Let the Husband Watch!

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How do you want to be held?

In your Black Master’s arms,

Grabbing at your butt

Sucking on your tits

While you moan and hunger for more . . .

How do you want to be treated?

Like a common housewife or

Like a sexy, sultry Hotwife

Wanting the best sex you can find

Getting the proper fucking you crave

Not once, and definitely not twice,

Having you cum more and more

Begging for another round . . .

How do you desire seeing yourself?

Sexually liberated,


Desire, impulse and hormones kicking

Every time your lover comes by

Watching your hubby welcome him,

Letting him know you’re almost done with your makeup . . .

How do you seek the night to end?

Wearing your sultriest lingerie

High heels and thong panties,

Loving your lover’s compliments and eyeing up

Feeling his hand squeeze your thigh

Urging him to rip your panties aside

And fuck you like a tramp

Like a slut

Toss your ass upside down

Let your hubby watch a real man pound your pussy

Enjoy the feel of your Master’s cum shoot inside you

Fill you like nothing ever before . . .

How would you see your hubby?

Bowing to your Black Master,

Thanking him for his seed

Then coming to clean your pussy out . . .

Tell me how you want it.

Every hotwife has her individual preference about how she’d want her time spent with her Black Master/lover to begin and how it would end for the night. She has thought about such a moment over and over again, especially in her dreams. When the evening comes and her husband gets to deliver her to her lover, her heart is already trotting inside her chest, awaiting the inevitable. It’s up to her lover to make the evening worthwhile for her. It might not be the first time, but for her, it will always be like their first meeting.

Not just for her, but for her hubby, too. Her cuck-husband will stand back and relish the fulfilment of his desire to see her happy, lost in the arms of her Black Master. Watching the way she melts like ice cream in his arms. He will recall how he had watched her prepare herself for this special evening. How she had gotten her hair and nails done earlier in the day. Even better, that she had acquired the right evening outfit to light up her Master’s eyes with glee.

For some wives, there is the need to be alone with her lover, without the husband’s presence to dull the moment. For husbands, this choice usually comes as a let-down for them. Hence why the hubbies choose to align themselves with the wife’s lover to help quell her nervous excitement and enable her to be herself. Whichever way she chooses to display her emotions is fine with both men, as long as neither loses sight of who is in charge of the wife.

When they’re done with their evening play, it’s time for the main event — the fucking. No husband ever wants to miss out on this action.

The Black Master runs the set-up: getting the cuck-hubby to strip himself and be in his submissive outfit, and help the wife out of hers too. Depending how the wife wants it (for many wives, there is the need to start things slow), she surrenders herself to her lover. As long as she’s in the throes of her passion, she craves nothing but to worship her lover with as much energy as she can muster.

Her husband perches in a corner of the room, seething with jealousy and envy, mixed with love and passion toward his wife. He might be so inclined to get undressed and masturbate fervently while enjoying the voyeuristic delight of seeing his wife make love to another man. For those desiring to worship the Master’s cock alongside their wife, they’re expected to admit their desire. Admit their need not just to their Master but also to their wife. It’s the Master’s will to enjoin the ‘Black-Owned’ couple into Cock Sharing.

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