Filling in a sandwich

40 sec read

When we embarked
On Noah’s Ark
We went in two by two
Two made a pair
More was unfair
It’s called being untrue

Or so they say
But there’s no way
To fight against your heart
It ain’t no sin
When you’re with twins
They’re tearing me apart

Look-alike twins
Make my head spin
I don’t know which one’s which
Look-alike twins
I just can’t win
Filling in a sandwich

So far I ain’t
Got a complaint
I’ve got loving for both
I’ve got enough
Of the real stuff
My love goes back and forth

They toss a dime
To see whose time
It is to have first turn
Or add some spice
Each one a slice
With love from stem to stern

Look-alike twins
I’m wedged between
Makes nice times twice as rich
Look-alike twins
Through thick and thin
Filling in a sandwich

Don’t get me wrong
We get along
Like so few couples do

And every rhyme
We make is prime
And none of them’s sung blue

The bond we share
The way we care
Is more than most could boast
Our days sunny
Milk and honey
Our love a living toast

Look-alike twins
Giving me wings
Now flying is no hitch
Look-alike twins
Make my heart sing
Filling in a sandwich

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