Strip Poker

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What happens when the panties come off?

It was late on a Saturday night at the Big House dive bar in San Diego. My friend Matt was stocking the beer cooler while I counted our tips. As the closing bartenders, we were always the last ones out. He rolled up his sleeves and lifted several heavy cases onto the bar with ease. Even after a slamming shift full of rowdy college kids he still had the chill attitude of a surfer with his long curly hair and tanned body.

“How’d we do, Mama?”

I banded up a pack of ones and plugged numbers into the calculator. “Looks like $512 apiece.”

“Damn Maggie, you should wear those boots more often!”

I laughed, “Yeah, I’m glad I bought them, but my feet are killing me.”

“Or maybe it was the leather mini skirt?” He winked and blew me a kiss.

I loved that about him; even though I was the oldest bartender at the Big House, he always made me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet.

He whistled a tune and bent back into the cooler as I handed him some bottles. Standing so close to him, I could smell his coconut skin and wondered what he tasted like. I looked away and tried to think about something else.

We’d been bartending together for two years and always kept things professional. We made a good team as we flirted with each other and worked the customers for tips. No sense messing up a good thing. Besides, I was 43 years old to his 29, and I saw the leggy young blondes he randomly dated.

“Hey, are you coming over tonight? Ted’s throwing some steaks on the grill and we might get a good poker game going.”

“You got anything to drink?”

He grabbed a bottle of Grand Marnier and some Patrón tequila. “Salty Margaritas?”

“You know the way to my heart.” I grabbed my backpack and jangled my keys.

“Wanna ride with me?”

“Sure, you can sleep in the guest room and I’ll grab my car tomorrow.”

We locked up and walked out to my convertible. We didn’t talk much on the ride to his townhouse in Pacific Beach as the starry sky spun overhead. It had been a crazy shift and we were both grateful for the whirr of the clean summer air through our hair.

As we pulled into the garage the smell of hickory wood smoke and BBQ made my stomach growl; I was starving. We walked to the back yard where Ted was already plating the shrimp, steaks, and corn on the cob. He looked equally delicious with his spiky hair and brilliant blue eyes.

I ran up to give him a hug. “I love you! I haven’t eaten all day!”

“Missed ya babycakes! How was work?”

“We got our asses handed to us, but we made bank.”

Matt and I mixed up a pitcher of golden margaritas and poured them into our favorite coffee mugs. We clunked them together in our usual toast.

“Here’s to amateur drinkers and big tippers.”

“Okay, let’s dig in.” We sat at the picnic table to talk about our week and munch on Ted’s special BBQ recipes. He owned a successful tech startup but his true passion was cooking for his friends and family.

After we cleaned up, Ted shuffled the cards, and I relaxed as the tequila hit my bloodstream. It had been a long week of work, kid’s stuff, and classes at the local college. Saturday night after my shift was the only time I had to chill and have some fun.

“Hey brats, don’t take advantage of me, I gotta pay rent and pick up the kiddos tomorrow. I’m also a little tipsy.”

Ted ran his hand lightly up my arm. “How about some good old fashioned strip poker?”

I shivered at his touch. “Sure, what the hell.”

I wasn’t too worried. Seven-card stud was my jam, and true to form, I won several hands easily.

Before I knew it, both of them were shirtless and down to boxers and socks. I poured myself another drink, and for some reason, started to lose badly. Several hands later and I was perched on the chair in my thong. Ted dealt another hand and blew me a kiss. I was trying to focus on the game but they were both so young and gorgeous with their six-pack abs.

“Hang on, I gotta pee.” I covered my nipples with my hands and trotted to the bathroom. I was so turned on and wet, it was a little embarrassing. I slid a finger into myself.


I hesitated before walking out to the silhouette of the boys smoking on the patio in their boxers. Matt with his tall ropey build was a nice contrast to Ted’s muscular linebacker body.

I hadn’t had sex since the divorce and had been feeling pretty pent up lately. I couldn’t think about anything but climbing onto Matt’s dick or wrapping my legs around Ted’s hips. Needless to say, I lost the next hand.

“Well, that’s it then. I don’t have any more clothes. I’m gonna hit the hay. See you two studs in the morning.” I tried to play it cool but with no panties on and dripping on the bench, it was kinda hard.

