Sexual offence — no offence meant…

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Mark felt a surge of excitement as he boarded the flight. Something told him this trip to the US was going to be special. He had always led a staid and steady life. He had never cheated on his wife or had sex with anyone before marriage. Considering that he lived in a conservative society, it worried him that he would die without having experienced the feel of another vagina gripping his cock.

Rosa suppressed a grimace as her boss requested her to keep a few hours post-work free the following day. An important overseas client needed to be entertained.

“But boss, we have our Gala Charity Soiree tomorrow evening,” she protested petulantly. Actually she was planning a mutual pussy-licking session with her new Latina girlfriend. She wanted to look her best for the event and no facial or make-up could give her the glow that scorching sex did.

“Rosa dear,” her boss cooed, “I’m giving you the afternoon off. You can leave with Mr Spader after lunch. You will be back in time for the soiree.”

Brittany stuffed her sex toys into her classy bag just in time, as her grandma entered her room. “Brittie darling, I hope you remember you have to take me out somewhere nice tomorrow afternoon.” Brittany nodded helplessly. Brittany was just 18, but she was precocious, well-informed and always well-prepared.

The day of the action

Mark sauntered casually into Rosa’s office and walked straight into her boss’s cabin. As he passed by Rosa, she looked up to see this tall, slim guy wearing a spotless white shirt tucked into skintight jeans. She observed that he parked his penis slightly to the right. She was always quick to notice such details. And the new Mr Burberry fragrance he wore further enhanced his persona.

Immediately after their power lunch, the boss brought Mark over to Rosa’s desk and introduced him. Mark was the consummate gentleman as he handed a stylishly wrapped gift to Rosa. He appreciated her from head to toe, resplendent in the little black dress she was wearing ready for the soiree later. Her pictures did not do justice to her statuesque beauty.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have,” exclaimed Rosa.

“It’s just seminal chocolates and a bottle of wine for the beautiful countryside lady,” said Mark with a dismissive gesture.

Rosa had never heard of seminal chocolates. But she decided not dwell on it. She didn’t like sweets, and would probably gift them to the Latina hottie.

As they left the office, Rosa asked Mark if there was some place in the city he was particularly keen on visiting. Mark insisted they check out the planetarium. “It’s supposed to be the best in the world,” he gushed.

Rosa groaned inwardly. In all her years here, she had never had any inclination to visit the planetarium. For all his dapper demeanour, this guy seemed really boring! Suddenly the afternoon loomed large upon her.

Mark was really enthusiastic. He had just booked tickets for a show at the planetarium. The auditorium became pitch dark as the show began. One by one each star in the ceiling lit up and recounted its story.

Rosa gripped Mark’s hand tight, blurting, “Sorry, I never realized it would be so dark in here. I get nervous in the dark.”

Mark reassured her and held her hand protectively. After some time he could sense her relaxing, but still continued to hold her hand and allowed it to rest on her thigh. Her skin felt supple and silky smooth. As his hand stayed on her thigh, he could feel her temperature rising. He sensed this as a cue to move upwards.

Rosa realized that Mark’ hands were doing more than was appropriate. But she liked his touch and the sensations it was unleashing. His fingers crept under her panties and gradually towards her juicy pussy lips. God, she was so wet and so ready!

As Mark’ fingers were working their magic, Rosa unzipped his jeans and yanked down his briefs. His erection was ramrod hard and towering. As his cock jerked free the fresh fragrance of Mr Burberry wafted across the auditorium. Mark liked to splash perfume liberally on his pubes, especially when he anticipated action. Rosa ran her hand along the entire length, marvelling at its architecture. This was a piece of art!

The sudden whiff of cologne stirred Brittany, who was seated beside Mark. For a while she had felt there was something going on in the seat next to hers. Now, as her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, she could clearly see a girl stroking her neighbour’s majestic dick. Well, this afternoon with her grandma was turning out to be quite exciting!

Rosa had a feeling that what she was planning to do was quite precarious. But she couldn’t wait to have that cock in her. With Mark’s fingers inside her, she reached for her purse, removed a pair of scissors and snipped the elastic of her sexy G-string. Then she lifted up and shifted onto Mark’s seat, in one smooth motion mounting her wet pussy onto his rigid cock. It filled her so completely! She savoured the sensation for some time. She began to move up and down slowly and measuredly. The right sided slant of Mark’s cock was allowing it to just graze past her G-spot, creating waves of pleasure.

As the tempo on her left was rising, Brittany decided to join the action. She ran her hands all over Mark and Rosa, and finally settled for Rosa’s anal opening, just teasing and tantalizing it. Rosa quivered with excitement.
Mark realized that the hands stroking his balls and teasing his nipples did not belong to Rosa. He decided to go with the flow and unzipped Brittany’s jeans to find out she was not wearing panties. Her pubic mound was soft, supple and bald. Her pussy lips were swollen and succulent. She looked so youthful, but her actions told him she was not a virgin. He tentatively parted her lips and inserted his index finger. He marvelled at the feel of the soft, smooth flesh.

Brittany raised the game to another level. She extracted a butt plug from her purse, coated it with lube and shoved it up Rosa’s ass. Rosa was now almost convulsing with pleasure. Brittany tugged at the string, extracting the butt plug with a jerk. This triggered off a series of orgasms that racked Rosa’s body. Her vaginal muscles contracted wildly, clasping Mark’s cock like a vice. Mark started spurting in copious bursts to the wildest climax in his life.
His finger flicked upward to Brittany’s button-like clit, reverberating against it insistently. Brittany came for the first time in her life, stars swirling around her eyes. Simultaneously a meteor shot across the planetarium with a roar, drowning out the involuntary guttural sounds of the sexual offenders.

The threesome quickly adjusted their clothes as the show came to an end. No words were exchanged, only knowing smiles as they left the auditorium.


Rosa went commando to the party and was in her element. Everyone asked her what she had been doing, as she looked so hot and stunning.

Brittany instantly dumped her cocky boyfriend who did nothing all day but admire himself and his royal member in the mirror. She was surprised that his humongous cock could not do to her what a finger did.

Her grandma could not stop praising the show at the planetarium. “It was so realistic! You know, at the end when the meteor fell, I actually felt my seat shake!” Brittany just smiled.

The next day Mark rang Rosa to thank her. Rosa thanked him for the wine and chocolates. “I don’t really eat sweets but my friend who had them was raving about them. She wanted to know where she could buy some.”

Mark tried to steer the conversation to something else. But Rosa was insistent. The Latina chick had genuinely loved the chocolates, particularly the sweet coating.

“Is she as hot as you?” teased Mark.

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“I can demonstrate the manufacturing process. I did a weird thing. I bought some chocolates. I then jacked off thinking about you. Four prize chocolates were coated with my semen, repacked and gift wrapped before being handed to you. Remember I told you seminal chocolates?” he said sheepishly.

Rosa gasped audibly .

“No offence, dear,” reassured Mark in his most disarming tone. “I know it was gross. Please forgive me, it was just a crime of passion!”

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