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I could feel the vibration from the bass beneath my feet. The rooftop was a welcome escape from the crowded club, which was hot with sex. I flicked the ash from the tip of my cigarette with perfectly manicured red nails. The cool breeze wafted up my skirt, circling my ass cheeks and kissing my lips before flooding back down and out into the night air.

I leaned on the railing, the cold iron pressing against my forearms and breasts. My crop top barely covered my areolae, exposing the bottom of my full, round boobs. I traced my lips with my tongue as I heard the heavy rooftop door fly open. I guess he got my note.

Meet me on the roof.

I had been eye-fucking the bartender all night. His dirty blond hair was pulled back into a bun at the nape of his neck. I’d locked gazes with him several times during the night as he rinsed the bar glasses in the sink. His fingers moved quickly and purposefully over the clear glass beneath the steady stream of water. I was sure my pussy lips were wetter than the water escaping the faucet.

I didn’t turn around as he approached me from behind. I felt his strong hands grab my shoulders as his heavy foot kicked the inside of my ankles, spreading my legs wide open. I was already dripping. The blood rushed from the point of contact on my shoulders down through my breasts, stomach, and pooled at the center of my cunt.

“What took you so long?” My voice cut through the thick night air.

I felt his warm breath on my ear, “Shhhh.”

His breath was quickly replaced with the wetness of his tongue and lips. He traced every inch of my ear, slowly sucking my earlobe into his mouth. He pulled back on my shoulders, forcing my back to arch and the bottom of my breasts to pop free from the fabric. The more he pulled, the harder my crotch pressed against the iron bars of the railing. How did he know where to push and pull? My engorged clit was ramming against the iron bar. I started to gyrate my hips, rubbing the cold, hard pole deeper and harder onto my swollen nub. The vibration from the music downstairs shot up through the railing and into my wide open pussy.

His hand moved from my shoulder to my hip as he pushed my crotch harder and faster into the pole. He fell to his knees, and flipped my skirt up out of the way. I instantly felt the night air slap against my bare ass. His hands were next, making hard contact with my flesh. He smacked and squeezed my skin. With each slap a small cry escaped my throat. I instinctively bent my body over the railing, pushing my pussy closer to his mouth. I could feel his breath as it bounced off my moisture. I mentally begged for him to suck it. I could feel his nose touching my labia. He moved it up and down my wet slit. He was smelling me.

My hands grasped the top railing and I shoved my cunt into his waiting mouth. He sucked the first flood of moisture from my pussy hole, his hands pulling and tugging on my skirt. His tongue circled my flaps, penetrated my hole, and massaged my throbbing button in a pattern of pleasure. I grabbed my breasts and pinched my now rock hard nipples. His tongue was fucking my dripping wet hole, but it wasn’t enough. I pushed and rode his face, close to climax but not quite there.

“Finger fuck me,” I instructed the sexy bartender.

I felt him rise to his feet. He wasted no time, aggressively shoving one, then two of those thick, long fingers into my throbbing pussy. The pink flesh welcomed his touch, engulfing his fingers and squeezing them as they slid in and out. His strong hand grabbed onto my stomach. He held me up as I began losing control of my body. I couldn’t stand on my own. The pleasure was too intense. I cried out as I felt his teeth sink into the muscular flesh of my back. What was he doing back there? It felt as if he had an infinite amount of fingers. I felt some digits penetrating my hole while others slid back and forth over my throbbing clit and another was tickling my tight asshole. His fingers were everywhere. He bit down harder on my back and pushed my torso up higher, giving his fingers even deeper access into my body. I couldn’t hold off. My body tightened and I screamed out in ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!”

The sound of my voice wafted up and over the city streets below. I collapsed onto his hands as the wave of pleasure moved through my body, escaping my mouth. We stood like that for several seconds, his hands still holding me up by my crotch, which was now covered in my thick juices.

I regained my footing and the bartender slid his hand out from under my skirt, releasing his hold on my stomach. I turned around, finally setting eyes on my source of pleasure. He was licking every last drop of my juice from his fingertips. I watched as he sucked his knuckles and licked the clear, thick pussy cream from in between the webbing. When he was done, he smiled.

“Let’s get a drink.”

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