Here I cum

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Here I Cum

Could a male be unable to orgasm? He knew this could happen to women. But men? Would he ever be able to cum like the other guys? These thoughts swirled through his mind as he lay in bed.

For God’s sake, he was twenty now. Rohan got his first erection when he was a teenager. He had gone to his friend’s place for a sleepover. His friend’s mother, a statuesque beauty with a voluptuous body, always wore sarees. But over her luscious body, the saree was sexier than a micromini. She wore tight fitting blouses that accentuated her exquisite breasts. The saree was worn way below the navel in front and just short of the butt cleft behind. People waited with bated breath to see her bend down. And she changed without closing the door! He chanced upon her changing, and got an instant hard on that threatened to rip his trousers off. Oh, what a feeling!

But that was it. He had never ejaculated, other than wet dreams. His friends used to watch sexy videos together, then flash out their dicks and compete whose cum went farthest. It was during these sessions that his disability hurt him most. His hand would get tired stroking his cock but he could never cum. He felt this was due to his having being circumcised in early childhood. But he had become the butt of his friends’ jokes. So that was the end of shag parties for him.

He pushed aside all his sexual ruminations. He had now entered a new phase of life. He was enrolled in the best course for Clinical Psychology in the country and if all went right, he would get a scholarship to Cambridge. He was now in Mumbai, far from Raipur, his home town. He was a paying guest at Mr Mendonca’s, a cherubic no fuss gentleman. Rohan had no disturbance and no visitors, save for Rambha, the cleaning lady. And she did all the cleaning when he was away in college.

Then one day Mr Mendonca informed him that Rambha would come early to do the cleaning. She had just landed a net assignment in the nearby school. Her husband was an alcoholic and Rambha was the breadwinner for the family. Rohan shrugged. It didn’t matter to him as long as his sleep was uninterrupted.

Rambha was a dark complexioned, extremely attractive lady with a lithe body. She had shapely legs that were unfortunately hidden by her traditional saree. But her saree did accentuate her sexy flaring hips. She had been let down by her jerk of a husband, Kishan. How handsome and winsome he had appeared during their courting days! The real side of Kishan had jolted her. He was laid back, immature and spoiled. He could not stick at a job. All manner of work was beneath the stature of Prince Kishan, used to every whim fulfilled by his doting mother.

Kishan was a jerk in bed too. He always jerked off within seconds of penetration. Rambha nicknamed him “Quick Gun Kishan.” Still she faced life stoically.

On the first day she entered Rohan’s room, she was greeted by a tent on the bed. Unfettered due to no underwear and a loose pair of pyjamas, Rohan’s erection was at full mast, pointing skyward. She tore her eyes away, cleaned the room, and pushed off.

But his cock refused to leave her. She varied her time of arrival. Unfailingly, dickie dear was right there, saluting her earnestly. And Rohan somehow slept in one position all night, without turning sideways. Was this a kind of superman? She had to find out for herself.

On Sundays, Mr Mendonca was out the whole morning, attending mass and participating in church activities. Rambha casually went about her other chores, reserving Rohan’s room for the end. All the time, she had an eye on Rohan.

Rohan got up lazily, finished his bathroom routine, grabbed the morning newspapers and started reading it in his favourite bed position.

Rambha entered the room finally. She noticed for the time the tent had collapsed. She went about cleaning the room at an excruciatingly slow pace. When she was right opposite him, she hiked up her saree and petticoat and slowly continued mopping the floor with a wet cloth. Her legs were spread wide apart and she was not wearing panties. Unfortunately the newspaper in his hands was blocking his view. She removed a bangle and dropped it to the ground.

Rohan put the newspaper aside to see what had caused the clanging sound. He gaped as he saw Rambha’s exposed crotch, with a smooth hairless pubic mound, plump juicy lips and a damp pink opening. His eyes were transfixed and his cock sprang back to attention.

Rambha moved swiftly over to him and undid his pyjamas to free his majestic cock. “Looks like it fancies me,” she said, and slid herself onto his manhood.

Wow! His cock felt heavenly inside her! But before he could savour the feeling any longer, he was spurting into her.

Rambha was in shock. Was her vagina some kind of milking machine? This guy’s cock used to be rock solid forever. And once he entered her, it reduced to pulp in seconds! She got up feeling dejected and humiliated, adjusted her saree and started to walk out.

Rohan was in a daze. Partly he was relieved that he was not defective in the ejaculation department. But this was certainly not the best way to lose one’s virginity!

“Hey,” he called out. “What’s your name?”

“Rambha,” she replied disinterestedly.

“Rambha,” he said earnestly. “I just wasn’t prepared for this. Please give me another chance. I will make up for this.”

“Whatever,” she said, and left.

Rohan started the week in right earnest by referring to some books on Sexual Technique. Mrs Fonseca, the librarian, shot him a quizzical look as he asked for the titles. This nerdy guy was earlier reading books on Psychology and Behavioural Therapy!

Alone in his room, he practised the Squeeze Technique and did a lot of Kegel exercises.

On Sunday morning he got up with the sheets slimy and sticky. He had no clue when he had emitted. Hopefully not in the recent past. He had to get his dick up for Rambha. Right now it was a pathetic, limp, shrivelled little thing. He could hear her working in the other room.

He went for a quick shower, sprayed some Davidoff Cool Water on the sides of his neck, wrist, underarms and pubic area.

