Sometimes Play Is Not Just Play

I love feeling your dominance. I know it’s not forever. I know it’s only a moment in time, or two, or three,...
Alma Awakened
1 min read

I Loved It

I loved it. You really got yourself worked up and wet with that vibrator on your pussy, pushing inside, rubbing your swollen clit, me...
Jaiden MyErotica
1 min read

Tease me, please

Lying beside youlazy daysummer warmclose but not touchingbreeze stirs the net curtainsvoices as people pass, muted and far away lying still to feel...
Bernadette Joy
35 sec read

You Make Me Wet~!

At times when your tongue touches mine, Instantly, I’m WETAt times when your hand touches mineInstantly,I SWEAT At times you need only...
Anthony Cloe Huie
21 sec read

My Nipples

The Erogenous Zone If only he would. Wait for it. I am getting desperate. “Please take me,” my thoughts begged. It was our...
JJ Loverling
4 min read

Morning Meditation

Before the day begins,before there are chores and clatter.Before my attention is demanded,I want to give you all of me.Offer you all...
Bernadette Joy
19 sec read

That Second Rush~

There are times whenthe passion between us is so thick our oxygen cries out to be rescuedYet defiantly we hold our breath...
Anthony Cloe Huie
9 sec read

Suds and Sex

The sounds of slow jazz fill the room as I look out over the frozen landscape that surrounds Lake Superior. The sun...
2 min read

I’m Fragile…

Sometimes I need to be held. Face to face is okay but I like it best from behind. Whether from the strong...
2 min read

Almost Enough

She hadn’t been fucked like a woman since Vassar. She also knew he wasn’t ever going to do it. They had been together...
Guy New York
1 min read