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Roamers 5: Naomi finds herself stuck in the middle of her ex and his lover

Forced into a yellow school bus in a purple ballgown, reality was starting to collapse around Naomi. She didn’t know if she could hold it together, or if she wanted to.

Naomi had fled to America to escape a different outbreak in London. Her black skin didn’t do her any favors, and people reacted to her accent with deep suspicion when the Roamer virus first hit.

“You bring this over?” said a cashier at a gas station when the first case was reported in Atlanta.

As most Americans fought over tins of food with butter knives, she got by just fine on a small backpack of food and water. After a couple of chaotic weeks, Atlanta was declared Roamer free.

The zombies had been different in London — infected with rage. Naomi thought America’s roamers were inept. The thought of being pinched and dying slowly from a low-grade fever while getting a little horny seemed almost peaceful. She wasn’t alone. All the night shows had monologues full of roamer roasts.

Yet, lives were lost.

Bodies were piled up and burned in cities across America. When she returned to her apartment in Atlanta, she could smell the stench of charred skin sixteen floors up.

No one wanted to believe another outbreak was coming. Some grad student had gone rage-Tweeting about an uptick in reported fevers in the same direction the wind was blowing through recovering cities. The account was shut down by the government — citing damage to the stock market — but not before a pair of gray eyes appeared in a suburban mall.

Roamers were much more dangerous in death. Their ash took the virus airborne. Cities became off-limits overnight.

No one mocked the roamers when the Second Wave hit.

No one was prepared, except for the militias. Naomi was scooped up at gunpoint fleeing the city and forced on a two-day walk to a notorious camp. There, she was forcibly prettied up for a shotgun wedding to “the General” along with four other brides. Adding to her humiliation, the General sent the newlyweds off to be paraded around his most loyal camps before he would consummate the wedding: God, clan, pussy.

It must have been the smell of gasoline that snapped Naomi’s attention back to the school bus. Or was it that cracking sound?

It said a lot about Naomi’s state of mind that she hoped it was gunfire. And when the tires beneath the bus exploded, she knew it was her last chance.

“Everybody out!” Naomi screamed.

She ran behind the bus, ducking under a black Suburban as it was riddled with bullets. She spotted a man on her tail and kicked off her heels as she darted towards the woods. He was too fast. She turned around when she could hear his footsteps. He dove at her stomach, knocking the wind out of her as they went tumbling down a steep hill.

Naomi was the first on her feet and she got her hands around the man’s neck, ready to snap it.

“Naomi, stop!” a man screamed.

“Murphy?” she said.

“I’ve been trying to find you,” he said.

“Me too,” she said.

She leaned in to kiss him. He kissed back but something felt different. She pulled away.

“Oh God, you’re not sick, are you?” she said.

“Naomi, I’ve met someone.”

It was a quiet walk to the rendezvous point. They were coming up on a massive oak tree when a woman with red hair jumped in front of them with a machete.

“Jesus, Simone,” said Murphy. “It’s just us.”

It was the perfect introduction. Simone’s intense blue eyes softened at the sight of Naomi. “Good lord, we gotta get you out of that dress,” she said.

“Tell me about it,” said Naomi. “First sign of the apocalypse and men are dressing us up like dolls.”

“You can get comfortable in the cabin,” said Simone. “There’s a fire going and some hot soup.”

Naomi burned the dress in the fire, leaving her to traipse around the tiny cabin in leopard-patterned lingerie intended for the general. “Not a word,” she said.

She spread out on the bed, rotating her shoulders and kinking her neck side to side. Simone sat down next to her. “You look tight,” she said, putting her hand on Namoi’s shoulder. “May I?”

“Mmmmmmhh,” said Naomi, burying her head into the bed.

“You’re in good hands now,” said Simone. “You’ll meet everyone tomorrow.”

“Well, if they’re anything like Murphy…I guess I am,” she said. Murphy was looking at the fire stonefaced, but cracked a smile.

Simone continued to work the knots out of Naomi’s petite but muscular body. “Have you seen Murphy’s rage?” asked Naomi.

“Oh god, yes,” said Simone. “I won’t let him borrow my machete anymore.”

