Menage, part three

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Three become as one…

It has been a few days since Emily was introduced into our lives, and we have become used to thinking of ourselves as one unit, so perfectly have we melded together. Our relationship has been easy and unpressured, which is why it works so well. Emily is a wild creature, bold, intense, creative, yet she respects the fact that Nathan and I are happily married, and that she is our guest. We want her to stay, but she does so only when we invite her to. She decides when to leave us alone for a while without her.

At times, when Nathan is making love to me, I enjoy Emily’s fingers around him to bring an added excitement, guiding him into me, touching me softly. Then a different thrill as she takes my wrists and holds them crossed above my head while caressing my lips with the fingers that brought him to me, to make me taste myself.

No words are exchanged, and the involvement might be nothing more than that, yet it forms a beautiful bond that has grown between us, where each is willing to add an extra dimension to the others with no demand of self. I return the compliment when she gives herself to Nathan; seeing them together brings a fresh dimension to my own desire as I watch.

Somehow being a little detached from their lovemaking brings an extra perspective to my own self awareness. My hand strays to excite myself as I watch them, arousing myself in perfect rhythm with them. Hearing the sounds of my desire drives the intensity of theirs too.

I become a voyeur at the scene of my own pleasure.

Lying in our kingsize fourposter bed, snuggled close either side of Nathan as he sleeps, I feel Emily’s fingers entwine with mine as our hands meet across him, searching for the same thing at the same time. No need for words, just the gentle sensation of mutual need as our hands connect in the darkness of the night and make us a loving three as we stimulate him to a growing hardness to drive our mutual fantasies into pillow-stifled climax.

That gives us pleasure but does not wake him. I don’t want to wake him. I feel the moisture on Emily’s fingers, and know it has come from herself, as she feels mine. She pulls lightly on my hand, wanting me.

Nathan stirs slightly. Having two of us to satisfy means that he sleeps soundly, though I gave up trying to exhaust him years ago. I demand a lot of sex; Nathan has never once refused me. With Emily in our bed I don’t have to amuse myself in the small hours, or always wake Nathan for what I want.

I draw my fingers back to my mouth to have the delicious taste of her. I cannot get enough, and I want her, right now. I slip out of the bed and move quietly around to her side and crawl in under the covers, my mouth searching for more of the flow that I tasted moments ago. Her legs open to take me; a slow kissing of the length of her thigh is prelude to driving my tongue deep in response to the all enveloping flow of her wanting.

I sense her silent scream as my teeth give her a tender hurting, and reach my hand up to close over her mouth. There comes a muffled mewling as she clasps it in desperation.

Her fingers twist in my hair to pull me deeper in for more.

My tongue forms itself into a hard point to find where her ecstasy is at its most unendurable, then gives the smallest flicks that I know will electrify her entire body. I enforce a waiting between each one, so that her mind is aroused in anticipation, without knowing when the next shock will come.

Emily’s thoughts are now focused on me, she is aware of nothing but the sensation my tongue is inflicting, and it allows me to control the shudders of pleasure that pass between us through the subtlest of flickering movements. The way her body moves itself to me is a silent begging for the next touch; our dark closeness gives full reign to my sadistic side as I make her wait for each one.

I have come to know Emily well, and I can draw her out along a razor edge of climax, denying the ultimate goal so that she can suffer on the crest of it for her own eternity. At every expectant rise I draw back a little to hold her where she is. She is screaming inside, biting on the hand that keeps her silent.

She cannot endure it, yet her need demands it.

Finally I drive my tongue hard in as far as it can go, and greedily swallow her flooding desire as she explodes on my face. I am drowning in all that she is, as her tormented body comes to rest around me. She breathes in sobbing gasps that clamour for air around my silencing hand.

I crawl up Emily’s quivering body to hold her tight, and crush her lips against my own. Wrapped around each other, I feel Nathan’s arm gently move across the two of us, pulling us tighter together.

‘I shall think of a way to punish you two in the morning,’ he whispers sleepily, before drawing us both together as we drift off in a warm haze of close pleasure. Emily and I are held tight by the strong embrace of Nathan’s arm, her hot body curving itself against my own while he lies close behind me. I reach back to hold him; I need to feel the touch of both of them.

Nathan never says anything he doesn’t follow through on.

‘I have to go into the office today, girls,’ Nathan announces over breakfast next morning. ‘So I’m going to have to leave the two of you to amuse yourselves without me for a few hours.’

Emily and I exchange thinly disguised looks of shock and dismay at being left on our own. He grins knowingly, though makes no mention of the previous night. He is already suited for the office, while Emily and I are are still naked except for silky robes, loosely tied.

