First Cums Emotion

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photo: SexArt

I realize now…your touch, sporadic, as it caressed me, moving me. The way you — how do I say this? — it was more artifice than really feeling me, loving me. It was a missing level, as there are levels to this, what we humans get so caught up in, a level in the Emotion.

Emotion…is what you should feel as your hands run down my backside and the electricity from your energy, filled with my desire, transmits from your hands to my skin.

The emotion, the feelings, combining as your dick enters my wetness, feeding from my desire for you as it connects to my core, all the way up to my barrier reef. It’s that deep sensation that allows inhibition to move out of the way and sends us, even in the throes of lust, to sense a softness that transcends even within our debasement to allow some electric love to flow through.

But, the emotion has to come first. It cannot cum during the acting out of our copulation. As it is spiraling and losing itself in the heat and sweat of our furrowed brows trying to reach forever. Emotion is always first.

Now, I can see why, emotion was that sensation I continually searched for, hoping it would come to the surface in your fucking me, which you classified as loving me. As it was not a part of your cumming into me.

I realize I did not feel you, through all the levels and all the layers and I’ve finally come to accept that I will never feel you.

So, yes… keep the condom on.

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