I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

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photo: SexArt

Christina Stevens takes charge in the bedroom

We are having a very nice evening, and it seems that it is going to end with a conventional bang, but then…I feel an impulse.

And I act on it. I hope you don’t mind. You don’t seem to.

I push you down on the edge of bed and stand over you. I look at you and you get what’s happening. I’m taking charge.

I kiss you and push your face into my naked breasts. I can see you getting rock hard in your briefs. Suddenly I pull your head back by the hair and instruct you to obey me and take off your underwear because I want to see that sweet cock.

You slide the briefs off, and I tell you to lie down on the bed because I’m going to tie you up with two neckties I take from your closet door.

“Tie me up?” you say, surprised.

I take your two hands and pull them over your head, where I tie a hard knot around them. Then with the other tie I bind you to the headboard.

I stand over you, naked, and I rub my nipples with one hand and my pussy with the other. I’m so turned on seeing you this way, vulnerable beneath me. In my power.

“I’m sure you want to eat this sweet pussy, don’t you, bad boy?” I say.

“Yes,” you say.

“Beg me then,” I instruct you. “Beg for my pussy.”

“Please let me eat that sweet pussy,” you beg.

“I dunno,” I tease. “I’m doing a pretty good job with my fingers. Maybe I don’t need your mouth.”

I rub my pussy above you. You look up at it longingly.

“Please let me eat that pussy,” you beg.

I relent.

Slowly I put my pussy down onto your face. And I begin fucking your mouth with my moist pussy.

You suck on my clit and then you just hold your tongue there as I rock my pussy back and forth on your mouth. This is different than oral sex we normally do, where you do all the work with your fast moving tongue. I’m in charge here. I’m practically penetrating your mouth with my labia. Then I reach back and grab your cock as I keep fucking your mouth.

“Oh yeah, that’s good,” I say. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Oh!”

It came upon me rapidly, this orgasm. I didn’t expect it this fast, but then again, I’ve never fucked a tied up guy in the mouth with my pussy before. I like it. You can feel my whole pussy convulsing and shaking on your lips as I cum; it takes about twenty seconds to subside.

I look at you. I bite my lip. Your cock is so hard, standing straight up like a soldier. Then I mount you. I rub your dick with my vagina, up and down, teasing, not letting you in yet.

“Please!” you beg.

“No, you can’t come in,” I tease.

“Please let me in!” you plead.

Finally I sit down on it and it fills my pussy. You can’t move your hands. You wish you could grab me and pull me down onto you, but no, I’m in control.

“You’re trying to escape, bad boy?”

You moan. I fuck you despacito. But deeply. I reach my hand behind me and grab your balls as I fuck you a little faster.

I don’t know what came over me.

I put my hand on your face and I squeeze it as I feel myself about to come. I squeeze that handsome face with my hand as I squeeze even tighter with my cunt, down on your dick.

“Cum with me!” I demand. “I want you to shoot it all up in me! Now! Do you hear me!”

I bark the order, and you respond. I can feel it shooting up in me as you thrust up, up, and up again, moaning wildly. And I cum too, scratching a big red line down your cheek as I do.

“Oh gosh,” I say, after, looking at the line on your cheek. It’s a line of red. It’s wet.

“I’m sorry,” I say, sincerely, and I untie your hands.

“Don’t worry,” you say, wiping your face with the sheet. “I liked it. I’ve never seen that side of you before.”

“Me neither,” I confess. “I don’ t know what came over me…”

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