Coffee and my clit’s fresh hot cream

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Morning’s arrived. I stand in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish brewing when the thought of your mouth spreading between my legs and the pulsing of your tongue makes my clit throb. Remembering that last time and anticipating the next, my middle finger makes an expedition to my pussy, returning amply rewarded with the warm, beckoning wetness that demands immediate attention. My mind may be reeling between past and future but to my pussy it’s all right now, in the moment. And the lustful Miss Pussy will not be denied what her desire demands.

I rush back to the bedroom and plop down on my unmade queen bed, barely avoiding a crash landing on the cat who had strolled over from her pillow to greet me. She circles around to snuggle in my left arm, thankfully leaving my right free to do its urgent task. PJ bottoms wriggled down to my ankles and kicked off, my right hand gets down to business.

My fingers deeply sweep my labia, searching for orgasmic land mines buried within those seven thousand nerve endings. I plunge two fingers up my cunt, pressing into the swollen throb of its clenching walls. The sensations only make my clit ache harder so I return them to their original task.

The thought of the staccato stab of your tongue tip into the taut hardness below my pearl catches my breath. I’m strumming it forcefully now, moaning and grinding again and again, the powerful sensory image of your thrusting tongue fills my clit until finally it gives way and bursts open. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Dam broken, a torrent of silky nectar gushes forth under my fingers as I cry out, pumping my hips hard and shouting your name. That signals the cat to take off, which allows my left hand to join the action. My fingers skate nimbly across the slickened surface, diddling figure eights to the pulse of aftershocks. When all is calm, I sit up and give those fingers a good suck, stealing a few more moments to savor the creamy sweetness. Mission fulfilled, it’s time to get dressed and make breakfast.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. That first cup, flavored with the special cream that lingers on my tongue, will taste even more satisfying now.

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