Shed Time

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photo: Viv Thomas

Jenny had been working in gardens and on landscaping for most of her life. It started with just helping her Dad in their large yard and the small plot they had access to for a community garden. Then she started working for a landscaping company and plant nursery in high school and she loved nothing better than to have her fingers in the warm dirt, coaxing life from it.

That led to a full-time job after graduation. She took business classes at night and eventually started her own business. That’s how she found herself in her late twenties with a dozen clients and a busy life. It was enough to keep her in the black financially and the few big spenders she had were good people and trusted her judgment. The rest was easy enough, mostly mowing and trimming.

She got to her newest client’s house at 7:45 on a cloudy morning and was out in the little shed the client kept her personal tools in. She preferred using her own hardware but she always kept an eye on the things her clients had in case she needed a new toy or thought there might be a change or improvement her clients could make.

“Hi, Jenny.” Allison’s voice was deep and caught Jenny off guard.

She turned and smiled. “Hi, Ms. Chapel.”

“It’s Allison, Jenny.” The woman was nearly old enough to be Jenny’s mother, but she still looked young, with a trim figure, long legs and blonde hair with traces of silver pulled up into a long ponytail. Her tight blue jeans, a white sweater, and sandals were expensive but not flashy, and accentuated her beauty.

Jenny smiled and nodded, cleaning her hands on a rag. “Allison. Sorry.”

Allison handed her a steaming mug of tea. “I thought you might like this. It’s a little chilly this morning.”

Jenny took the mug and sipped at the sweet, black tea. It was perfect. “Thanks.” She put the mug down on a small table near the shears she had sharpened and oiled. “I was just checking your tools. Everything looks good.”

“Everything?” Allison smiled. There was something in it that Jenny wasn’t sure about, but it looked like desire?

Jenny blushed. She was definitely attracted to other women and had a feeling about her client, but Allison was so refined and here Jenny was, just a gardener. Then again, she was reminded of Lady Chatterley. “Well, my dad always told me to be honest. So, yes ma’am. Everything. If you don’t mind me saying.”

Allison stepped closer. “I’ve been watching you and admiring how strong you are. And how good you are at taking care of the little details. I’m in need of having a very delicate matter attended to. It’s outside of your normal duties for me.”

Jenny stepped closer to Allison and tucked the rag in her jeans pocket. Her clothes were grass stained but clean. She was a good two inches shorter than Allison but more thickly built from years of throwing around bags of topsoil and cutting and hauling wood. “Well, my contract with you does say ‘other duties as needed’. What do you need? Allison.” Her tongue nearly stuck to the roof of her mouth it was suddenly so dry. Almost as dry as other parts of her were wet.

Allison put her hand on Jenny’s shoulder and ran it down her flannel covered forearm, taking a moment to squeeze her bicep lightly. “I’ve been so lonely the last year. My only child is gone and all I have is this big house and yard. I keep busy, but I don’t want to date. Still, a woman has needs. You know.”

Jenny nodded and put her hand on Allison’s trim waist. “I do.” She pulled Allison to her and slipped her arm around Allison’s waist. Jenny’s free hand went up into her hair and they kissed. She whimpered as Jenny pushed her lips against Allison’s mouth.

Allison fingers went around the back of Jenny’s neck and lightly scratched the deeply tanned skin there. The little gardening shed suddenly seemed even smaller and hotter.

Jenny thought about the time or two she’d taken advantage of the shed’s relative privacy to scratch an itch between her legs after seeing Allison sunbathing. This was a literal dream come true. She slipped her tongue between Allison’s lips and felt long legs on either side of her muscular thighs. Allison ground against her as their tongues sought to learn the depths of their new homes.

Jenny slid her hand up under the back of Allison’s sweater and encountered her bra. With her other hand’s help, she had it undone despite her nerves.

Allison nodded against Jenny’s mouth as she felt the bra band loosen. “Please.”

Jenny’s calloused hands came around to Allison’s chest and slid under the sweater and lacy bra. Her breasts were large enough to fill Jenny’s hands and a little more. Semi-hard nipples slowly filled out and became more erect as she flicked them.

Allison’s hands caressed Jenny’s neck and head, fingers running through short hair. “You’re so strong. So beautiful.”

Jenny blushed as she kissed her way down Allison’s neck. “Not as beautiful as you are.” She pulled the soft sweater and lace covered bra off and tossed them on the workbench. Now she could see the body she’d witnessed on that warm summer day. Freckles and other blemishes spotted it here and there, but still, she took Jenny’s breath away.

Jenny lowered her head to Allison’s right breast and took the light pink nipple, now as thick and protruding as a pencil eraser, into her mouth and let it roll under her tongue. Her scalp tightened as Allison fisted the short wavy hair.

“Oh yes.” Allison pressed her body against Jenny. “Your mouth is so hot and wet. I’ve missed this touch.”

Jenny switched her mouth from breast to breast, sucking and nibbling harder and harder as Allison begged for it. She worried for a moment that the older woman’s cries would carry next door, but that’s when she heard the rain hissing. It had started pouring at some point in the last few minutes. She kissed her way back up to Allison’s neck and bit her shoulder, licking the salty flesh. Her fingers worked at the snap, fingers trembling a little. When she got it undone, Allison sighed.

“These jeans are a little t-too tiiiiiight.” Allison twitched and stuttered as Jenny did her best to nibble and suck every square inch of her neck and right shoulder.