Ted picked up the deck. “I have an idea so we can keep playing. Winner has to kiss the losers.”

I wiggled in my seat. It’s just a kiss.

“Ok, but just one more hand, guys.” I couldn’t wait to go upstairs to slide my fingers into my wet pussy.

As luck would have it, I lost again. Ted took my hand and we all stood up. He sucked gently on my lips while Matt feathered kisses on my neck. One kiss and I was tingling so much that I felt like I could explode. I wrapped one leg around Ted as Matt stood behind me. He lifted my hair and nuzzled the back of my neck.

“Jesus.” My skin was glowing with the sensation of their bodies pressed against mine.

Matt pulled away first. “Ok, ok, my turn. Let’s say on the next hand losers have to go down on the winner.”

“Oh my god, ok.” I figured I’d lose for sure and turn about is fair play. At least it would get them off of me before I did something stupid. I needed to head to bed to get myself off and go to sleep.

But I was wrong; somehow I won. Matt walked me to the soft fur rug in front of the fireplace.

I closed my eyes and laid back as he slid his hands down my thighs, slowly parting my legs. His hair sprung up against my fingers as he slid his tongue inside of me and started gently sucking on my clit. Ted nibbled on my nipples and traced my hips with his fingers. It had been so long. I was spinning from tequila and the citrus-salty scent of my friends. Matt slid a finger inside of me while he was circling my sweet spot with his tongue.

“You’re so wet and silky.”

“Don’t stop.” Any second and I was going to cum on his face. He slid up to my mouth, kissing me, and I felt him hard against my side. The taste of my juices turned me on even more as Ted went down between my legs. He squeezed my ass in his hands and tilted my hips into his face as he ran his tongue from ass to clit. Then he slid three fingers slowly in and out as he feathered his tongue in circles.

I felt the tingle begin in my belly and shoot down to my toes. In a wave of heat, I spread my legs even more as I ground myself into both of my friends. I wanted one of them inside of me. I wanted to cum. I didn’t want to cum. I was spinning out of control.

“Wait, stop. I can’t…we can’t.”

Ted groaned and pulled himself off of me while Matt stopped kissing my neck and got to his knees. He smiled down at me sheepishly and laid the blanket from the couch over me.

“I think things got a little out of hand. Sorry Mags.”

Ted walked into the kitchen for another drink. “Me too. I feel like an asshole.”

Matt helped me up. “Let’s get you to bed. It’s been a long night.”

I stood up, a little shaky, and nodded. He grabbed my clothes and carried them alongside me upstairs to the guest room I slept in almost every Saturday night.

“Well, this is awkward.” I opened the door.

“Are you mad at me?

I leaned up on tiptoe and kissed his stubbly cheek. “Nope. Just sleepy and I don’t wanna screw up our friendships, so…”

We hugged and he smelled like sunshine and oceans. I sighed, “On second thought, you wanna come in?”

He nodded. I let the blanket fall from my shoulders and walked to the bed. He closed the door softly and lay down beside me.

“What do you wanna do?” He nuzzled my ear.

I rolled to my side and tugged his boxers over his lean hips. He sprung up hard, curved, and smooth against my hand. I pushed him back onto the pillows and swung my leg over his hips to slide him inside of me slowly as I arched back and circled my sweet spot with my fingers.

He groaned, “Jesus, you feel so good.”

And then I was lost in ticklish sensation as the heat spread through my legs and down to my toes. I arched back even further as the tip of his penis hit my g-spot. Every part of my sex was hot, slippery, and pulsing. I stopped moving for a few seconds to prolong the orgasm. Then slowly up and down one more time with a twist of the hips. Oh, sweet Goddess. My pussy tightened and spasmed in waves of hot pleasure. I collapsed onto his chest for a minute, completely spent. He was still hard inside of me with his hands on my ass, thrusting upward until he came. I rolled off of him and pulled the soft sheet over the both of us. My legs were shaking so badly I couldn’t have stood up if I wanted to.

“Do you want me to leave?” He tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear.

I traced the V of his hips up and over his hard, flat stomach. “No, stay.”

He kissed my neck and rolled to his side to drape his arm across my chest. We were both so exhausted from the long night of work and sexy play that we fell asleep immediately. And as I drifted off into dreamland I wondered what the morning would bring.

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