She’s Waiting Upstairs

The front door will be left open. I am going to go in, climb the stairs, and enter her bedroom. She will...
Colt Stevens
3 min read

Burpees or Bust

I pull up in the parking lot, getting front row parking, and sigh. I am not in the mood for this today,...
6 min read

Grande Pike with a Side of Orgasm

Will that complete your Starbucks order? “Grande Pike with a half pump of caramel and room for half and half?” Damn, he remembered....
5 min read

Big Hands

Stretch me. Prepare me. He handed me the coffee and I noticed how his hands wrapped completely around it, dwarfing the cup. Then...
Aqua of Verse50
2 min read


I woke up ten minutes before the knock on the door, with a rock-hard cock and an urge for pussy. During that...
London Eyes
4 min read

Your Hand, My Ass

I love a good spanking. Does that make me a bad feminist? Just imagine the slap of skin on skin, your firm...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read

A Night of Excitement

I’ve always had a thing about watching women and undressing them in my mind. I get aroused by the way their clothing...
Furious Skuggs
5 min read

Beginner’s Luck

My first threesome blew all of our minds One of my partners is pansexual and genderfluid so they present anywhere from feminine to...
Reese Harper
2 min read


photo: VivThomas “Don’t shower.” Her voice was firm and low, a husky whisper. It was not a request she was making. It was an...
London Eyes
5 min read

Impromptu Date

Seduction on the subway The bright room was making me feel like I was in the spotlight even though I was just one...
Alma Awakened
2 min read