My Son’s Best Friend

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“What’s Derek up to these days?” I asked my son while he drank his coffee and got ready for work. He rolled his eyes, suspecting my secret lust for his best friend.

“Mom, he’s home for the summer, too. He’s just working all the time to save some cash before the semester starts.”

I beamed. “Oh, well if Derek needs money, I have some jobs he could do around the house now that your father is gone.”

My ex-husband, the creep, ran off with a younger blonde bombshell type. She was at least twenty years younger than him. I shouldn’t have been insulting my son’s father, but it is what it is. He was an asshole, and I didn’t care who knew it.

Sensing the opportunity, I asked my son for Derek’s number. He reluctantly read it off his phone for me, and I stored it into mine.

I texted Derek: “Hi there! It’s Mrs. Ballard, but you can call me Callie. I have some yard work if you’d like to make some money! :)”

He replied to me immediately. He was a thirsty young man.

“Sure, Callie, what time works for you?”

Knowing my son would be out of the house, I told him to swing over at 2:00 pm if he was available. He agreed immediately.

When he came over to the house, he was looking beautiful. Bronzed from working in the sun at his landscaping job, he was sweaty in a dirty wife beater. I directed him to some hedges strategically near the pool.

“You don’t mind if I sunbathe while you work, do you, Derek?”

He nervously gulped and agreed, then went out back to trim the hedges.

I wore a scandalously slutty yellow bikini. I might have been twenty-something years old than him, but I kept my body tighter at 43 years old than most of the 21-year-old girls he and my son knew.

I sat out by the pool and asked him to apply some lotion. He agreed, but I could tell how nervous he was when his hands started shaking as he applied the tanning lotion to my back.

He went to work on the hedges and took his shirt off. It was a sight to take in. Derek was a fit, bronzed man with six pack abs, a tight chest, and strong shoulders. Fuck, I wanted him.

He wanted me, too. He looked at me every chance he got. He looked at my long hair. I knew he liked my big tits. I wagged my tight butt, earned from hours in the gym. I had him practically drooling at me. I could see the bulge begin to grow in his shorts, and it exceeded my expectations.

“Do you want some water, Derek?”

“Yes please,” he replied nervously.

I sauntered into the house and made sure he was behind me so that he could marvel at my tight, curvy ass walking across the lawn.

I poured him a glass of water and looked at him and smiled. As he drank, his eyes remained fixated on my body.

“You’re in perfect shape, Mrs Ballard… I mean Callie,” he said nervously.

He couldn’t resist me anymore and could see the writing on the wall. He leaned in and kissed me, then pulled away as if he was reconsidering the decision. I smiled and put my arms around him and started passionately kissing him. My hands wandered down to the bulge in his pants.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I told him.

We rushed to the bedroom like two animals in heat. I ripped off my bikini and pushed him on the bed. I straddled him and put my hands behind his neck, drawing him in for a sloppy kiss.

“Fuck, Callie, I’ve always thought you were so hot,” he told me.

He started sucking on my tits aggressively while I stroked his fat cock. He threw me on my back and began nibbling my thigh, driving me crazy as he zoned in on my pussy.

As his hands grappled my legs, his tongue worked my clit, and he used his fingers to fuck my pussy. I was seeping wet all over his face, and I could tell he loved every moment of it.

“That’s it, Derek, fucking eat the pussy,” I cried out to him as he tongue fucked me and his hands reached down to my ass, gripping it tight. I spread my legs for him and bit my lip, moaning, and savoring every moment of it. I rubbed my clit while he tongue fucked my pussy.

I could see his cock. It was a beast to behold. It was at least ten inches and fat, at least twice the size of my asshole ex-husband’s cock. I wanted it in my mouth.

“Stand up, I want to suck your cock,” I demanded.

He stood up, and I watched his tight muscles ripple. I took his cock in my mouth as he held my hair back and I took that fat dick down my throat. It was so big that I could feel my jaw stretching wide open. He grunted as I sucked him and I locked eyes as the slobber drooled all over his fat dick.

I started jerking him off with my spit as lubrication. “Do I suck dick better than those college sluts?” I asked him.

“Yes, fuck, yes,” he replied.

I spat on his cock and jerked him off harder.

“I fuck better than those college sluts do, too,” I told him.

I lay down on my side and displayed my ass to him. He looked at it like a lion looks at his prey. He lay down behind me and inserted his cock inside of me, caressing my tits while he fucked me.

“You fuck me so much better than my husband ever did,” I told him as his dick pummelled my pussy. I could feel him get even harder as I uttered those words. He enjoyed defiling the bed of my previous marriage.

He gripped my ass with lustful animalistic intensity and fucked my pussy like it was his last chance to get his nut while still on earth.

“You fuck me so well,” I told him.

“I want to look you in the eye while I fuck you,” he told me.

I laughed and rolled on my back, with my beautiful hair draped on the bed, and my strong legs spread wide for him. I looked at him and said, “Fuck me, baby.”

He plunged inside of my seeping wet cunt while I rubbed my clit, and our eyes were locked. “You feel so good, Callie,” he told me.

I wrapped my legs around him and demanded, “Fuck me harder.”

An intensity overcame his face, and his cock grew even harder. He held my legs apart and began to pump in and out of my pussy ferociously. I rubbed my clit while he fucked me.

I could feel him come closer to a climax, and I told him to stop. “I want to ride you,” I told him.

He lay down with his cock standing at attention, a glorious sight to behold. I straddled him and sunk on him, letting my pussy be stretched out by that mighty fucking cock. I started riding him.

He lay there, watching my body writhe on top of him and taking in the sight, watching my tits bounce as I rode his cock and my hands scratched his tight chest.

“I’m . . . I’m gonna cum,” Derek told me nervously. “Where should I cum?”

“Fucking cum inside me!” I screamed out.

His hands gripped my ass, and I could feel the cum pulsing out of his fat dick and filling my pussy.

“Yes, yes, fucking cum inside me!” I screamed out as he unloaded his balls into my cunt.

I lay down next to him, and playfully kissed his cheek. He smiled.

I looked him in the eye and stroked his cum-covered cock. “I’m not through with you yet,” I told him.

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