Rather Than You

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At first when you left I spent my days and nights
wondering what I was going to do
But since then I’ve met so many of your
excuses for working late
I would rather make love to my empty couch
than to have spent another night with you

So I got myself a brand new couch wanting
nothing to remind me of you
I have taken the time to share with someone
now offering me a different point of view
Someone who would never think of
offering me a glass of wine as a prelude to
do you wanna screw

Truth be known it is not as if I have
anything so much more pressing to do
nor my days spent lamenting our latent shew
Sadly I’ll even confess there are still those
times I am preoccupied with memories
of our sensuous late night rendezvous

Something about last night’s encounter
it may have been the horizontal sweat
ritual on my couch
But something very special about the marks
imprinted upon my soul
And with every stroke my nails dug in deeper
Sweet Jesus I cried as I nailed you to the cross
But not to worry a few more rituals
and this too I am sure shall pass


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