Keeping Quiet

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photo: Viv Thomas

My moans and whimpers filled the room. As much as I was trying to stay still and quiet, my body was vibrating from head to toe in desire and frustration. I was grateful for the soft cuffs that secured me to the bed by my wrists and ankles, spread open in a wide X shape.

“If you can’t be quiet, I’ll have to gag you,” Alyssa said sharply.

I pressed my lips shut tight but couldn’t help but to whimper softly behind them. Any hope I had that it would escape her notice was crushed when I looked up at her and saw the stern but amused expression on her face. But she likes to see me struggle to control myself and said nothing more.

She moved out of my line of sight, making me jump slightly when I felt her hand deliver a firm slap to my inner thigh. She had been teasing me for close to an hour now, keeping me just on the edge of orgasm, but not allowing me any release. My pussy was slick with my own juices, my clit was swollen and engorged, and a criss cross of red welts marked my thighs and breasts.

My hips strained up towards her in vain, and she watched me for a moment before leaning down to tease her tongue over my swollen nub of pleasure. I bit my lip to try and keep silent as her tongue flicked back and forth over my clit before moving down to suck and lick on my swollen lips. She slipped one finger deep inside me and massaged my G-spot briefly, then pulled it out to trace circles around my swollen clit. I then felt the cool sensation of metal rub up my slit. I couldn’t contain my gasp as the metal clamp closed tightly on my clit. I began to pant in rhythm to the throbbing, delicious pain radiating out and throughout my needy pussy.

Alyssa moved up and kissed me deeply before drawing back to quickly place matching clamps on both of my already erect nipples. I no longer made any attempt to keep quiet as I began to beg.

“Please, please fuck me! I need to come, please!”

She smiled at me, then disappeared to the opposite side of the room, leaving me quivering with desire. The clamps sent waves of pain and pleasure throughout my body. She reappeared, and I saw that she was now wearing a large purple strap on. It looked impossibly huge. I was both concerned that it would be too big for me to handle, and desperate to wrap my hot pussy around it.

“Open,” she said as she brushed the tip of it against my lips. I opened my mouth wide, barely able to breathe as she roughly fucked my mouth and throat. The smooth silicone slid in and out faster and faster until I was gasping for breath. She grabbed my hair and pulled me back, then moved down into position between my trembling thighs.

She slid the head of the dildo back and forth across me, coating it liberally with my wetness. The head of it was now just at my entrance, my lips spread wide around it. It hovered there for a moment, hard and slick, before she thrust forward into me. I was impossibly full, stretched open completely. The clamp on my clit sent a flicker of pain through me each time she pushed into me. Her hands grasped my hips tightly, lifting me up as she went deeper and deeper.

She said, “Come for me now,” as she unclasped the metal from my now throbbing clit.

My orgasm exploded through me. My back arched as my limbs strained against my bonds. The dildo was gripped tightly as my pussy clenched around it while wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. I could feel my creamy cum dripping out around the dildo, trickling down my thighs as I finally relaxed back down onto the bed.

“Good girl,” Alyssa told me, stroking my hair back from my face softly. “But next time I’m going to keep that luscious mouth of yours filled to keep you quiet.”

I was counting down the minutes.

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