Finale: a New Definition of Freedom

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Master was naked in the sparring room doing meditation and exercise. He was as still as a statue, in perfect plank position. His eyes were shut in deep concentration, his breath steady. He was only using the tips of his fingers and toes for balance. His legs were perfectly straight. He showed not one ounce of struggle. He was well-defined and obviously a warrior as well as a lover. The sight of him this way had my thighs dripping, already imagining his perfect form on me, his perfect cock in me thrusting steadily home, giving my pussy the workout of the century.

As I looked around, I could see all the tools he used to keep his body fit. There were ankle locks hanging from the ceiling for upside-down crunches, bench bars, weights, and of course there were women lined up with towels hung over their arms by the steam room for his assistance… and his pleasure. Such accommodations were not for the common man, but for a Dominus.

I licked my lips, admiring his gorgeous back, his sweat dripping down his sides. His thick cock hanging erect, the tip touching the floor, as if it too was holding him up in position.

I walked over and knelt beside him. I trailed my fingertips down his spine smoothly, admiring all the chiseled indentations of his body. He was so deep in concentration, he only reacted when my hand touched his cock. I stroked it gently until it swelled in my hand, the tip pressing the floor tightly now.

I stroked a little harder, just to see his reaction. I wanted to break his concentration and take it all for myself. I waited until I could see the veins in his cock bulge, his shaft bending down from lack of room. I lay back, positioned my face under him like a car mechanic to an underside bumper, and slurped his pretty cock into my mouth.

He groaned in pleasure, feeling my tongue whirl around the head, his sweet sweat dripping across my face. I used his hips like a bench press, pushing his pelvis up and down as his cock slipped in and out of my mouth. I could taste small amounts of pre-cum, his cock oozing with possibilities. I wanted him to fuck my face and make me swallow every creamy drop.

He did just that. But knowing Master, it was done with clever sexual ardor. He got up and snapped his fingers. The ladies came towards us and carefully aligned the ropes hanging from the ceiling.

They clasped my ankles to the steel bar and raised my body up. I was lifted off the ground slowly. My hair dangled from my head. My blood rushed to my brain. I dangled there a moment like a rack of ribs at a butcher’s shop. My arms reached out to Master to come closer. My mouth was wet and eager to receive him.

He inched his cock between my lips, letting my tongue graze the head. The taste of his meat was so succulent, rare and juicy. I gripped his waist to pull him deeper, letting his entire width comfortably stretch my windpipe. Every delicious stroke literally took my breath away. I loved the taste of him, I loved his masculine scent. I wanted his essence smeared upon me. I moaned on his cock as if I was starved, aching to swallow him whole.

I reached around him, gripping his ass tightly, playing with his cheeks and spreading them apart. When I felt Master close to climax, I snuck my middle finger in his ass and hooked it deep. His hips shook as he groaned ferociously, jetting his cum up my throat in a delightful gasp of pleasure. There was so much cum, some of it splattered to the floor above my head, my cheeks soaked and smeared white. He played with my lips and tongue, letting me feel the tip of his cock pulse and leak as he milked his shaft on my face with sensual jerking motions.

Then, he pointed to one of the women to clean me up. She knelt down and took my face in her hands, licking my lips and cheeks clean of Master’s cum. I tasted her hot tongue whirling in my mouth as we shared his sweet tangy essence.

I was so wet, the juices from my pussy were leaking down the front of my hips, almost trailing to my waist. The girl saw this and licked the trickling wetness from my stomach to my pussy. She pulled my hips to her face and pressed her pussy to my mouth. We were in a perfect 69 position with my body suspended in mid-air, my ankles wiggling delightfully in the restraints.

She whirled her soft tongue all around my cunt, dipping her fingers inside me, then sucking my clit sensually. The pressure of her lips felt amazing. Tasting her wetness while she sucked my pussy was more than enough to have me explode twice in a row. I wrapped my arms around her waist and licked her clit fiercely. Then, I dipped my tongue inside her swollen heat until I could taste her juice pulsing into my mouth. What a treat she was after sucking Master’s cock. Her pussy was so tight and wet, immaculately shaven, delicious!

They let me down to the floor shortly after so the blood rush to my head would not hurt so much.The girl kissed me softly as I lay on the ground, caressing my body back to its normal gravitational state. She carefully untied the straps around my ankles and massaged the deep red indentions in my skin. She leaned down and kissed them, then gently kissed my lips. Her touch was soothing and comforting.

