Mr. Hedgefund’s Pussycat

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Naked, trembling with anticipation, I attempt to insert my new diamond key into the den’s door. Of course I can’t open it. I can barely get the key anywhere near its entrance. The platinum piece slips out of my sweaty hand and almost falls to the floor. You catch it with your big mitt and open the door.

Inside the den you take over everything. My only responsibility is to experience you pleasing me. You get off on this tremendously. I’ve tried my best to please you here, but you won’t have it. You’ve become obsessed with dominating me. And I’ve come to accept that my role is to receive from you. You are determined to make our erotic dreams come true.

You’re holding a black and red leather collar. You put it on my now nude neck the same way you put on my choker. Holding a leash in your left hand you clasp it onto the collar, as your right hand spanks my ass.

Petting my “scruff”, you pick me up as if I were a real kitten, and place me in front of a sterling silver bowl of almond milk.

“Lick it up, Jenny.”

I do. It’s amazing how sensuous this experience is. I start lapping the milk up more and more until there’s nothing left but backwash.

When I told you I loved Georg Jensen and you won this sterling piece at Sotheby’s, I had no idea it would become sexual paraphernalia. It has my initials engraved in curly script. It is mine. I own it. This is how you give me presents.

Still holding onto the leash, you slowly jerk on my collar to remind me you’re in charge. As if I could ever forget that I’m your pussy cat. You lead me away from the bowl and let me jump up on the big padded table. Taking my leash off you let me curl my knees up into my breasts as you brush my hair and pet me.

Threading your fingers through my hair, I fall into a euphoric haze. In my next life I want to be a pussycat. I lick your hands as you gently knead the front of my neck avoiding all endangerments. I’m a massage therapist, and taught you how to do this without hitting the the carotid artery. Ahh…my neck feels free and bound simultaneously.

While the collar is close fitting, like a real cat’s collar, it has some give. Because of this, you can massage me over and under my collar with ease. There is no chance you’ll strangle me. I now admit it was worth every euro you spent.

You had it custom made in Milan. Most men who have as much money as you spend it on big boy toys for themselves. Since you’ve met me, you’ve become obsessed with purchasing things to please both of us equally. When you dominate me, even when you take me for everything I am, it’s all about you pleasing me. I’d venture to say you’ve become addicted to it.

You’re holding up the rest of the black and red bondage set. You texted me earlier to say it arrived today. While I’ve seen sketches of it, this is the first time I’m seeing it in person. To say it’s a work of art doesn’t do it justice. I’m getting high from the smell of the fresh leather as you hold it in front of me. My pussy is now Pavlov’s Dog.

I’m so feline. I feel nothing but unconditional love from you. I want you to keep sensuously stroking me. Ah…you are amazing. My muscles melt into the padding of the leather table. I’m moaning and meowing simultaneously. Your hands feel as if they seeped through my skin into my spine. I feel delightfully dominated.

However, I’m a Leo, so I can’t help but scratch back. I’m so frisky I’m behaving the same way our new kitten does. You let me pick his name, and I chose Klee. I look up at the wall facing me, and you’ve got a Paul Klee cat painting hanging up proudly.

“H, you didn’t buy this from MoMA, did you?”

Sensuously stroking me you say, “No, you’re thinking of the Cat and Bird.” Your eyes are looking at me as if I were more beautiful than any painting. “Honey, I would go to the moon and back for you, but that’s sacrilegious.” I smile. You understand that the greatest works of art need to be seen by the whole world. Your net worth may be half of Bill Gates, yet you understand that buying a painting off the wall of a museum is wrong. It’s better to donate a lot of money. And you do. You’ve donated modern art to MoMA.

“Thank you H. I love it!” I jump into your arms and you catch me. I’m purring as you curl me up into your chest. I am one with the spirit of the cat in the painting. You are incredible! I cannot believe you did this for me. While I know you love this painting too, this painting just screams “Jen”.

“Jen baby, I gave you that painting for a reason. I need you to do something you’ve never done before with me.” I slowly open up my eyes and try to sit up straighter, but I’m much bigger than Klee and it’s impossible. If I get up in your arms I’m going to fall. You hold me tighter.

“What, H?” I don’t sound like myself. I sound like a kitten waiting to be adopted. “I want to just tease you. For us not to have sex in the den.” I stare straight through you; very catlike. “Jen, don’t worry. You’ll enjoy yourself, and then I’ll carry you upstairs to our bed. Since this is new, we’ll play it by ear. Okay honey?”

I rub my head up against your heart. “Ah huh…”

“Jenny baby, I need you to say you consent to this. Sweetheart, if you drift off into space you may forget where you are. I know that’s your number one trigger.” Did you say trigger? Oh, you must be talking about your gun. “Jen!”

“What?!” I’m instantly out of this magical space I wish I could bottle, insure, and put in a vault. “The fuck?!” I’m pissed. How dare you interrupt me while I’m finally tamed. What is wrong with you? I just submitted to you.

Your voice is so soft it caresses my anger. I’m now listening to you guide me. “Jenny, I love you.” You kiss the top of my head and inhale the scent of my minty shampoo. You love the smell of it so much you now use it. Every other woman you dated used either fruity or floral scents. “You are worth more than any currency ever minted.”

You cup the side of my face as you give me the sweetest kiss. “Honey, I didn’t mean to startle you. I need your consent to restrain you so you can’t move. I want to tease and pleasure you until you beg me to penetrate you. I want this so much you are going to have to use your safe word in order for me to stop teasing you. You were so far gone, if I did, I’d hit your hardest no. I love you and respect you. Anything we do, we do together.”

“Forever,” I say. You kiss me a little rougher, but it’s still lovey dovey.

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