They both giggled. “Murphy looked like he wanted to kill me even when we were, you know…Sorry.”

“Seen that face, too,” said Simone. They burst into laughter and now Murphy seemed annoyed.

Naomi lifted up her shoulders and pulled the lingerie down over her naked back. Her cocoa skin glowed yellow in the reflection of the fire. Simone’s fingers felt soft and stern as she worked down Naomi’s back. Naomi kept instructing her to go lower until Simone reached the lingerie.

Naomi pulled the leopard pattern down a little. Simone touched her slowly, watching for any type of reaction from Murphy. Getting none, she took Naomi’s ass firmly in her hands and squeezed.

After a few minutes, Naomi instructed her to go down, “Just a little bit more.” Simone pulled the lingerie down further and worked her thighs.

“Inside,” said Naomi. “Now up a little.”

Murphy tilted his head curiously at Simone. She curled her lips and shrugged softly.

Naomi squirmed a little as Simone’s hand went high up her legs. Simone stopped when she could feel some wetness on Naomi’s skin. She avoided it as long as she could but her fingers were drawn towards Naomi’s slim wet slit. She started at one side with one finger, rubbing where Naomi’s leg ended and her pussy began.

She quickly made a v-shape with her index and ring fingers to work both sides, dabbing her middle finger inside Naomi’s juicy opening to slick her up. Murphy was motionless as his girlfriend continued to work his ex’s pussy.

Her fingertips met at Naomi’s clit, which she rubbed gently before sliding her fingers back up to Naomi’s ass.

“Ohhhh, yess,” said Naomi. “Right there.”

Simone rubbed Naomi’s juices over her ass and slid her middle finger into Naomi’s tight hole. She jabbed it in and out as Naomi played with herself.

“Oh, fuck yes,” said Naomi.

Naomi rolled over and opened her legs for Simone. The front of her pussy was shaved for the wedding and smooth like polished onyx. Simone fucked her with three fingers as she massaged her breasts.

“Kiss me,” said Naomi, breathing heavily.

Simone leaned in and licked Naomi on her chin and then ran her long tongue over Naomi’s open mouth. Naomi grabbed at Simone’s black shirt while they kissed and unbuttoned it all the way down. She ripped the shirt back and reached around to unclip her mustard yellow bra.

Naomi threw the bra towards Murphy. Simone’s fingers picked up speed as Naomi’s body tensed up and her mouth tightened over Simone’s pink nipples.

“Ahh, ahhh, ahhhhhhh,” screamed Naomi.

Naomi pushed her body away from Simone, but she didn’t need much of a breather. “Take off your pants,” she told Simone.

Simone took off her boots and pulled her b
lack jeans and underwear down over her tight freckled ass. She kissed Naomi, who whispered something into her ear. Simone lay down and Naomi crawled to the opposite side of the bed, positioning her pussy over Simone’s face. Naomi widened her legs and leaned down into Simone’s thick, red, knotted-up bush.

Simone’s pussy lips were puffy and sensitive to Naomi’s touch. Naomi let her tongue linger delicately on Simone’s clit as she used her fingers to stretch at Simone’s pussy — playing it like a harp — until her inner wetness began to seep out.

Naomi looked up at Murphy as she stretched Simone’s pussy apart. Her pink skin deep inside glowed in the firelight.

“You love it that we’re both pink inside, don’t you, Murph?” said Naomi.

Murphy was still weirdly calm but beginning to sweat as he watched Simone and Naomi lick each other.

“You want some, Murph?” asked Naomi, seeming to lose herself in another orgasm.

“Yes,” said Murphy.

Naomi turned herself around, flashing her tight ass at Murphy. She pulled Simone up in bed and they threw their legs over the edge. Somewhat awkwardly, Naomi climbed up onto Simone’s lap, pushing her ass over Simone’s rock hard legs until their pussies were stacked up for Murphy.

“Where’s that rage, baby?” said Simone.

Murphy stood up and took off his pants. He was going commando style so his dick popped right up when his pants dropped. His dick was rigid and defined by the thickness in his throbbing veins.

“There it is,” said Simone.