Master snapped his fingers again, and she automatically got up. He pulled her face close and hardened his cock with her mouth. I watched in amazement at her oral technique. No hands. Her tongue swirled powerfully the entire time Master dipped his cock in and out of her. She was like a felatio machine! Just a few moments in her mouth and he was rock hard again, ready to fuck.

She moved aside as Master came closer to me. He flipped me over and lifted my ass towards him, making me bend forward on my elbows. I arched my back, excited for his cock to enter me. He teased my pussy a little, just softly edging the tip up and down my slit, smearing my wetness all over. Then, he eased past my swollen lips. My walls instantly clenched, feeling his thickness make its way inside me.

He reached forward and played with my clit gently as he fucked me with long, deep strokes. He had only just begun and I was already falling apart, moaning loudly, clawing at the ground. The slow, deep penetration was making my pussy ache for a pounding.

“Harder, Master, please?” I begged.

He quickly ordered for the girl to come closer and hold me in position. She lay under me and held my arms behind my back. Our pussies rubbed perfectly on each other as Master quickened his pace. He held my shoulder firmly with one hand, the other gripping my neck from behind. He fucked me harder and faster just as I’d pleaded, each entrance harder than the last. The head of his cock hit my G-spot and well beyond, until I could feel his cock hit my pelvic bone from the inside. I was in a sexual trance, mouth dangling open, eyes rolled above my lids. The girl held me tight as Master fucked me hard until I came in a screaming jolt on them both. My body quivered from each thrust after my explosive climax.

Master kept going. He pushed my pussy up and took turns thrusting inside me and inside the girl beneath me. I wanted to feel her cum as well. I leaned close to her ear and whispered all of my dirty thoughts while Master fucked her just as hard as he fucked me. She looked so gorgeous as she lay powerless under us both. I sucked and licked her neck, ordering her to cum, making her concentrate on every inch of Master’s cock pumping inside her. I reached down and shivered my fingers on her clit, making her instantly reach her peak. Her tight squeezing cunt made Master cum inside her and all over the both of us. I ground my hips down on her, spreading his cum all around her pelvis with my pussy.

I sat up and licked her clean, not a single white spot left behind. She lay shaking as I bathed her pussy with my tongue. I sucked out every drip inside her that Master had spilt. The taste of them both had me hazy with lust. I couldn’t stop licking her pussy until she came again. Her next climax surprised us both.

After a moment, Master left to take a bath. I walked back to the chalk white room to check on my new slave. I walked in as she was quivering on the table. The masseuse was finger-fucking her hard while whirling her tongue around her clit.

I smiled with my arms crossed as I examined her reactions. I could smell her lust from across the room. She was spent, done for!

“Good! Enough,” I commanded. “Let her rest a moment.”

I walked closer and caressed her face.

“Take her to the baths,” I said. “Then have her sent to her chamber.”

A male staff member took her and carried her away. It was just the masseuse and I again, finally alone, finally free… funny word for such a feeling with little thought.

I conversed with her for a while and laughed about the day. Now that we could do as we pleased, we did not want each other. Strange how actions become fickle between freedom and restraint. I was beginning to see what my Mistress meant, that I needed to know what being a Master was before properly understanding the true role of a sub.

Was this all I was left to do? Nothing more? What was my real lesson here?

I realized my days were numbered in this formidable place and I could not remain here forever. I had to rewind, to remind myself of my old life. I had had my basic human rights stripped away from me, then suddenly given back. Only now, I saw that they were never gone. No one had the power to take them without my permission. I willingly desired to be punished, for my own wants and needs. All that was left of it now was a memory to take with me. Even the memory itself would fade soon enough.

All of this was an illusion. The only thing real within these walls was me, my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts, and my reactions to this wondrous experience.

I realized what I had to do next. It was time to go. If I stayed here any longer, I would be trapped forever. I needed to get back to my normal life before the term normal formed into a new definition altogether.

As I walked away, I could sense something was wrong. The air had changed again, just like the first time I entered those elegant double doors. Rows of men and women came to me, stopping me from leaving. Every face and body that had laid a hand on me was there. I was afraid. I felt stripped bare to the bones, unable to speak.

Suddenly, they all knelt to me, one by one. Clusters of curtsies as I walked past. I was so startled and confused. All I could do was run. I sped out of the house as fast as I could. No clothes, into the courtyard. It was cold and dark; it seemed like the middle of the night. Blankets of clouds covered what little light came from the moon and stars could.

The outside air felt constricting, barely breathable. There was nothing to look forward to. But I was free…

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