Our Affair

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photo: MetArt

In our submission, we found ourselves and each other.

I’d been cheating on my husband for the past four months. I’m still not sure how it started, but all I knew is that he did things to me my husband had never dreamed of doing. The guy was our new neighbor. In his late twenties, he was probably ten years younger than me but then again, I’d never asked exactly. He worked in the city as an investment broker. That, I had asked about. I know it’s shallow. He was built like Adonis without an ounce of body fat on him and movie star good looks. I’d first noticed him when he was cleaning his pool shortly after he moved in. The affair began a month later.

Dominance. He had a way about him that made me want to do anything he wanted me to. He introduced me to the excitement of the feel of the handcuffs as the cold steel clamped around my wrists. The sting of his belt and his hand as he spanked me only made me want more. His strong hand wrapping around my throat made me wet. The taste of his salty cum and his long cock as it slid into my ass made me crave him more. His cock is so long. He made me his and completely owned me. My poor husband never knew; not until that fateful day.

When I walked into the garage to put a box away, I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. Never in a million years would I have believed that I’d come across a scene like I that and that I wasn’t dreaming.

My lover was in my garage, behind my strait-laced husband, fucking him in the ass. Mutely, I stared at the long cock that had given me so much forbidden pleasure, sliding easily in and out of my husband with long rough strokes. The sounds of his grunts as he took every inch of the shaft covered up the noise of my entrance. Stunned, I stared at the two men.

My husband had a hold of the work bench in front of him as my lover bent him over. The long cock disappeared inside him, and I felt a twinge of jealousy as he took it all in better than I did. How long had their affair been going on?

I had no room to be angry. I was just shocked. Later, I would find out it had started shortly after my own affair had.

As my lover fucked my husband’s ass, he looked over at me. His cocky grin told me he wasn’t ashamed at having been caught in the act nor did he care. Instead, he grinned at me then slapped my husband’s ass hard. My husband yelped in pain as the cock thrusting into him never slowed. Another blow landed on his ass, followed by a third as my lover grinned at me.

“Harder.” I wasn’t sure if my husband meant he wanted to be spanked harder or fucked harder; either way, he got both much harder. Under him, I saw his throbbing erection swaying with each thrust. He was hard enough to cut diamonds.

“Suck his cock.” At first, I didn’t move when I heard the command. My husband turned toward me, and I saw the look in his eyes. I’d seen it many times before when my lover, our lover, had fucked my ass in front of a mirror. It was the look of ecstasy I’d seen in my own eyes, and it told me that despite my presence, he didn’t want it to end.

“Go on. Get on your knees. Suck his cock.”

Finally, I willed my feet to move. I set the box on the floor and walked slowly toward the couple. The long cock thrusting into my husband’s ass looked even bigger as I neared. Reaching them, I squatted under my husband and took my place as I had been commanded. His cock swayed inches from my lips. Licking them, I wet them then plunged the thrusting cock into my mouth. With each thrust of the long cock into his ass, my husband’s smaller one probed into my mouth. Despite the bizarre situation, I was more turned on than ever before. I reached a hand between my legs and began fingering myself.

My fingers probed into my wetness then drew out to find my clit. Tracing circles around it, I pleasure myself as my husband’s cock plunged into my mouth with each stroke. His moans and grunts told me he was enjoying my lips around him while he was being fucked in the ass. A few minutes later, as I knelt beneath him, I tasted his saltiness in my mouth. Bracing a hand on his bare thigh, I attempted to keep him from plunging into the back of my throat and gagging me as our lover picked up his pace. His long cock was sliding brutally in and out of my husband’s tight hole. Occasionally, his hand landed hard on the ass in front of him. From the sounds they were making, I knew they were getting close as well.

The two men grunted above me as their orgasms neared. I was right with them as I felt mine begin too. Fingering my clit hard, I swirled my fingers and rubbed furiously. My hips flexed as I did, and my husband’s cock filled my mouth. I’d never tasted my husband’s cum before, only my lover’s. Positioned underneath them both, I fingered myself harder as I tasted the thick spunk starting to ooze into my mouth. As I came, he jetted a thick stream into the back of my throat, and I swallowed the hot cum. Moaning, I climaxed with the men. Above us, our lover came violently into my husband’s ass. I knew from experience the copious amount of semen that was erupting into him as the three of us came together.

Squatting under them, I worked my mouth around the cock in my mouth as I attempted to milk every last drop from my husband. Looking under his spent balls, I watched the long cock withdraw from his ass to drop between our lover’s thighs.

Without a word, he tucked his cock into his jeans and turning, left us alone in the garage. My husband stood up as I released his cock from my lips. We avoided all eye contact as he followed our lover out the door, leaving me alone. I had forgotten completely why I had come into the garage in the first place as I stood, then leaned against the work bench with weak legs.

Our lives were changed forever. Over the next few weeks, we’d learn the depth of our affairs with our neighbor. We’d learn the things we both did for him that neither of us had ever dreamed of doing before. Soon, our affairs would take a back seat as we welcomed him into our bedroom together. Our submission to him was complete and it changed our marriage. In our submission, we found ourselves and each other.

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