Gloria’s Secret, part three

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It was past 9pm. Lem and his wife were in bed but they were far from wanting to retire for the night.

Gloria sat with her back resting against her pillows with her knees drawn up, moaning softly from the pleasure she was receiving from Lem, who lay with his face pressed down on her pelvis and his hands wrapped around her thighs. His lips made smacking noise as he ate every inch of her pussy.

Gloria caressed his head.

She exhaled heavily.

She purred at him not to stop.

Lem did not intend to quit, not until he made her climax, which inevitably she did. Gloria whimpered and her hips jerked in uncontrollable spasms as her pussy squirted all over her husband’s face. Lem took everything she had to offer and still wanted more.

He went into the bathroom when she was done, and masturbated to his satisfaction into the toilet; this was the limit of the sex he got from his wife ever since he found out she had been two-timing him with Morris, their black gardener.

Lem washed his face when he was done, then returned to join Gloria, who had readjusted her lingerie and tucked her feet back under the covers.

“That was fun,” Lem remarked as he slid into bed beside her.

“It truly was,” she agreed. “I did check. You did a thorough clean-up this time. Thanks.”

“My pleasure, darling.”

Morris had for the past week been steadfast in regard to bedding Gloria whenever he came by to perform his chores on their garden. He had left their home a half hour ago, having fucked Gloria downstairs in the living room while Lem had stayed hidden in a closet from where he had jerked off watching them fuck, while simultaneously filming the action with his phone.

Morris and Gloria had been carrying out this illicit affair for three weeks now, and Morris was still unaware that Lem knew. The reason for that was Gloria, who stubbornly refused to reveal the truth to him, regardless of Lem’s pleas. Lem was so frustrated by this, and couldn’t fathom her reasons.

“For Pete’s sake, enough of this highfalutin suspense,” Lem pleaded and grumbled. “Why can’t you quit playing and tell him about me? I already promised I’ll continue to be your slave no matter what. Why the delay?”

“Patience, darling,” Gloria said soothingly. “There’s a new turn of events I haven’t told you about yet.”

“What is it now? What new scheme are you cooking up?”

She turned on her side to face him. “It’s like this. Morris likes me a lot, the same way I do him. But since we started, I’ve had this crazy idea that it wouldn’t be right to keep him all to myself. I feel the need to share him with someone else. With someone who’s just as nasty and dirty a slut as I am in bed.”

“Sounds interesting. Who have you got in mind? I don’t think any of our rich friends has a wife who fucks around.”

“That’s because you’ve never paid attention to this lifestyle before I showed it to you, sweetheart. There are plenty of wives out there who are into this, even the wives of some of your friends. But there’s one who’s just as much of a fuck-slut as I am. She’s close to you, but I’ll bet you’re clueless about her. Care to take a guess?”

Lem thought for a moment, then shook his head. “You’re right, honey. I can’t think of any. Who is it, Mrs Mulberry down the street?”

“No, not her,” she laughed. “I’m talking about Zia. Your cousin.”

Lem looked at her, thinking Gloria was cracking a joke. When he realized she wasn’t, his eyes flew open and his mouth slackened in stunned surprise.

Nooooo . . . not Zia?” he croaked.

“Yes, that Zia,” Gloria emphasized.

“Come on, stop joking here. Zia doesn’t fuck about, no way is that possible. Her husband’s a Deacon, for Christ’s sake!

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, darling,” Gloria chuckled, deriving pleasure from having crushed her husband’s spirit with such ease. “Everything you thought you knew about your sweet cousin is wrong. Zia’s fucked more cocks than I can count; I know this because I’ve played with her before.”

Lem looked at her with incredulous eyes. “For real, Gloria?”

“Yes, for real, Lem. I’ve already told her about Morris. She says she can’t wait to meet him.”

Gloria switched off her bedside lamp. Lem, did the same, plunging the bedroom into darkness as they lay beside each other.

“Oh God, not Zia,” Lem moaned. “I can’t believe this.”

“Don’t worry, darling. It’ll be fun. Who knows, she probably won’t mind you cleaning her pussy too,” she chuckled as she lay her face against his chest. “Good night, sweetheart.”

“Goodnight,” Lem muttered.

Gloria was asleep in an instant. For Lem, he remained awake picturing his cousin out there, hitting bars and night spots, looking for viable men to spend the night with. He pictured them fucking her in motel rooms and outdoors in the back seat of their car; he couldn’t imagine that she took her lovers home to fuck her, the way Gloria did. It was agony for Lem conjuring up such images.

But as his breathing deepened and he slipped gradually into that void known as deep sleep, an impressive imagery played before his eyes. This one involved Morris taking turns fucking Gloria then his cousin. He pictured Morris fucking Zia from behind while Gloria lay beside them on the bed fingering her cunt. He imagined the moment when Morris ejaculated inside Zia while she hung onto him. After Morris pulled out of her, Lem imagined himself suddenly jumping out of his hiding place and rushing over to gobble the thick semen oozing out of his cousin’s cunt.

Lem was smiling to himself as he conjured up this indelible scene. His penis grew hard as he fell asleep.

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