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First Cums Emotion

I realize now…your touch, sporadic, as it caressed me, moving me. The way you — how do I say this? — it was more artifice than...
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Pussi Thoughts

Sienna, a color from earth; if it were a spice it would be as pungent as cinnamon. Sienna floats through her head as his...
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360+ Days and Counting

He listened. To every word she spoke. Every secret that she told. Every morsel. The words were placed inside the spider’s web of knowledge,...
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Our Passion

How do I define desire from eyes I cannot see? As they are locked in ecstasy. Built up frustration oozing from limbs wound tight...
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Her Freedom

He places the mask over her eyes, completely blocking the sun. The reality of a night sky. He proceeds to dress her in chains,...
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Making a Wish

As I read the erotic story… I squirmed. Wishing. Wishing. Wishing it was me in an elevator. Stuck between the third floor and bliss....
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