Job interview

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Job Interview

The elevator door opens and she turns around as soon as I approach her. The mature reception lady gives us a snarky eye. She has dressed to kill. A leather miniskirt, over the knee stockings, a semi-transparent white shirt that shows a glimpse of her cleavage and a flowery bra. She presents her hand to shake mine.

Hey, nice to meet you! Thank you for the opportunity…

… she says in the most disarming way as I gulp in silence.

Walking into the elevator, her elegant gait gets me into a magic spell. I’ve interviewed many people in my life, but I know this one will leave a permanent mark. A minute later, we are standing below an installation illustrating the product range of the company. While I attempt to describe the manufacturing process she gets closer to me. Too close — our shoulders are nearly touching. She pretends to be listening to what I am saying, and asks interesting questions, but the way she looks at me and fumbles with her hair makes it difficult to concentrate.

Walking through the building, the vending machine in the hallway catches her attention. She asks what my favorite snack is. I gaze through the glass and decide to get it for her. Seconds later, she’s taking a bite of a chocolate bar and complimenting my choice. Before I can stop her, she breaks the remaining piece in half and makes me eat it from her hand.

“Please,” she smiles. “I knew you wanted some.”

I hope nobody saw that.

I offer her coffee before proceeding to the formal part of the interview. She takes a flat white, no sugar and follows me into the open office. She takes care to say hello to each of my colleagues and asks what their role is on the team.

“Which one is your seat?” she asks and I point to it. She smiles. “I will only take this job if you get me a seat next to you.” I swear I feel a drop of sweat forming at my hairline.

I gently direct her towards one of the meeting rooms. I offer her a chair and as she sits down sideways, she crosses her legs, flashing me. It might all be in my mind but I can swear she is not wearing anything under her skirt. In that fraction of a second I caught a glimpse of a garter belt holding the stockings… but nothing else.

I tell her that the interview has three parts. A manual assessment, an oral report and a practical exercise. There is no time limit but we do have to get out of the room within one hour. She places her hand on my knee and asks if there is anything specific she should focus on. I can tell she feels her power on me as I fumble trying to find the correct answer.

She stands up and walks to the door. Before I can say anything, I hear the click of the lock. As she walks back towards the whiteboard behind me, I am expecting her to grab a marker and start writing. Instead she leans over my shoulder and grabs my shaft through my trousers. She turns her face to mine, very, very close.

So, you mentioned manual abilities?

She says with a hint of amusement in her voice and I feel the weakening in my legs as she softly strokes my manhood. Her scent fills up my nostrils, and the way she places her body next to mine switches my logical brain off. She embraces me from behind and proceeds to pull down my zipper, gets her hands into my boxer shorts and frees my rod. She moves her left hand down my chest, sneaking underneath my shirt and traces a path along my neck with her tongue, arriving at my ear.

The animal senses in me have taken over. As her tongue plays with my earlobe, I squirm towards her and in a stealth movement she gets the tip of her tongue deep inside my ear and starts to fuck it in short wet bursts. She pauses to whisper a question:

Shall I now move into the oral part?

I cannot say a word, I just grunt seeing her appear in front of me. She gets down on her knees and wets the tip of my dick in her saliva. She grabs my hips with one hand and my manhood with the other as she masterfully uses her tongue on the sensitive skin of my rod.

She looks up at me and I cannot believe the transformation. She went from a look of innocence to a gaze of pure lust in a matter of a few seconds. The adrenaline flushing over me is having a powerful effect. My senses are fully alert. I guess she got me into this “fuck or flight” mode. She takes my dick out of her mouth and throws a devilish smile at me.

I feel like moving to the more practical part of the interview now.

I hear: “Go ahead…” coming out of my mouth as if it was someone else saying the words. She stands up and pulls her miniskirt up, following my gaze. Confirming my earlier suspicion, she is not wearing any underwear. She holds on to a chair and bends down, presenting that beautiful round ass of hers to me. She looks back at me as if asking: “What are you waiting for?”

My dick is still wet with her saliva, and as I place its tip in position I can feel that she is also wet and ready for action. I use my hands to open her up even more as she pushes back. In a few strokes we reach home base. I am as deep inside of her as I can get.

I love how it gets harder and harder inside of me…

She says, bouncing and moaning her share of “oh fuck!’s”. She looks back at me and I raise my finger to my lips to remind her we need to keep quiet. We are a mere few meters away from the wall separating us from my colleagues in the open office. She nods but does not slow down by any means. Grabbing her waist I marvel at the wetness of the situation.

I push deep inside of her and hold her steady. She gives me a surprised grunt when I push her away, sliding across the entire length of my shaft, until my tip is just barely touching her entrance. Quickly, I push back in, just to slowly move out again. I make her wait for it. I make her guess. I can see how the teasing makes her quiver, and how her frustration grows.

Calling an end to her suffering I resume the rhythmic motion. I am in the zone now. Realising that this is really happening, I see the sign posts of my orgasm rushing past me. After a few more masterstrokes I cum deep inside of her. I squeeze out the last drops by thrusting her hips onto me and then I just hold her tight, all the way in and motionless.

I feel the tremors in her body as she reaches for orgasm too; her back is arching, her legs are shaking. All the sexual energy she has accumulated had to be released at once. She can not contain her joyful giggle, although she tries to muffle it. I feel it was a strong one for her as well. The excitement and the danger of the situation escalated our sensations. I am now holding her in an embrace, and we are still as one. She turns her head and searches for my lips.

She takes a short detour into the restroom while I try to leave the meeting room in an orderly state. It smells like sex. I open up the window to let fresh air in. I won’t be going into the restroom, I want to keep her smell on me for a while. I escort her to the reception where we shake hands to say goodbye, in a professional manner.

So, did she get the job?

The receptionist grins at me as the entrance door closes. I pause in my stride: “I’m sorry?”

I saw you two walking hand in hand the other day by the bakery…

I have never enjoyed the ding of the elevator doors as much as right now.

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