I Want You to Cum in My Wife’s Mouth

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When the quarantine ends…

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it and again, from your pics I can tell you, Sara is going to love being with you.

We’re all set for July if this fucking quarantine ever ends. If not, we can maybe just do some Skype or something. Fingers crossed.

So this is what we usually do, our first time with a new bull. There is no penetration, sorry. Sara is adamant that she doesn’t fuck on the first date. That was true with me when I met her ten years ago.

She is, as you can see from our photos, very beautiful, and she has especially luscious lips, so you are going to get to enjoy a real treat in our first encounter, even if she won’t go “all the way” with you.

This is what she wants to do:

She will be sitting at a table in the hotel bar with me. I will be pretending to be her “security.” She is a very wealthy heiress, see, who actually does have security but they will be given the night off for our fun.

She will introduce me as her bodyguard. I will have dark sunglasses on, an Armani suit, and those ear thingies in my ear so I look the part. I will also have a handgun in a holster inside my suit that you may glimpse — don’t worry, it is a stage prop, not a real gun.

“This is Cal, my security guard,” she will say. “Cal, give us some space.”

I will go to the bar and watch from there. You guys will share a drink and will flirt and get to know each other. When Sara is ready to go upstairs she will call me over.

“Cal, we are going upstairs to the room, will you clear the elevator.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I’ll say.

Then I’ll go over to the elevator and “clear” it, which basically means, make sure there aren’t any kidnappers hanging around there waiting to kidnap her.

“The elevator is clear, Ma’am,” I will say, as you and my wife come hand in hand from the bar and get in the elevator with me.

She’ll improvise little things like, “Cal is so good to me. He’s been guarding me since I was a teenager, haven’t you Cal?”

“Yes,” I’ll say, tersely.

“Oh, he really liked to keep an eye on me when I was a teenager, didn’t you, Cal?”

And I’ll say, “I still like to keep an eye on you, Ma’am.”

Then we get to our penthouse floor, and she will instruct me to clear the room. I will go into the hotel room and make sure that the room is clear.

“All clear, Ma’am,” I’ll say.

Now you two will come into the room. I will enter with you and take my post by the door. You will sit in the living room of the suite and maybe have some champagne. She will begin kissing you and you will maybe be a little nervous since I’m still standing there watching. Play that nervousness up. It’s part of the thrill for us.

Say something like, “Um, is it really necessary for him to stand there watching?”

“I’m afraid so,” she will say. “Daddy insists on it. We’ve had quite a few attempts on our family, you know. It’s not reported in the press. We don’t want to give any of the bad guys ideas. But yes, they are after us. Cal has to be there.”

Then after you guys start getting a little hot and heavy she will say, “Cal, clear the bedroom for us, will you.”

Then I will go into the bedroom and take my post by the window. “All clear,” I will yell, and you two will come in.

What she really wants you to do is take each item of her clothing off very slowly, and cover her with kisses. When she is down to just her panties, you must be very, very slow in removing these. And again, as you are about peel them off, check with her one more time. “Um, really, are you sure the bodyguard needs to see this? Can’t he wait outside the room.”

“No, you fool,” she’ll explain. “Don’t you realize that I’m at my most vulnerable when I’m totally naked. Daddy insists on him staying in the bedroom.”

And then you will take her panties off. At this point I will start masturbating and you can complain about that.

“My God,” you might whine. “His pants are at his feet. He’s wanking himself. Do you realize that?”

“Oh shut up and eat my pussy,” she’ll say. “Can you blame him for wanking? I mean, look at me, my pussy is totally exposed to you. It’s all yours to feast on. Imagine how that makes the poor man feel.”

At that point you should begin eating her out and she will cum in a second. Then afterwards she will kneel on the carpet before you and pull your dick out of your jeans.

And she will give you the best blow job of your life, I mean, you can’t believe how those lips feel on your cock. She will suck you and suck you.

And you will cum in her mouth.

That’s very important. All of your cum must go in her mouth. I want every drop of it.

After you cum, she will stand up, and come over to me. And she will kiss me deeply on the mouth and all of your cum will go in my mouth. I will swallow it.

“Daddy insists that Cal drink the cum,” she will explain. “He’s afraid of me getting a disease. So he pays Cal to drink it down. How was it Cal? Salty?”

“Yes,” I will say, smacking my lips.

“Oh, I think Cal really liked your cum,” she will say. “Look what’s about to happen.”

And then, as I sigh in ecstasy with your cum dripping down my throat, I will shoot the biggest load of cum you have ever seen, so watch out. It might shoot all the way across the room at you. There’s something about having all your cum in my mouth that makes the male animal in me super potent and able to ejaculate so powerfully.

That’s basically it. Afterwards we can hang out a bit, I will give you the envelope and we will all say our goodbyes.

The next time we meet there will be even more excitement and more money too. But we’ll get to that.

Now, let’s just hope this coronavirus thing passes and we can actually leave our fucking houses again.

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