The Reunion

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I spot her before she sees me and the years seem to fall away. What has it been? Ten, fifteen years? She was so innocent back then. I can still feel her lips on mine, hear the soft gasp of delight when I kissed her. She was turned on — her thin T-shirt showed her hardened nipples in perfect relief — but she was too afraid.

“I’m not lesbian,” she had whispered before fleeing towards her friends.

I’m amazed I recognised her after all these years, but then, she hasn’t changed much. And the image of her perfect innocence has been burned into my brain. I have often wondered how life could have been had she not fled. If she had come home with me instead.

It’s futile, of course. You can’t change the past.

I sip my cocktail and feign disinterest in my surroundings. From the corner of my eye I can see her watch me. She’s too far away to see whether she has recognised me. I decide it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to get burned twice, I will leave her well alone.

I try not to rush my drink. I came here to have a break from the monotony of travelling alone, but her presence makes me uncomfortable. I can’t stop glancing over at her. I notice she’s alone as well. Age has been kind to her. She has put on a bit of weight; her face is rounder and her breasts are definitely larger. I imagine her thighs, thick and soft and wrapped around my face.

I can feel the tell-tale sign of my desire between my legs and I shift on my seat. I turn my back on her and focus on my drink. I’m being ridiculous. Best to leave the past in the past.

Just as I am paying for the bill a scent enters my nostrils. It connects straight with my cunt, which is already dripping wet. I don’t have to look up to know it’s her.


My heart skips a beat at hearing my name in her mouth.

I turn to her. Her face is drawn and she is biting her lip. Pretending not to know her would be cruel, so I don’t.

“Jess,” I say.

Her face lights up in a smile. “I was worried you wouldn’t recognise me.”

I’d recognise you anywhere, I want to say, but I merely nod.

“Are you here alone?” She seems to hold her breath and leans forward a bit. Everything about her seems tense.

“Yes, business conference.”

I get up. I don’t want to have this conversation in the bar. It’s too loud and there are too many people around.

“Let’s go to the lobby,” I suggest.

She nods and trails after me. My sodden panties cling to me uncomfortably and I try to ignore the throb in my cunt. It wouldn’t do to let arousal determine my actions now.

In the lobby I turn to face her. “You look good.”

“So do you.” She smiles again, her face more relaxed now. “I can’t believe I ran into you.”

“Me neither.”

She looks down and twirls a lock of hair around her finger. I wait. I would love to pick up where we left off ten years ago, but she has to take the initiative.

“I was a fool,” she says, finally.

Hope blooms in my chest, but I keep my face impassive. “You were?”

“I should’ve taken you up on your offer. I was after this guy and I let that cloud my judgement.” She looks at me now, her eyes full of regret.

“We were young,” I offer.

She nods. “I ended up marrying him. Worst mistake of my life.”

“Oh?” I refuse to allow hope to bloom any further. This could just mean closure for her.

She takes a step closer to me. “I got divorced. And I wondered…if you’re single too…”

She trails off and although I can guess what she wants to ask, I stay silent. I need to hear her say the words.

“Is it too late to take you up on your offer?” Her face is flushed and she looks gorgeous.

I close the distance between us and cup her face. “It’s never too late.” I bend my head to hers and kiss her. She melts against me and parts her lips to let me in. She tastes of cranberries and I remember that her favourite drink used to be vodka cranberry. Not much has changed.

Her tongue traces my teeth before slipping into my mouth. Heat pools between my legs and time stands still. There is only Jess and I — the rest of the world becomes irrelevant.

When we finally pull apart my legs are shaking.

“Your room or mine?” she asks.

I don’t really care, but I brought a selection of sex toys and if we’re going to do this, we may as well do it right.

“Mine,” I croak.

I take her hand and lead her to the elevators. She’s out of breath and her smile is dazzling. The elevator doors open and we step inside. As soon as the doors close she pulls me towards her. Her mouth finds mine and her hands slide over my shoulders towards my breasts. My nipples harden in anticipation and the next moment her fingers are on them: tweaking them, pulling them. I moan as sparks of pleasure shoot through me.

The elevator stops and I reluctantly pull away from her. She is no longer the naïve girl I met in a night club; she’s a woman who knows what she wants. And I love it.

I fumble with the key, but manage to open the door. Jess follows me in and the door slams shut behind her. I kick off my shoes and turn to her. She suddenly looks less sure of herself. I take her hand and we sit down on the edge of the bed. I take her face and kiss her again, gently and lightly. I kiss her lips, then her cheek, slowly making my way to her neck. She gasps when I kiss the hollow of her throat and I can feel her relax. I trail kisses down to the top of her low-cut T-shirt. I gently lift her shirt over her head, ready to stop if she asks me, but she unclasps her bra for me and slips it over her arms.

Her breasts are luscious, the areolae dark and her nipples puckered. I kiss each one in turn, eliciting more gasps from her. She sounds so sexy, I have to restrain myself from throwing her on the bed and ravishing her. I need to go slowly. This is the first time she’s been with a woman; I can’t scare her off.

I take my time with her breasts. I suck her nipples and pinch them until she is writhing on the bed, moaning loudly. My cunt aches with need, but first I want to satisfy her desires.

She allows me to slip her skirt and panties down. As I suspected, her thighs are thick and soft. I slowly make my way to her core, kissing and licking every inch of the soft expanse of flesh. Jess moans, her breath coming in ragged gasps. I can smell her desire and it’s driving me wild.

I finally reach her hot, wet core and I gently lick her slit. She cries out when my tongue connects with her clit and her hips buck wildly. I can’t contain the smile creeping over my face. I grab her hips and hold her down while I lave on her beautiful cunt. She is wet and I have no trouble slipping two fingers inside her. Her cunt tightens around my fingers. I find her G-spot and curl my fingers against it, pressing hard.

Her cries are incoherent. She grabs my head and grinds herself against my tongue. I press my heel against my own sodden cunt in an attempt to get some relief for myself. This is only the start of the night; I’m convinced Jess won’t want to leave too soon after I’m done with her.

I can feel the convulsions start deep inside her cunt and then she’s coming, crying and laughing all at once. Her hips lift off the bed and her legs thrash wildly. Then her body relaxes and sinks into the mattress.

I look up from between her thighs, my face wet with her juices. She grins at me, her chest and face flushed from her orgasm.

“Can I stay the night?” she asks. “I want to satisfy you too.”

I lie next to her and kiss her. She licks her own juices off my lips and tongue.

“I’d love that,” I tell her.

She doesn’t waste any time, but rolls me onto my back and undresses me.

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