What I need: fucked by two men my girlfriend picked to please me

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She does her best to keep me happy and well fucked, but there’s one need she just can’t fulfil — my craving for cock. And when I become surly and unresponsive in bed, when I start flirting outrageously with our male friends and ignoring the girls who make passes at me, that’s when she knows she has to let me have what I need or risk a storm that will blow our relationship apart. That’s when my lover becomes my procurer.

So here I am, blindfolded and handcuffed on a hotel room bed in just my black lace lingerie, waiting impatiently and trying to pick up clues about the identity of the man my girlfriend has just ushered into the room. I know she won’t stay and watch, although she will want to hear all the details later, maybe as she licks his cum from my soaked pussy. But first she wants to remind me who I belong to, who calls the shots.

“Have fun, baby,” she purrs into my ear, and if it sounds like she’s giving me permission, that’s exactly what it is. I hear the door slam behind her; I’m alone with the anonymous man my girlfriend’s picked out to fuck me.

My pulse is already racing, my panties sticky with anticipation — and the sudden conviction that there’s more than one person in the room with me is overwhelming. My heart skips a beat; I stop breathing for a second. I’m not even sure how I know — the smell of mingled aftershave perhaps, the movement of air in the room, a breath, a presence that makes my skin tingle. A wave of adrenaline-fuelled lust surges through me. My girlfriend knows I’ve had a few spontaneous experiences with two guys before but they’ve all been less than sublime; this has the potential to be my number one masturbatory fantasy come true.

I hold still, barely daring to breathe, waiting for it to begin.

Two pairs of rough hands stroking my skin. Two mouths kissing me, nuzzling my neck, pulling my bra down to suck my nipples. With my hands chained I can’t reach out to touch them as I would like, but that’s the point — I am the toy, to be used as they wish, a gift from my girlfriend to them in payment for their virile energy. It’s her way of ensuring I can’t forget that I belong to her, even for a moment.

One of them mutters something in a language I don’t understand, and as the other grunts his assent and moves between my spread thighs I realize they must be discussing what to do to me. I have no sight, no voice, no control. That thought turns me on like crazy.

The first man moves behind me, pulling me back so I’m resting against his firm chest, looping my cuffed wrists around his neck. I feel his stubble scratching against my face as he holds me tight, pinning me in place, his hands wrapping around to cup and squeeze my breasts. He’s naked apart from his boxer shorts and I can feel his hard cock twitching against my ass. I want to reach back and touch it but of course I can’t; so I wriggle my ass against it, making him growl and grab my hips, holding me tighter as I grind on him.

His friend spreads my legs wider, kissing and licking my inner thighs, circling closer and closer to my pussy without actually touching until I’m aching to tilt my hips up and rub myself against his face; but I can’t move. When the frustration has me ready to beg, he finally moves his mouth to my pussy, sucking me through my drenched panties. His tongue finds the groove between my lips, the delicious friction of the wet silk against my clit making me gasp. It’s enough to have me teetering on the edge of orgasm, but I need more. I need to get fucked.

More words exchanged — Czech? Russian? I can’t tell, but their deep, testosterone-charged voices sound sexy as hell — and then my panties are peeled off, leaving me suddenly naked except for my blindfold, exposed and vulnerable. The tension increases as neither of them moves for a long moment. I can feel their eyes on me and I squirm under the scrutiny. Are they actually going to make me beg for what I want?

No begging; not yet, anyway. I feel the smooth, hard, unmistakeable feel of a cockhead skimming up and down, stroking between my pussy lips, sliding over my clit. He holds still at the hot, slick entrance, driving me crazy. The guy behind me pinches my nipples. The cock inches inside me, so slowly. He relaxes the pressure on my thighs and I wrap my legs around his back and pull him into me, hard. His cock surges into me, stretching me open, filling me with its rigid heat.

He doesn’t even allow me a moment to adapt to his girth, but starts slamming into me to a steady, relentless rhythm. It burns for a moment — he’s big, really big; and then it feels amazing. Hands gripping my hips tightly to hold me in place, he grinds each time he’s buried deep, pressure building on my clit and G-spot simultaneously until I want to scream. But his friend has his fingers in my mouth now, and I’m sucking, biting, gasping around them as my climax crashes through me.