‘So one of you will have to be left in charge, to make sure the other one doesn’t get into any mischief while I’m gone.’ Nathan has a way of creating a subtle scene that can flow in whichever way we choose. I never know what direction it will take. Emily is just getting used to the way his mind works.

‘Emily, take out a coin from your purse.’

I watch and smile as she does as she’s told.

‘Now spin it on the table, and call heads or tails before it stops.’ She spins the coin and she calls heads. We watch in fascination as the coin spins down. ‘Heads it is,’ Nathan says. ‘Looks like you win, Emily. The choice is now yours, do you desire to be left in command of Alice, or in submission to her?’

I can see from the expression on Emily’s face that she had not expected Nathan’s little surprise, whereas I know him to be infinitely inventive. Emily gives me a questioning look. I give a nod in agreement to whatever she wants to do.

‘I think I would like to be in control, Nathan,’ Emily replies. I sense that what happened last night may have affected her decision.

‘Very well Emily, you are in charge for today, to do as you please.’ My heart pounds in my chest as Nathan takes a steel collar with a leather leash attached out of his briefcase and hands it to her. Obviously he had it there to give to whichever of us was left in charge today.

‘Does this mean I can do anything I like?’ asks Emily, running the collar through her fingers appreciatively.

‘Anything at all,’ Nathan replies. ‘We use no safewords here, just trust and common sense. And we do trust you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.’

Emily picks up the collar and leash and walks over to me. I lift my hair as she puts the collar around my neck and snicks the lock. I have always loved the sensation of a collar tightening; Nathan is only too aware of that. He knows what wearing a collar will do while he’s not here and Emily has control of me. I exchange looks with Nathan as he watches her.

The collar is part of him. It will link me to his thoughts while he is away.

‘And here’s the key to our toy cupboard, Emily; we thought it was time you got acquainted with some of our quirkier inclinations.’ Nathan points to a tall cupboard on the other side of the room, and Emily walks over to it and unlocks it.

I know what’s in there: ropes, chains, handcuffs, a chastity belt, vibrators, a gag, blindfolds, enough to keep an imagination revving for weeks. I watch Emily take a few moments to digest it all, then she turns and smiles back at us.

‘My, you do have quite a selection in here,’ she laughs, then strolls back nonchalantly carrying a pair of open handcuffs, and dangles them in front of me, motioning me up. I stand dutifully and put my hands behind my back.

There is the sound of clicking steel as the cuffs ratchet shut, telling me that I belong to Emily for the day. Nathan recognises my eager submission. Emily tugs down on my collar, indicating that I should kneel. I sink to the floor with my knees spread wide and my head bowed. Emily pulls the sash of my robe to let it fall open to reveal my nakedness, then lifts my head, kisses me on the lips and whispers, ‘Open.’

I open my mouth in obedience, and she beckons Nathan over. She unzips him and slips a hand inside his trousers. ‘Say goodbye to Alice, Nathan. I will take good care of her while you are away.’

His hard arousal springs out under Emily’s hand and rises level with my mouth; I lift my head towards him eagerly, while Emily puts one hand around his neck to give him a long slow goodbye kiss while guiding him between my open lips with the other. I kneel between them as she masturbates him into my mouth with maddening slowness, forming a ring with her fingers so that he rolls into me. She allows my tongue to taste a few strokes of him, then pulls him out.

Involuntarily I make to follow my own need, but Emily twists her fingers in my hair to pull my head back. I am left in no doubt of who is in control now. Her torture is a subtle one. His hard erection is throbbing inches from my face, but I cannot have him. Nathan has given me to her; I now have no option but to obey her.

‘If she is mine for the day, Nathan, you can have her when you get home.’

Nathan grins, his self control is absolute; he is happy to play along with Emily’s new found role as dominatrix, knowing what it will do to me to be kept in submission for the next few hours. I know that this is what he wants for me. It will also be part of giving myself to him later. Emily having taken him just so far will drive him crazy while he’s away.

Her creative thinking excites me.

Nathan grabs his briefcase, gives Emily a quick kiss and winks at me, then is gone. I hear his car drive away; Emily and I are alone together.

She wraps my leash around her hand and jerks it so that I get to my feet. I stand, feeling deliciously vulnerable with my robe flowing open and my hands cuffed behind my back, waiting to see what she intends to do with me. I get the impression that I might have to suffer for what I did to her last night.


I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but in the company of liked minded people who have invariably been caring and courteous. You might like other stuff I’ve written, (poetry and erotic fiction) available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback

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