My Tortured Valentine

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The day of Valentine again draws nigh
what better way think I
but to give my love a book of verse,
to reveal my deepest thoughts perverse
where each page shows need of cruelty
and words make cryptic sum of my depravity.

What better way to show my need
as sensual couplets set me free
to lose myself in sonnets so sublime,
or with ballads almost lost in time
as erotic thoughts that words define
make torment thus our lives entwine.

What better way to know the sound
of spoken lyrics so profound
that make my body melt to you,
and want to feel your cords around
in ways that make me suffer so
in squirming as you tell me ‘no’.

What better way than gift of rhyme
to drift me through the mists of time
to those places where I need to be,
when you have so cruelly tortured me
and the tender music of your voice
adds more flow to my desire.

What better way that pain be real
as braided leather gives flesh a weal
then gently soothing words that bring,
still more wanting of its sting
to bring me closer to
the climax that I want with you.

BDSM Verse: The Poetry and Beauty of Bondage

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