He got right on his knees. Simone and Naomi were wet and tasty from licking each other. Murphy went back and forth from one clit to the other, settling in on Simone when it sounded like she was ready to come.

Naomi got her hands under Simone’s legs and gently tugged at Simone’s pussy until Murphy pushed Simone over the edge. “There, oh yeahh, yes babeee,” she said.

Simone threw herself back on the bed in spasming pleasure. Murphy stood up and grabbed Naomi’s legs, pulling them apart to direct his throbbing cock into her gaping hole.

“You miss this pussy?” said Naomi, all whiney as Murphy fucked her relentlessly.

Simone eventually sat back up. She grabbed Naomi’s breast from behind and put her chin on Naomi’s shoulder. Murphy gave her a sloppy wet kiss and they all started kissing each other with unbound tongues. It was too much for Naomi. She let out a scream and fell off Simone’s lap onto the bed — a victim of Murphy’s love.

Murphy quickly found his way into Simone’s welcoming pussy, picking up at the same speed at her coaxing. His dick was a lot like his frame. He wasn’t hugely muscular but he knew how to use every ounce of his strength.

For Naomi and Simone, that meant getting fucked quicker than they ever had before.

“Holy fuck,” said Simone. Her face wrinkled up and she gritted her teeth, grabbing Murphy’s bare ass as she held him inside her to feel more fullness in her orgasm.

The springs of the bed squeaked as Simone fell back on the bed. Naomi got into a sixty-nine position over Simone and asked Murphy to fuck her from behind. Simone crossed her legs, not quite ready for Naomi’s tongue. Murphy’s hands gripped Naomi’s round butt cheeks as he angled his dick down inside her to rub her g-spot with his head.

Simone’s eyes tracked Murphy’s bouncing balls as he fucked Naomi. She slowly lifted her head to get her tongue into Naomi’s slit while opening her legs for Naomi’s impatient tongue. Murphy could occasionally feel Simone’s nose and tongue on his balls.

Naomi’s ass was much rounder than Simone’s, which allowed Murphy to fuck her a little deeper. Her cheeks rippled with each thrust.

Naomi and Simone changed places, top and bottom, so they could take turns with the sensation of having a cock and a tongue at the same time. Their moans and screams echoed in the tiny room and escaped through the cabin’s thin walls as easy as the draft coming in.

Giving Simone and Naomi so much pleasure gave Murphy strength. He fed off their power, but it only could last so long. They could hear a crack in his voice.

Naomi and Simone quickly rolled off the bed. Simone sat him down on the bed and they got down on their knees in front of him. Naomi and Simone let their bright pink tongues collide as they moved over Murphy’s cock. Murphy’s toes curled into the floor and her started to twitch and roar like an angry bull.

Naomi took his cock out of her mouth. “Your boyfriend is about to cum,” she said, jerking Murphy’s dick in Simone’s direction.

“Oh, now he’s my boyfriend?” said Simone.

“Well, I guess we could share,” said Naomi.

Simone opened her mouth and they looked up at Murphy with their big beautiful eyes. His face grimaced with pleasure and he sounded enraged as his pulsating dick shot his cum up across Simone’s forehead into her hair. He filled her mouth with several spurts of cum before Naomi opened her mouth wide to get her fill.

The cum was bright against Naomi’s dark skin and mouth and blended in with Simone’s freckled face. They kissed playfully as the cum dripped down their chins. Murphy was still dribbling out and they licked him until there was no more stickiness on his tight skin.

Naomi was the first to crawl under the covers and Murphy and Simone quickly joined alongside her. Their eyes slowly drifted as they kissed each other goodnight.

The sun broke a crack of light onto the floor beneath the shades. Simone woke up first, sensing movement. She lifted her head. A shadow flickered through the sunlight. There was a gentle tapping at the door.

“Wake up,” she whispered, disentangling herself from Naomi and Murphy’s naked bodies.

Simone tiptoed towards the large window and slowly unveiled the curtains on the silhouette of a dawdling boy. She peered through the window.

“Fuck,” she said. “Roamers four or five deep.”

Naomi went to the back and peered through a window at the top of the door.

“We’re surrounded,” she said.

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