Restrain Me And Make Me Scream Mercy

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Who will come first and give in?

His body heat warms the inside of my ribcage. I splay out on his body with my head on his chest. There’s this slickness to our skin. It makes our bodies slippery on my golden, satin sheets. I know we are going to leave a stain on them. The lamp on my nightstand covers us in a pink glow.

“You know we gotta fuck with handcuffs and a blindfold one of these days.”

I mention it as if we’re talking about the weather. He pricks up at the mention of restraining me. There’s a movement of his head like I just sent a shock through his system. He stares at me with a growing smirk pulling at the edge of his lips. That speculative look sets my senses on fire. I suddenly realize what I just did and start to back away from him.

My body rolls up onto the back of my heels. I crouch and look at him like a cat about ready to pounce on her prey. Like I’ll catch it before it escapes and goes somewhere I don’t want it to.

“Where are they at?”

He turns on his side. I know he knows where my appropriately named Whore Drawer is. I throw my hands up in the air in a frantic wave. My head shakes back and forth.

“Hey, wait a second, I don’t know if I want to know what you’ll do to me with handcuffs.”

“Too late, you mentioned it. It’s happening now,” NY says.

The scuffling of metal, rope, nipple clamps and a wide variety of toys is heard. I know he’s specifically looking for the blue fuzzy handcuffs. There’s the sound of metal clinking together. A thick, leather, padded blindfold is held in his right hand. In his left hand he holds the handcuffs dangling from his fingers.

The maniacal grin on his bearded face is incredibly sexy. I feel my knees become weak at the many different ways he can use me. My pussy is soaking at the idea of what we’ll be doing. I want him to take advantage of it and fuck me so that I feel him the next day — so when I bend over at my job it feels like he’s still got his dick perfectly molded within me. I know he’ll try to break me, to make me give in and use a safe word.

“Give me your hands.”

“Oh, I do not make this easy normally.”

I let out a low growl. He only smiles at me, knowingly. I want the feel of metal clamping into place around my wrists. There’s also the many different ways he can fuck me until I scream mercy. I want him to pin me down and use me.

“Come on you, hand them over.”

There’s a slight bow of my head. I offer my dainty wrists to him as if it’s a present only he can have. The metal clicks into place like a taunting, teasing reminder of what I’m signing up for. I remember the last time I was handcuffed, I was face fucked. My mouth salivates at the idea.

“Alright, this is going on too,” he says.

He pulls the elastic over my head. It slides into the little crevice created by my tiny ears. The world goes black except for the tiniest sliver of light. I can still see him because the immovable, thick leather blindfold refuses to mold completely to my face. He pushes me back. I hit the fluffy pillow and wonder what he’ll have in store.

Something hits my right leg. I flinch and let out a sound of laughter. It feels like when I used the riding crop on my own skin when I was a horseback rider. I’d test the strength of it against my ass just for fun. The sound of the leather against my flesh was exhilarating even at a young age. It makes a sharp, snapping sound.

I don’t know why I’m laughing, and this only spurs him on to smack my right tit. I realize what he’s using on me. It’s my riding crop, and I grit my teeth. He hits my left tit suddenly. I let out another chuckle.

“Is there something amusing here? Am I amusing?”

There’s an edge to his voice. I can’t quite fully give in to him. He tests me, hitting multiple areas. The slight sting makes me be even more present in this moment. The crop hits my inside thigh and suddenly smacks my right tit again.

I start squirming against him. He hits the inside of my thigh with his palm. The sting is more intense than the crop. He rubs the heated, abused skin and smacks it again. I let out a pathetic moan.

“You could say that.”

“What’s that?”

He increases the speed with which he’s hitting my soft, yielding flesh. It stings only slightly with the crop as he keeps hitting my tits. I can’t help the bring it on grin showing on my lips. My competitive nature takes over my need to be submissive. I can feel the push and pull of my Switch sides.

“Yeah, amusing,” I say with a grin.

