My Special Father’s Day Gift for Him

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Ok guys and girls. This isn’t a long drawn out character development story. It isn’t full of dialogue. Actually there isn’t any, as words were not needed.

This is about sex. Only sex. Described to you from my POV.

Hold on tight. I know I did.

It was Father’s Day and I wanted to show my appreciation for him. He’s the father of our three beautiful pains in the ass. He was still asleep, so I wanted to wake him up to a special gift… my mouth.

I took off my nightie slowly, so as not to wake him. He was sleeping in nothing but his tight boxer briefs. I could see that he must have been dreaming about me, or someone else. Morning wood. You know.

I slipped out of my panties and started to kiss him over his boxers. He stirred so I pulled them down just enough for him to spring into action. I love how it bounces around when it’s freed. Like a dog who’s all excited to go play. Also, I do like it…..ruff…

Come on. That was funny. You know you laughed.

I had to kiss it up and down. He started to stir and moan. My tongue licked up his shaft and back down. I spit on it and started to stroke it while cupping his balls. His fingers ran through my hair. I knew I needed to rip off his boxers then.

My mouth enveloped as much of him as I could manage while playing with his balls. Sucking. Licking. Going up and down and stroking at the same time with a twisting motion.

I didn’t want him to finish just yet, so I stopped. His eyes were open at this point and disappointment was in them, but I wasn’t going to disappoint. I crawled on top slowly. Staring into his eyes. My nails raked his chest. Pulling on his nipples then kissing them all over.

I took his hard cock in my hand and slowly, inch by delicious inch, let him penetrate my very existence. He fills me up and completes me. I let out a long deep moan.

We kissed all over. He pulled my nipples. Sucked on them. Grabbed them. Smacked my ass and held my hips to help me bounce. His nails raked my back. His tongue teased my ears, then my neck. My kryptonite. I completely melted into his sweet embrace.

My hips worked in rhythm with his. I ground him all around. He lifted me up and slammed me back down. Each time he thrust upwards, making me gasp and moan. We kissed passionately. His hands full of my hair. My fingers running through his. Our tongues twisting and turning.

He didn’t last very long and that was ok. I just wanted to please him. Besides. I cum quick too. His curve drives me wild. Hits the spot every time.

I could hear him cumming. I could feel it deep within, filling me up with his love. He was still trying to thrust up into me. I kept my body pressed down as tight as I could until he was completely spent.

We kissed deep, passionate, lovingly. My hips just wiggled around. I love how he feels inside me when he cums. I love how it feels when I lift off of him slowly. I love the mess. I love the taste of our sex.

I consumed his now flaccid cock with my mouth. I used my tongue to lick him clean. It was so good. Fuck. I could taste my own orgasmic fluids mixed with his cum. A perfectly mixed sexual cocktail.

And that was my special Father’s Day gift for him.

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