Rag Doll

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photo: MetArt

The fulfillment of a fantasy

“Come on in, Ryan, make yourself comfortable.” I enter the bedroom, and my friend points toward an armchair in the corner. Pete is a friendly bar buddy who lately opened up to me about his open marriage and the prolific sex life he and his wife have. Tonight he has invited me to join them to fulfill one of her fantasies.

I’m excited but also nervous because Pete explained to me that for this to work, his wife has to approve of me first, and then I must follow the instructions carefully. If I fuck any of it up, I will be asked to leave. The idea of losing the possibility of a night of hot sex makes it all the most enticing.

Pete walks into what seems to be a dressing room, exchanges words with a woman, and then comes out preceded by the sexiest creature I have ever seen. Curvy, with perfect hair, she could be the heroine of an old fashion movie.

I stand up, and she looks me up and down. Her delicious curves are covered only by a transparent negligee and a thin, silky thong.

“Cute. He will do,” she says, gesturing for me to sit. “Make sure he understands the rules,” she says to Pete before kissing his cheek, getting into the bed, and turning off the lamp on the bedside table. The room is now illuminated tenuously by a couple of nightlights. Pete sits next to me and speaks in a whisper.

“Marleen’s fantasy tonight is to be a sex doll. It means she will only receive, not give. She will stay fairly still, moving as she would if she was asleep. You get to touch, caress, and if you can manage, to fuck her, as long as you do not maltreat her. No pulling, pushing, throwing limbs around, pounding, slapping, or trying to force your dick anywhere. Your touch must be soft, so it doesn’t cause any strong reactions. This is an artfully controlled fuck. If anything you do breaks her out of her fantasy, she will make you leave. I may join you on the bed or not. You may undress if you want. It will make things easier.”

I nod, take a deep breath, and stand to walk around the bed slowly. The woman in it is a vision. I see her chest go up and down and notice how her breathing is a bit ragged. She is anticipating the moment of touch. It is a form of self-imposed bondage without the need for ties.

I look at her intently as I undo my clothes. Shoes, socks, shirt, belt, pants, it takes me what feels like an eternity to remove all of them, trying my best not to make any noise. The belt buckle is the worst. I think if I get kicked out now for being too clumsy, my dick will explode.

I stand in my boxers, the tight tent pointing toward the beauty on the bed. I choose to start by slowly pulling off the silky sheet that covers her from the waist down. The curve of her ass is revealed, and the movement also pulls the negligee down slightly. One hardened nipple half escapes from it. I withhold a gasp, and my hand instinctively finds my cock. I squeeze it over the boxers, then decide I’ll be better off without them.

Once naked, I approach the edge of the bed, cock in hand. I look at Pete and see he has his dick in one hand while tries to undo his clothes with the other. I point with my cock to her face and give him a questioning look. He nods yes, his breath growing ragged. I inch toward Marleen’s mouth until the tip of my dick touches her lips. Just the feeling of her breath on my mushroom head drives me crazy. Precum spills out of it, and I carefully rub it on her like lip gloss. I yearn to feel her tongue, to feel sucked, but she only allows her mouth to relax. I get to push the throbbing head a little bit inside until I finally feel a slight touch of her tongue. Oh, fuck. This non-blowjob is the best I’ve ever had. The fact that I cannot grab her hair and push my dick down her throat is, at the same time, infuriating and delicious.

I give myself a few jerky squeezes, looking between Marleen’s glorious mouth and Pete, now naked and jerking off with abandon in the corner of the room. I look down and reach with one finger to touch the half escaped nipple. It pebbles even more. I rub it softly, noticing with delight that the negligee has a tie in the front. I pull it softly, and it slides open. I withdraw from her mouth so I can focus on the slow and steady task of pulling the negligee off. She grants permission by making almost imperceptible moves, and I get to take it off one of her arms. Since she stays on her side, that will do for now.

I lean in until my face is hovering over her breasts, and her scent makes me shiver. I carefully run my lips in circles over one nipple, then tentatively give tiny licks on it. As it seems well-received, I endeavor to run my tongue all over that breast softly, then patiently move to the other. I take my time. As if reading my mind, Pete whispers, “Fuck them.”

I spit on my cock, make sure to get it thoroughly wet, and then position myself to slide it between the supple tits. I move it as well as I can, careful not to get carried away. After a minute or so, I notice Marleen’s hand is now resting between her legs. It seems like a casual move, but I think she needs more. I step back and move around the bed until I am kneeling by her ass. I brush my fingertips over the fleshy globes and even let my index finger follow the line between the cheeks. She rocks her hips involuntarily but goes back to stillness.

My thumbs curl over the thong to pull it down gingerly. When it is halfway down her legs, I can’t wait any longer. My hand runs up the middle of her thighs, and I feel joyful when I find the upper part wet, sticky, and hot. I lie down behind her, my cock replacing my hand. I tease her with it and feel her muscles relax to allow passage.

Slowly, conscientiously, I find the warm, moist entrance to paradise. With contained little pushes, I’m all in. Fuck. To have to be restrained here is the best kind of torture. I rock inside her almost indiscernibly, and just when I feel like I can’t take it anymore, I am rewarded with the earth-shattering force of her orgasm. Her pussy clenches furiously, even as she withholds the moans that try to escape her throat. The way she stiffens and contains her body makes all the force of her orgasm concentrate in her core, and I feel like my cock is being devoured, squeezed most spectacularly. I pulse and spill for a long time, my efforts to stay quiet making it enhanced tenfold. The only loud sounds come from Pete, who is crying his pleasure without restraint. This is the best fuck I’ve had in my entire life.

After a few minutes, I slide out of bed, get dressed, and wave goodbye to Pete. I turn back to give one last look, as I see him climb atop of his wife, ready to fuck. I envy him. I hope he invites me back again.

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