I’m still shivering as they pull fingers and cock out of me, unhook my cuffed wrists from around the guy’s neck and carefully turn me onto my knees. I’m so shaky I can’t really support myself in this position, so after a brief exchange of words — their deep voices make my arousal peak again — he release the handcuffs and rubs my wrists briskly to get the blood flowing again. It chafes, but the sensation helps to ground me, as does the feeling of his friend kissing and stroking my ass cheeks. When his lips and tongue reach my pussy the momentary tenderness flares into something wilder and I’m soon pushing back against his face as he licks and sucks me sloppily. Nerve endings aflame, it feels like I’m going to start coming again and just keep on and on, one endless orgasm until the world turns black…

My attention is brought vividly back to the here and now as the guy in front of me takes one of my hands and guides it to his crotch. He’s so hard I’m surprised his boxers haven’t ripped apart under the strain. He groans and lifts his hips to slide his shorts down his thighs, and my hand wraps around his thick shaft. I can feel it pulse under my fingertips and I want to taste it. Resting my forearms on his thighs, I circle the fingers of one hand around the root, the other lightly stroking his balls, as my lips explore the head. Not being able to see it makes the sensations that much more intense. My focus is narrow and pure; my world reduced to the hard cock between my lips, the tongue pressing into my soaked cunt, the hands gripping my over-sensitive flesh tightly. Tomorrow, I’ll find little round bruises scattered on my thighs and hips, my neck and wrists, to mark where their fingers have been, and I’ll be vividly transported back to this moment, suddenly flushed and breathless again. But for now, there is no future, no past, no self, just pure sensation.

I inch my lips further down the cock between my lips and then I feel the man behind me shift on the bed and his cock strokes down between my ass cheeks and nudges my pussy again. He takes it slow, letting me adjust as his cock goes deep and pushes me forward so his friend’s cock fills my mouth.

As it nudges the back of my throat, my whole body bucks in response, my pussy tightening around the thick shaft stretching it open. That draws a groan of approval; I have to concentrate on unclenching enough so that he can start sliding in and out again. When he hits a steady rhythm, plowing into me hard and deep but not too fast, letting me feel every stroke, his friend matches it. They thrust in simultaneously — pause a moment — pull out, then repeat. I feel strangely serene, blissed out, as my cunt and mouth are filled with cock over and over again. Nothing else exists in the darkness but the touch of their skin on mine.

My serenity begins to dissolve as the pace quickens, overlaid by rising heat, muscles in my stomach and thighs fluttering and tightening. I’m struggling to catch my breath around the wide, pulsing prick in my mouth, and I let it slide out; it rubs wetly against my cheek and suddenly I’m head down, ass up, crying out incoherently. There’s an explosion of light in my blacked-out vision as I come, shaking and spasming hard around the cock that feels like a solar flare in my drenched pussy.

I think I’m lost in some kind of post-orgasmic nirvana for a while, because the next thing I know, they’ve turned me onto my back and they’re talking to me quietly as my breathing and heart rate slow. I don’t know what they’re saying, of course, but the sound of their voices is calming and their hands feel soothing, stroking my hair and breasts and thighs. My breathing eases and I smile as I feel them move around on the bed… switching ends.

Now the man I’ve been sucking kneels between my spread thighs and slides into me. He holds still, and curses; I wonder how it feels for him — so hot, so wet? His friend’s hard fucking has left me swollen and tender, pussy gripping him snug enough that he has to go slowly at first.

When he’s able to move his hips freely, and it’s feeling good, so good that I’m rocking up to meet him on each in-thrust, the other guy straddles my chest and leans in, letting his cock brush against my lips. Blindly, instinctively, I open up for it. My hands wrap around his strong thighs to anchor myself as he starts to fuck my face. My own flavor overlays the taste of his skin and his sex.

With my arms pinned, I can’t control the speed or rhythm, but he seems to know how much I can take and pushes me just beyond my limits, so I’m barely gagging as he lowers himself over my face and thrusts in. Suddenly I feel overwhelmed by the smell and taste and feel of maleness, filling and enveloping me, suffusing all my senses, blanketing my whole body. It’s just what I’d wished for — so much cock, so much masculine power that the physical memory will stay permanently branded on me.

Their hips pump as they move in synch again, one in my mouth, one in my cunt, holding me down and spreading me open, friction burning so sweetly I feel I’ll combust. Moving as one, they both push in deep, holding still and grinding, and it’s that hard drag against my G-spot that tips me over the edge again. Legs locked around the waist of the man between my thighs, I hump up against him frantically, unable to make a sound around the cock filling my throat. It’s intense. At the peak of my orgasm I feel the cock in my pussy twitch crazily as its hot load pumps into me.

My hips finally subside onto the bed, my jaw loosens a little and the guy in my mouth dares to start moving again. He only lasts a couple more strokes before he yells and starts to come; I gulp as much down as I can and then he pulls out to paint the remainder over my lips and cheeks.

I sit quietly, obediently, like the good submissive I am, waiting for the sound of my girlfriend’s key in the door. I don’t remove the blindfold. My other senses are still heightened; I’m hyper-aware of the cum trickling from my hot, swollen folds, the throbbing of my wrists, the smell of sex and sweat and cologne smeared on my skin. My whole body thrums with satisfaction.

Like any good submissive, I always get what I need.

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