Jenny pulled her mouth away. “You look good in them. Better out of them?” She moved around behind Allison and kissed sharp shoulder blades and bit the back of Allison’s neck. As her boss continued to whimper, Jenny slid her right hand down into Allison’s jeans. When she didn’t encounter any panties, she smiled against Allison’s skin. “No panty lines. Weren’t you afraid you’d leak through?”

“Ahhhhh. I was hoping you’d have them off before that was a problem.” Allison pushed back against Jenny as strong fingers found her wetness.

Jenny was delighted to feel some hair under her fingers. Even more joyous to touch such a soft, wet slit. “How long have you been wet for me?” The jeans really were tight, as was what was in them, but she got a finger in.

“Haaa haaaa, oh fuck, what day is it?” Allison panted and began to move her hips in circles. “I need you inside me. There’s a picnic blanket.”

Jenny pulled her hand free and licked the wet finger clean. “I know where it is.” The plastic tub under the workbench held a few odds and ends. She took out the picnic blanket and laid it out on the wood floor. There was just enough room. They could lie down side by side if they needed to.

Allison had stepped out of her jeans and sandals while Jenny worked. “How do I look?”

Jenny hummed. “So beautiful.” The tummy rolls and a pale purple birthmark on Allison’s left hip did nothing to detract from her beauty.

“I want to see you.” Allison lay on the picnic blanket and spread her legs for Jenny. “Before you get any more of this.” She smiled wickedly.

Jenny nodded and just stood there dumbly for a few moments, taking in the sight of long tanned legs, creamy skin where the sun had never touched, and pale pink wetness glistening in the rapidly waning morning light. Then she pulled off her flannel shirt and the gray bra underneath it. Her breasts were quite a bit larger than Allison’s, though she did everything she could to downplay that in her everyday dress. Her areolae were equally large and her nipples small and hard. She had a farmer’s tan, so her chest and belly were as pale as milk. She pushed down her jeans and stepped out of her sneakers so all she wore was a pair of boy shorts with a leopard screened onto them.

Allison whistled. “You’re in amazing shape. I can’t wait to get you down here.”

Jenny smiled broadly and pushed down her boy shorts. She was completely shaved, save for a small triangle of light brown hair above her slit. Once she cast aside her underwear, she crawled between Allison’s legs and kissed up her thighs to the waiting pouty lips.

Staying propped up on her elbows to watch, Allison still threw her head back for a moment. “I love your lips on me.”

Jenny hummed at the flavor filling her mouth. Allison’s natural odor and taste were very light and delicate. She wanted to compliment the woman, but that would mean taking her mouth away. She was in no hurry to do that. As she licked and sucked, she slid a finger into the still incredibly tight, wet slit. Getting one finger in all the way was a gradual process.

It was one that resulted in a great deal of noise from Allison. She was very vocal in her appreciation of Jenny’s attention.

Slowly, after a few minutes of joyous stroking and licking, Jenny was able to add a second finger and stretch Allison a little. Jenny had a toy at home that would be a perfect fit. Maybe next time. She kissed up to Allison’s mound as she continued stroking in and out. “You’re so sweet and beautiful. I could do this all day.”

Allison lay back and put her feet on Jenny’s shoulders. “I’m inclined to let you. Oh god, right there. Yes. Yes!”

Jenny’s fingers had brushed Allison’s g-spot. Ever the dutiful employee, she kept working at it while biting Allison’s thighs and the tendon running from there to her pelvis. She stroked faster and faster as she sucked hard on the clit every few pumps. She treated the hard nub and the hood around it like she would the lips and tongue now showering her with affection.

Allison’s feet drummed on Jenny’s shoulders. “So close. I want to come for you.”

Jenny nodded and kept sucking, hard as she could now while circling Allison’s g-spot. She felt the clenching begin, subtle at first.

Allison’s thighs came together on either side of Jenny’s head, squeezing it until Jenny could hear what must have been Allison’s pulse running through the arteries in her legs. Either that or her own heart beating fit to burst from her chest.

Over all that, she could hear Allison now moaning as loudly as any woman Jenny had heard. Finally, her pussy started clenching in earnest and her thighs butterflied as the muscles there trembled. Jenny eased up slightly on the suction.

‘No dammit. Suck,” Allison corrected.

So, Jenny kept it up and eventually, the tremors subsided. She looked up and Allion looked utterly spent. Her eyes were almost closed and she’d found places to put her arms so they weren’t in danger of knocking anything over. Jenny pulled her fingers out and licked them clean. “You taste better than anyone has a right to.”

Weakly, Allison motioned for her to come up. “I’ll give you some of what you gave me but first I need a kiss.”

Gladly, Jenny kissed her employer, giving her a taste of her own arousal. Their tongues moved languorously, just enjoying the moment. Jenny’s hands stroked Allison’s belly and breasts, still feeling the occasional twitch. Then she held her and pulled part of the blanket over them, their sweat-soaked skin cool in the morning breeze. The wind lashed against the side of the shed and distant thunder sounded.

“I may have to invite you inside for your treat. I don’t want us to get struck by lightning.” Allison’s words were languid.

“That would be my luck to miss out on being loved by such a beautiful woman because of that.”

“You’re sweet.” Allison stroked her hair.

“I’ve enjoyed our shed time, but I would love to be more comfortable with you when I make you come again.” Jenny smiled.

“Shed time. Yes. When I call you in the future to schedule shed time, you’ll know what I mean.” Allison returned her smile.

“So this will be a regular part of my service?” Jenny didn’t mind the thought at all.

“That remains to be seen. But I hope so.” The two women lay there for a few more minutes listening to the rain and enjoying the shared warmth.

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