Sex on the Beach

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photo: SexArt

The revolving doors of a solitary changing cabin reminded me of an entrance to a bar in an old western. A full length mirror on the back reflects the seafront and its esplanade, shimmering in the scorching afternoon air. Only minutes ago we arrived at this private beach, landing at the bar and downing two frozen margaritas. Now we’re standing here, crammed in this tiny wooden shack, and Bunny has just turned her ass to me asking me with that gesture I know so well, to fuck her right there.

I look up over the doors of the cabin and check on the couple seated next to our lounging chairs, spread lazily under the parasol and apathetic. Bunny observes the reflection of our shiny, tense bodies in the mirror: “Let’s take a photo…” Baby wants a holiday souvenir of a different kind.

Friends invited us over to a private beach club in one of the famous Calanques of the Cote d’Azur. We arrived late, exhausted by the heat, and went straight to the lounge. We found refuge in the shade of the crooked olive trees sprawling from the rocks surrounding the back of the terrace facing the sea. The salty breeze did the rest.

With our heart rates slowing down and droplets of sweat slowly leaving our warm skin, she soon grew restless and upon inspection decided to eradicate the white hairs peaking from the dark fluff on my chest. I agreed, but only if I get a kiss for each hair successfully pulled — to which she nodded playfully. I loved the view of my beautiful girl on top of me. It was worth all the pinching and hair pulling, over and over as they kept slipping from her fingers, each redeemed by a kiss.

The feeling of her skin on mine soon took over my senses. When she sat up to take a look at the job she’d done, she immediately discovered my bulge. Covering me in a blonde curtain upon descent, she carefully pulled down my shorts and and met my erected manhood, springing out after the long wait. She rubbed me until my hardness was at its maximum.

Bunny decided this was the right time to take pictures for her special collection. She quickly snapped my briefs back on and my dick twitched at the sudden tightness that imprisoned it again. She guided me to the edge of the terrace overlooking the bluest blue and arranged me into a precise pose.

Only as the image began slowly appearing on the little rectangle of the polaroid did I realize the reason for the pose. My bulge was on full display. She put the photo in her wallet and has kept it there ever since.

Watching the sun lowering closer and closer towards the horizon we decided to bid our farewell to the beach and the bar. Arriving at the wooden changing cabin I began helping Bunny out of her tiny bikini undies. As she reciprocated and pulled down mine, my dick sprang into action once again. And then, conveniently, she had to turn around so I could untie the top of her bra.

What if we just do a quick in and out?

I could hear my voice tremble a little as I was proposing this. That’s when she just presented her ass to me and braced against the wall. In a rush of adrenaline I checked on the lonely waiter and our neighbors, Bunny took said souvenir with her phone… And over the door you could hear the sea, and the folks on the beach below us, oblivious to what was happening.

Bunny was extremely wet on contact, and my dick just slid inside of her without any resistance. “You made me extremely horny,” she commented at my surprise as I starting pounding into her. I did not know where to gaze first. Our reflection in the mirror was hot, her body in front of me heavenly, and the view outside paradisiacal.

The surroundings started to blur as I realized I was going to cum right there, right now. We steadied for impact. Bunny against the walls, me against her hips. I looked once again over the door to make sure no one was around and let all my fluids inside her in one heavy thrust.

Later that day, sitting at a restaurant for dinner, the waiter came over asking whether we’d like a drink to start with. We looked at each other and said: “We just had a really good sex on the beach. We will stick with lemon water.”

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