the info he had gotten from the emails and the texts, and he started playing out a little scene in his head.

From the texts, he knew that she had slept with this guy Randy from her work, only once. While they were away together at that convention.

And since the infidelity, she had been desperate to cut off communication with him, because, as he had told her in the emails, he had developed very strong feelings for her. But she did not want to “jeopardize” her marriage.

Jeopardize! Ha. She had done more than that, thought Darius. She had blown the thing to smithereens.

And yet, as his mind kept piecing together this information, despite his soul’s determination to block her out forever, he began feeling the strangest sensation. At the edges of his jealousy and his sense of betrayal — there it was. It was unmistakable. It was arousal.

This is exactly how many cuckolds are born. They get cheated on. They get angry about it. And then, out of the blue, they get extremely turned on. More turned on than they have ever been in their lives.

They feel completely consumed by the sexual arousal, and unfortunately, can think of very little else.

What Darius did then was unforgivable, of course, but he didn’t really realize he was doing it. His conscious mind told him that he was just trying to learn how to forgive his wife. But his unconscious mind was tricking him. What his unconscious mind was doing was trying to get her to reveal every single detail of every single moment of the infidelity, so that he could consume it…and later, masturbate himself into a frenzy thinking about it, and cum like he had never cum before.

“Tell me everything, if you want to come back,” he said to her when they finally met, on neutral ground, in a Starbucks near where she was staying with her sister. “How did it happen?”

Well, Darius knew how it happened, from the emails, but he wanted to hear it from her. This was cruel, but it sent a fistful of flames through his chest as she began telling of the night…the fateful night.

Oh how many times he made her go over that night. First in that coffee shop, she laid out the basic facts. This was like one of the early sketches by a great painter that you can sometimes see in an art book, across the page from the finished masterpiece. It had the shape, but none of the color.

“I finally gave in,” she said. “We were at the bar in the convention in Ventura, and I guess I got a little tipsy. And Randy was flirting with me as usual. Suddenly we were making out.”

All that time, of course, Darius had been home taking care of the children, while she was away for the four day convention. This was the third night. They ended up in Randy’s hotel room.

“I was away…it didn’t seem real…I don’t know why I went to his room. But…Darius, I did and I’m sorry.”

The next part of the sketch was hard for Darius to fill in. It took several weeks of insistent interrogation, because she only wanted to give up certain details. Lorena was exceedingly modest. It embarrassed her to talk about sex.

“So what happened,” demanded Darius. “He brought you to his hotel room and what exactly?”

“He told me how attracted he was to me and how much he wanted to…you know…”

“No, I don’t know. Tell me.”

“He told me he wanted me, and I said, I can’t have sex with you, but I can give you a hand job.”

“Where were you, sitting on the bed together? What were you wearing?”

Now they were getting to the good part. And Darius was especially ashamed of this. He made her re-enact it. They sat on the bed together. She re-enacted everything. From the part where she agreed to give him a hand job. It was just going to be a hand job. He took his clothes off and she started jerking him off. But while he was being jerked off, he put a hand up her skirt. Soon her skirt was off. He was fingering her.

They re-enacted all this. Several times. Darius was in heaven. Lorena still didn’t expect anything. It was uncomfortable for her to re-enact her infidelity over and over with Darius, but if that’s what he felt he needed, she felt she owed it to him.

This was Darius’s favorite detail to re-enact.

They had their clothes off, but Lorena still didn’t want to fuck. She just wanted to jerk Randy off. He was fingering her. Then he started using his cock against her clit.

Lorena thought he was just going to use his cock the same way he had been using his hand, on her clit, to make her cum. She was about to cum, she said, when suddenly, he was inside her.

Then all bets were off, she said. She lay back and let him fuck her. She surrendered to it. And it was good. Yes, it was good, to have sex with another man, without all the baggage of marriage and relationship and all that day in day out shit. It was just pure sex.

It was good.

Darius loved re-enacting this part, when she lay back on the bed and let him pound her.

She told him that Randy did something with his pelvis, a final grind up against her that Darius had never done, and she liked it, it gave her clit more stimulation.

Darius loved re-enacting that with her.

And Randy made her cum, Lorena told him. Three times. And Darius made her show him that, how she came three times, what noises she made, and how she arched her back, et cetera.

After a few weeks of interrogations and re-enactments, though, of course Lorena wised up.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “I see what you’re doing.”

“What are you talking about,” Darius lied. “I’m just trying to understand what happened. It’s my right. I’m your husband. You have to tell me everything!”

“I have told you everything,” Lorena yelled at him. “Many times. And I’ve shown you. I’ve shown you exactly what I did. How many more times do I have to show you!”

“I don’t know, as many as it takes,” said Darius.

She glared at him.

“You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?” she spat.

Darius was silent. He looked at her. He finally confessed.

“Yes,” he said. “I like it.”

“What do you mean, you like it?”

“I like that you fucked Randy,” Darius said, his head hanging low. “I”m a cuckold. You are right to have cheated on me. I’m not man enough for you. Believe me, I understand, and I don’t blame you. Randy is twice the man I am.”

It was true, Randy worked out at the gym and had big muscles. Darius had a big paunch and skinny little arms. He was like a potato and Darius was like a beautiful fennel plant. Have you ever seen a fennel? It is tight and toned and glorious. Like Randy.

“I’m glad you fucked him,” said Darius. “I masturbate about it every day. Ten times a day. I cum like I’ve never cum before. Every time I cum more. It hits the ceiling. I love that you cheated on me.”

Lorena looked disgusted.

“That’s gross,” she said. “Really gross.”

“I know,” said Randy. “But it’s the truth.”

They were silent for a while. Randy thought she might start bawling. There had been a lot of tears these past weeks. A few tears did leak out of both their eyes. But they saw a way forward now. At least there was a path.

Lorena took his hand.

“Do you want me to cheat on you again?” she asked.

He turned to her urgently, overjoyed.

“Yes, yes,” he cried. “Oh God yes! That’s exactly what I want!”

“Do you want to watch?”

“Oh God yes,” Darius said. “I would kill to watch you get fucked. I would do anything.”

“Alright,” she said, squeezing his hand. “Let’s make it happen.”

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