He does something unexpected. The riding crop is brushed up against my lips, tapping them lightly. This surprises me. He drags it down my chin. I bite at its unexpected appearance. He does it again and my teeth almost grip the flapping leather.

“Oh, if there’s going to be teeth we need something for that.”

I rear up from my submissive position. He grabs a hold of me in a classic wrestling move. I’m twisted, contorted into a human pretzel with my legs completely useless, wrapped under his. I hear the clinging of the apparatus he means to strap on me. My jaws snap at him and I let out a growl.

“What is this?”

I try to make my escape. He has me held too tightly. I refuse to have it put on me.

“A ball gag. You don’t want that on me. You like me moaning and making my noises,” I try to barter with him, logically.

We have a brief struggle that I unfortunately lose. My submissive side tells me to just give in, to let him have me. I’m still underneath him and his woodsy, amber scent overwhelms me. I know I need to behave and be good. It’s just that I don’t want to. I never want to do what I’m told.

In the struggle to escape the ball gag, my blindfold comes off. I see him looking at me with that hot expression. The ball gag dangles from his hand. Like a conviction, he’s willing to sentence me. I eyeball it and try to nudge my blindfold back on.

“Do you need it? Will you behave?” he asks me. I give a reluctant nod of my head. He releases me and I feel him spread my legs wide. The blindfold is shoved further down my nose. The world goes black again and I’m left to wait for what he wants to do. I know he’s going to eat me out and make me orgasm until I scream. That he’ll keep drenching himself in my orgasms until I’m panting and exhausted.

This time when he eats me out it’s especially excruciating. He licks me with that perfect pressure and devoutness, where he devours the entire beautiful, engorged bud fully within his mouth. He laps at it expertly and I squirm underneath him.

As if knowing what he’s doing to torture me, he bends my legs further back. I’m twisted into a pretzel and his tongue shoves deep inside me. I want to see his face lapping at me like I’m the most delicious, divine dinner he’s ever tasted. The way his head disappears so completely that I can only see the back of his head moving in a deliberate pattern.

I can’t think properly. My mouth lets out a string of curses. My breath comes out in pants. He shoves his index finger into me. It moves at an incredible pace, like he’s fucking me with his dick. I feel my body build up to that beautiful, electric, overflowing G-spot orgasm.

He holds me in place as my body becomes nothing more than hyper sensitive nerves set afire. My wetness drenches his face as I let out a scream. He keeps finger fucking me. I try to back away but I’m stuck in place.

The handcuffs clink as I twist them from side to side. I want my hands free so I can pull him toward me. There’s this desire to drag my nails down the length of his back. Where I mark it, claim it with my claw marks as my own.

“Fuck me please,” I beg in a soft whimper.

I’m nothing but a mass of quivering muscles and nerves. I can feel his dick at the entrance of my pussy. All I want, desire, need, is for him to be fully inside me. There’s this moment where he leaves me with bated breath, waiting for him to plunge his dick into me.

I can’t see anything. There’s nothing but darkness. The sensation of his dick so close to being inside me drives me insane. I try to pulse my hips into his length. He holds me perfectly still until he decides when.

When he does, we both gasp. Like we were dead before and it’s that first breath coming back to life. He fucks me like an animal, looking to fully possess me. I give into it and I want him to go even further.

“Use me. Fuck my pussy as deep as you can. I can fucking take it, fuck me harder,” I demand.

He increases his tempo. I feel like he’s on a mission to split me in two. His hands hold my handcuffed wrists over my head. I realize that all I want is his lips on mine while he does this. I feel his tongue brush up against my lips as if teasing me. Before I can kiss him back his breath is in my ear.

We pant in sync and he pushes as deep as he can. I gasp and he holds his dick within me as my pussy pulses around it. We seem to hold a collective breath, reveling in the feeling.

He pulls out. I can feel him near the brink of losing control. I know he has much more in store for me while I’m restrained. I wait to see how he’ll use me next, for his pleasure… and mine.

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