Photo: asim alnamat from Pexels Dedicated to our beloved editor. Dearest Rose MyErotica, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for everything that...
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Putting My Dreams on Record

Valentine’s Special The Universe is aligning Image by Rudd San, used with the permission of the artist To follow the way it has been spoken and...
Ashwini Dodani
1 min read

Naughty Schoolgirl and Her Daddy

It was the week before Valentine’s Day. Lo and I had planned a mini-vacation weekend to ski country. I had booked us...
Lola Down
8 min read

Romancing the Self

Self Love is Self Care on V-Day and Beyond Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that magical time of year again — romance is blossoming in the...
Allison Leigh
2 min read

Valentine’s Kinky Secret

Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, Giovanni Luigi Valesio, c1600 Why is Venus spanking Cupid? Did you know that long before the modern world chose Valentine’s Day...
Spanking Theatre
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