Rambha entered the room and went about doing her work, studiously ignoring Rohan. Rohan took his own time. As she came near the bed, he placed his hand on her back. He held it there till he felt her body respond to his touch. His hands never left her body, rubbing her lower back, going over her butt, hovering around her butt cleft. Then in one swift move, he put his hands up her saree and slid a finger into her pussy. The vixen had been acting cool and distant, but still came without wearing any panties. Or was it her normal style? Oh, she was so wet and welcoming! He continued fingering her till she groaned and pleaded him to put it in.

Rohan peeled off his clothes in deliberate casualness. He then sheathed his throbbing erection with a transparent skin-coloured ribbed condom. He inserted his cock into her slick and tight pussy from the back. Again, the pace was achingly slow as he entered her half a centimetre at a time. After he had embedded himself into her, he stayed in that position for eternity. She tried moving backward to step up the pace somewhat.

“Easy does it, baby,” he said in a husky whisper. “If you want it stronger, let me dip a little longer.”

He moved his right hand to her pubic area and then moved downward till he encountered the knob-like feel of her clitoris. He fingered it lightly first and then upped the tempo, rubbing it furiously.

Rambha felt a bit faint and broke into the first true orgasm of her life as her vaginal muscles clasped Rohan’s cock like a vice.

Rohan now increased his pace, slamming his cock into her pussy. Whether it was due to the emission that may have happened sometime back or whether his inability to ejaculate had resurfaced, Rohan just couldn’t cum.

“Sir, I am feeling giddy,” Rambha said. “I don’t know if I can take it any more.”

Rohan decided he must give the lady a break. He removed his turgid penis and lay down.

Rambha looked at him questioningly.

“Can you please mount me like last Sunday?” requested Rohan.

The breather had refreshed Rambha who lowered herself onto him and restarted with renewed gusto.

Rohan started matching his movements with hers and came with a ferocious intensity, emitting animal sounds. As he came, Rambha experienced another shattering orgasm.

They both lay spent for some minutes. Finally Rambha got up and said, “Sir, thank you for making my life. I can’t imagine having died without experiencing this amazing feeling.”

“No, Rambha,” said Rohan, “Thank you. You won’t understand, but it is I who have to thank you.”

Over the coming three months, Rohan further honed his sexual prowess and Sunday mornings were much anticipated by both of them. What’s more, Rambha had opened the floodgates of his testicles. He could masturbate at will. Actually he snagged off like a maniac, sometimes three to four times a day.

The librarian was shocked to see Rohan reading “Human Sexual Response” by Masters and Johnson.

“How come you are reading these books?” she asked suspiciously. “You are studying Clinical Psychology, right?”

“Change of plans, Mrs Fonseca,” said Rohan with mock seriousness. “I am now looking at a career as a sex coach!”

Mrs Fonseca shook her head disapprovingly.

Moving on…

And one day Rohan received his invitation letter from Cambridge. Rohan was ecstatic, but Rambha did not take it well. She sobbed inconsolably. This was the end of her sex life!

Rohan knew he too would miss her. And he owed her long-lasting sexual happiness. “Come prepared for a long session this Sunday,” he said in a conspiratorial tone. “This may be our most important one.”

Come Sunday, Rambha rushed to Rohan, embracing him tightly. She wanted as much of him as possible in the limited time.

“Relax Rambha dear,” said Rohan, keeping her at arm’s length. “First things first. Do you know how to stimulate yourself?”

She looked at him, puzzled.

“Let me explain,” he said patiently. “Do you touch yourself down there?”

“Of course, when I bathe,” she said innocently.

“And have there been times when you felt very nice there, like it feels when you are having sex?” he persisted.

“I used to like it when the seat used to rub down there while cycling. Sometimes I would just not feel like dismounting. So good it felt.”

“I will teach you how to feel a hundred times better.” He slipped his hand into her blouse. His fingers found her rubbery long nipples. He gently rubbed and teased them till they were completely hard, straining against the fabric. Slowly his hands trailed down her flat abdomen, going in circles around her mound of Venus.

She was writhing and wriggling now. He slowly slid a finger into her slick, wet vagina. The deft machinations of his finger triggered off fresh secretions of her vaginal juices. In one smooth motion, he traced his finger along her vaginal opening on to her bulbous clit. Rohan initially just grazed the surface, gradually increasing the pressure. Then he launched a vibrating motion on the clitoris that brought her to a shattering orgasm as it reached its crescendo.

As her breathing normalised, he said, “If my fingers can do this, why can’t your own?”

She nodded quietly.

“Now for the more challenging part. Hold my penis,” he said matter-of-factly.

Awkwardly, she tried to take a grip of his hard cock.

“Feel free to play with it,” Rohan said reassuringly.

She played with it like a child who has just acquired a new toy. Gradually her hand got used to his contours, and she was jerking him expertly. When he sensed he was coming close, he asked her to stop. Then he asked her to resume. He did this a few times, before he finally decided to let go, spraying his cum all over her breasts.

After licking her clean, he said, “You will train your husband this way. So you finger-fuck yourself before your sexual encounter with him. Then you don’t allow him to enter you. You masturbate him the way you did me. You can prolong his staying power by navigating his cock using your expert hands. Just play this when you’re at it.”

He handed her a CD. He kissed her forehead and bade her goodbye.

Rambha tried sex with Kishan following Rohan’s instructions. It was not mind-blowing, but it was a decent start and she knew it would get better. And the CD helped. It played only one song on loop — Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

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